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UPSC Preparation 2023 : Study Material, Tips, Strategy

Complete UPSC Preparation 2023 & UPSC Study Material 2023: Check How to prepare for UPSC Exam 2023 and UPSC Preparation 2023 details.
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UPSC Preparation 2023

UPSC Preparation 2023 : Begin your Union Public Service Commission, UPSC preparation 2023 with the most experienced faculty and the most up-to-date rigorous research material from Adda247. The content provided by Adda247 for UPSC study material 2023 not only expands your knowledge but also enhances your ability to effectively answer various types of questions. Adda's online live classes, best printed books , latest ebooks , high-quality recorded video lectures, and mock test will help you prepare for the UPSC CSE. Clear your doubts with the assistance of the best online UPSC preparation 2023 study guide & online faculty members. Ace the tough competition with the help of our UPSC study material, UPSC practice papers and mock sets designed in accordance with the most recent exam pattern. With top IAS faculty from prestigious institutions, you will gain complete conceptual clarity.

UPSC Preparation 2023 -Exam Overview

About UPSC Exam : The Civil Services Examination (CSE) is a national competitive examination held in India by the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) for recruitment to higher Civil Services of the Government of India, such as the Indian Administrative Service(IAS), Indian Foreign Service(IFS), and Indian Police Service(IPS). In simple terms, it is known as the UPSC exam and is divided into three stages: a preliminary examination consisting of two objective-type papers (General Studies Paper I and General Studies Paper II, also known as the Civil Service Aptitude Test or CSAT), a main examination consisting of nine papers of conventional (essay) type, two of which are qualifying and only marks of seven are counted, and a personality test (interview). For UPSC Preparation 2023, follow Adda247 website and know about the full UPSC Study material 2023, UPSC Strategy and UPSC Tips for UPSC Exam 2023.

UPSC Preparation 2023 Time Period

There is no ideal time period for preparing for the UPSC, despite the fact that this is a question that many aspirants have asked. Only the aspirant's prior academic training matters. The aspirant will naturally take less time than others if they understand the fundamental ideas of the UPSC Exam 2023 and GS paper subjects well. The candidates' UPSC preparation 2023 will go more quickly if they regularly read editorials and pertinent articles. However, if we look at the average time frame, most candidates take 12 months to finish the entire preliminaries and mains syllabus, including multiple revisions.

But compared to other subjects, the UPSC strategy for mains and optional papers unquestionably requires more time.If you choose your graduation subject as an optional, it will take less time because you won't have to learn it from scratch. And speaking of how many hours you should study each day, that depends on how well you can focus. Because quantity is irrelevant in this situation, the quality of your daily study time is more important. However, many successful candidates of UPSC exam claim that you must consistently put in 6 hours of study time each day, with the option to extend that to 8 or 9 hours if necessary. When preparing for the UPSC, stick to tried-and-tested UPSC study material & UPSC Tips. This will save you a tonne of time. Irrelevant sources can waste your time, so pick your UPSC study material carefully and start your UPSC Preparation today itself.

UPSC Preparation Strategy 2023

UPSC Preparation Strategy : Most UPSC aspirants find themselves flooded with data while wanting to find a holistic and right UPSC preparation strategy online. As a result, to assist you, Adda247 has compiled a UPSC Preparation 2023 Guide that will keep you on track throughout the journey. It includes everything you need to know about -How to Prepare for CSE Exam. It also includes a 12-month plan for UPSC preparation, as well as detailed guidance from educators on how to select the UPSC optional and how to practice answer-writing for the Main Examination. If you are a beginner check below how you should strategize your preparation.

UPSC Preparation Strategy for beginners

UPSC Preparation 2023 strategy for beginners is specially designed by adda247, so that every aspirant can know the exam pattern beforehand & can ace the UPSC exam 2023 in one go.

  • First, at the start of this UPSC exam 2023 journey Start preparing yourself mentally for a bumpy ride that will change you. Prepare for a lot of hard work, diligence, test practice, a lot of reading, writing answers, and so on.
  • Examine the UPSC strategy for beginners thoroughly, and make necessary notes for yourself. The UPSC syllabus is assumed to be the exam's bible, and you can be confident that a thorough understanding of the syllabus' contents will make your UPSC preparation 2023 journey a breeze.
  • Get the UPSC Strategy and UPSC exam dates clear to create a roadmap that includes monthly and weekly goals.Keep the UPSC tips & the UPSC pattern in mind.
  • You must understand that whatever you need to learn for the UPSC exam, you must ensure that you are getting it from credible sources.
  • So, instead of reading a mountain of books, decide to limit your resources. Your UPSC study material should consist of a well-balanced mix of textbooks or e-books, NCERT books, online sources such as live classes, newspaper notes, magazines, and so on.
  • You should not even take into account reading from all of the available sources because it will waste your precious time and money. We designed the UPSC Preparation courses at Adda247 in such a way that you can find your editorial notes, current affairs classes, important general studies notes, and conceptual classes all in one place.

UPSC Preparation Strategy for toppers

Because every student has a different capacity for learning, different best performers employ different strategies, and it is scientifically advised that you develop your own. However, it is true that all succeeding UPSC strategies share a few common characteristics. We've compiled all the key components of effective strategies used by UPSC toppers for your UPSC Preparation to peruse below:

  • Top UPSC scorers work on their foundation first; they don't start with popular books; instead, they start by clearing their foundation.
  • Each of them includes a thorough assessment and a UPSC Mock Test for the preliminary and main exams in their daily study schedule.
  • A wise selection of your optional subject will give you an advantage over the competition, almost all UPSC top rankers point this out in their UPSC Preparation.
  • The most significant and useful advice offered by every top performer is to read the newspaper every day and to take careful notes on or read extensively about current events.
  • This is the best UPSC Tip for your UPSC Preparation 2023. Don't take your revision lightly, as all of the top students advise; otherwise, all of your hard work will be for naught.
  • And make an effort to separate all the pertinent data from the sea of information present in UPSC Study Material for UPSC exam 2023 & don't waste your precious time after useless information.
  • Finally, they all advise you to maintain a positive outlook, select a friend circle of fellow aspirants if at all possible, try to stay motivated even after an unfortunate day, and most importantly, remember your goal and make a concerted effort to achieve it.

UPSC Preparation Strategy for working professionals

UPSC Preparation Strategy for working Professionals: A working professional's life is complicated by their disgruntlement with their current position and their desire to join the Indian administrative service and fulfill higher aspirations. But if a working aspirant decides to continue their education in order to pursue their dream of becoming an IAS, IPS, or other profession, time management will be their biggest obstacle. We genuinely comprehend that working aspirants face a variety of these challenges in daily life, and preparing for the UPSC Civil Services Exam 2023 will be very challenging for you. It is undoubtedly a difficult task, but we can assure you that with the right plan, the right attitude, and sheer willpower, you can pass the exam with flying colors.Working professionals must follow the following steps to ace UPSC Preparation:

  • For your entire UPSC preparation 2023, create two distinct plans for the prelims and mains and divide them into monthly, weekly, and daily goals because even the smallest success will boost your confidence.
  • You don't have enough time to read a large number of unimportant UPSC study materials, so don't try to. Pick a few reliable books or study materials and go over them several times. Your chances of selection will only increase with repetition of the same material.
  • Select the appropriate optional subject; if possible, seek advice from your peers or teachers before making your decision because completing the elective's syllabus takes time.
  • Try to do studies for at least 4 hours everyday and try to do 9-10 hours of studies on weekends. Increase your daily study hours gradually as per your strength.
  • Prior to going to your office, try to get up as early as you can and finish more than half of your study. Your preparation time should be used with focus and attention. Working professionals should avoid interruptions as much as possible in the morning.
  • Use online tools to take notes while doing this. Remember that you only need to write down 4-5 key points for each topic or piece of news, rather than lengthy notes for longer stories. Aspirants who don't have experience in note making simply underline the text in an effort to comprehend the subject.
  • Short breaks can be used wisely by watching brief CA videos or learning about any geographical, historical, or environmental topic.
  • Break your connection to unnecessary social media if you can, and for the first few months, stay away from invitations to social gatherings.
  • Avoid telling your coworkers about your UPSC preparation, if at all possible, add undue stress to you.
  • If at all possible, keep your brief physical study materials with you. You can review them while traveling or use a digital copy of your notes.

UPSC Preparation Strategy pdf

Don't worry if you don't know how to do proper UPSC preparation and have no one to ask for help. You can find a tonne of UPSC preparation strategy videos online, and many websites even offer blogs about toppers' preparation strategies. Download a few of the UPSC preparation strategy pdf that you think are relevant to you, read them all carefully, and then develop your own UPSC strategy. Include the most crucial things that experts and UPSC toppers advise both avoiding and doing. Create a comprehensive study plan that fits your schedule and your abilities, then incorporate it into your UPSC preparation 2023.

UPSC Preparation Strategy for 3 years

When a student has a clear goal and has desired to work in the Indian Civil Service since their college years, they should ask themselves, "What are you waiting for?" It's best to get a head start on your planning and aim for UPSC Preparation for 3 years. Use these UPSC Preparation Strategy for 3 years and ace your exam in the first attempt. Considering the extensive UPSC study material, syllabus, it is obvious that if you begin studying three years in advance, you will have the opportunity to study the entire syllabus in greater detail than others and to complete additional revisions than usual. Additionally, it will preserve your priceless youth. We'll now give you some guidance on how to begin and continue preparing for college with UPSC Strategy and UPSC Tips shared below for UPSC Exam 2023.

  • Before beginning your UPSC preparation, thoroughly understand the UPSC exam structure and syllabus. Give yourself two to three days to break down the syllabus into manageable chunks for analysis and planning. To get assistance, you can refer to various articles at adda247 or videos on YouTube. Examine the UPSC Syllabus and previous IAS Prelims and Mains question papers to get a clear understanding of the topics from which questions are typically asked.
  • Make it a habit to read the newspaper and various magazines every day. Form the habit of reading the opinion and editorial pages of newspapers. It is advisable to read The Hindu and The Indian Express, but you can start with an easy one. Start tuning in to Rajya Sabha TV and All India Radio for news analysis or can follow the government YouTube channel.
  • Focus on the fundamental studies, do through studies from NCERT and Adda247 UPSC Preparation study material. Give some time to practice writing,start from easy writing and don't judge yourself from the initial days. If you are from a science background make time to read economy, polity and other art's subjects.
  • If you are sure about what will be your optional subject by analyzing the UPSC syllabus then start collecting material for your optional paper.
  • Don't force yourself , but after completing the basic NCERT books , try to start reading the standard books for UPSC Exam 2023.
  • Start collecting general knowledge about India in every field, and read more and more books about india.
  • Last but not the least don't hamper your college studies due to your preparation, make a schedule for your college studies and UPSC prep work and try to stick to that.

Step-by-Step UPSC Preparation Tips For IAS Exam

We are giving you short UPSC Preparation tips for UPSC Preparation -

  • The first and most important step is to make a schedule that works for you and divide your study goals into manageable chunks of time. Don't spend more than four hours studying; it won't help. Last-minute studying won't help you pass an exam like the UPSC, so you must consistently study.
  • To be fully prepared for the UPSC exams, you must have in-depth knowledge of every subject as well as the language, culture, and society of your own country. Being prepared for the UPSC does not require you to be a bookworm but rather an aspirant with practical and fundamental knowledge of his surroundings.
  • Revision is one of the Important aspects to pass any competitive exam but in UPSC the syllabus is already vast and if you do not do repeated & proper revision from time to time all your efforts will be in vain.
  • Make small notes of anything you are studying that will save your time. Because when you recall that particular topic just go through the small note or scheme.
  • Keep yourself updated with current affairs and don't miss the newspaper at any cost.
  • Study the previous 5 - 7 years paper to receive a better understanding and clarity about your exam syllabus and pattern.
  • You have a very challenging interview to give at the 3rd stage so prepare yourself from the first day. Work on your communication skills, body language and watch others UPSC toppers mock interview videos to get an Idea in your spare time.
  • Lastly, be honest with your studies and daily study targets, don't fool yourself.

How to start UPSC Preparation 2023 from zero level?

Your commitment and patience are required for UPSC preparation; last month's study is not what will get you good grades like your school and college exams. In terms of the syllabus and approach, it is extremely difficult and unpredictable. Therefore, starting in the right direction is crucial because failing to do so will only waste one of your valuable years.

  • Step 1: Listen to various toppers' UPSC strategies, but create your own by carefully analyzing them.
  • Step 2: Carefully read the UPSC syllabus, if necessary, give it two days, and develop a long-term plan.
  • Step 3: Create a realistic schedule and decide when you will wake up and when you will go to bed. And make an effort to adhere to the schedule nearly every day.
  • Step 4: Daily newspaper and magazine reading is a must, take brief notes as well and keep updating it.
  • Step 5: Start your UPSC studies with NCERT books first , after completing these then go after other standard books. And focus on minimum resources and multiple revisions.
  • Step 6: Read and solve previous year questions and their answers.
  • Step 7: Collect toppers' answer writings or copies and analyze them to try to uplift your answer writing standard.
  • Step 8: Attempt test series weekly or twice a week to keep on checking your growth.

How to prepare for UPSC without coaching?

Fresher UPSC aspirants are unsure where to begin as a new session has begun. The majority of candidates think it's impossible to pass the UPSC exam without coaching. But with the proper UPSC preparation strategy for beginners, you can manage the syllabus without any outside assistance.

Reading NCERT at the beginning of your UPSC preparation will help you understand the material and boost your trust because it is readily available and simple to understand. Don't forget to read the newspaper every day, take study notes, and practice answering questions every day for the UPSC Mains exam. Pick your optional paper wisely, and complete your optional syllabus as soon as you can. Always go over the UPSC question papers from previous years, keep practicing the questions from mock exams, and don't forget to start preparing for interviews as early as possible. You don't need to set aside specific time, but you should read preparation materials and watch practice interviews in your leisure time to get a good idea.

How to prepare for UPSC after 12th?

Here we are going to discuss a few important steps to follow after 12th that you are going to follow to know how to prepare for UPSC after 12th?

  • Get a thorough idea of the syllabus and exam pattern of UPSC examination.
  • Make a comprehensive UPSC strategy for both Prelims and mains.
  • Collect the study material that you will need like NCERT books , some standard books, sample answer writing etc.
  • Learn to take good notes from newspapers and magazines.
  • Make a proper and practical timetable that you can follow with your regular studies.
  • And lastly, start preparing without burdening yourself for UPSC Exam 2023.

How to prepare for UPSC at home?

This section lists some important tips for beginners who are planning to do their UPSC preparation 2023 from home.

  • You should mentally get ready before looking up how to begin preparing from home for the UPSC Exam.
  • Make a thorough study plan in accordance with the UPSC study material, syllabus and pattern after thoroughly understanding them and going through the UPSC Strategy shared.
  • Establish a convenient and comfortable schedule; it will streamline your preparation.
  • Start reading daily editorials and keeping up with the most recent news.
  • Spend some time considering all of your options while keeping the pros and cons in mind.
  • It's crucial to read NCERT textbooks from sixth to twelfth grade in order to master the fundamentals.
  • To comprehend the actual exam's level of difficulty, slog through previous year's question and answer materials.
  • Reading the UPSC study materials thoroughly before writing the answers will help you have more conceptual clarity.
  • After completing the 60- 70% of the syllabus try to give the UPSC mock test series to check your growth.
  • Keep preparing yourself for the interview stage.
  • And most importantly be positive and cheerful throughout the UPSC preparation journey. Sometimes you feel like giving up but it's important to eliminate the negative thoughts and believe in your hard work.

UPSC Preparation Tips 2023

Below you will find some important UPSC preparation tips 2023 for beginners.Understand the UPSC pattern and procedure first. Go through the UPSC syllabus thoroughly.We offer the best online IAS preparation for candidates who are serious about cracking the UPSC exam.

UPSC Preparation Tips for Beginners

First of all, you should decide how you will prepare for UPSC Exam 2023 – whether it will be entirely by self-study, by practicing through online UPSC Preparation exams or by attending expert classes. Following are the tips for beginners for UPSC Preparation 2023.

  • Before preparing for any exam, it is critical to thoroughly understand the exam's specifications. Read the UPSC exam notification cautiously to familiarize yourself with the exam syllabus, exam pattern, exam time frame, and eligibility criteria. After that, grab up the UPSC Preparation 2023 and UPSC previous year papers and skim through them to get a sense of what will be asked in the exam.
    • Regardless of your background, you must know the fundamentals of the UPSC Exam 2023 & and must study according to the complete UPSC Study material 2023 and UPSC study plan given. As a result, refer to NCERT, which can be obtained for free from NCERT official website. Read them at least twice before taking notes, and then read our NCERT compilations and take online courses if necessary or if you are having difficulty reading NCERT.
  • After you've finished all of the NCERTs, it's time to broaden your knowledge by studying the standard books. You can get the entire book kit for UPSC preparation 2023 from Adda247, see the study material links. Read the books at least twice before taking handwritten notes to use for later answer-writing practice.
    • After you have finished a subject from the NCERT and reference books, you can learn to practice answer writing. Before that, it will be a pointless exercise because you will have to rely on books for the answer's content. It is also critical at this stage to incorporate consistent revision.
  • A mock test-based training approach should be implemented two months before the preliminary exam. Check out UPSC Preparation 2023 course by Adda247 for UPSC exam 2023. Simultaneously go through the UPSC Study Material and analyze your performance. Examine your weak points and review any concepts you may have forgotten.

UPSC Study Material 2023

UPSC Study Material 2023 by Adda247 is a mentoring technique that has been prepared to assist each candidate in an elaborate manner for the UPSC 2023 examination. With our transforming UPSC study materials, Adda247 will reshape your e-learning approach. These online UPSC study material courses are taught by India's top faculty members.

You will find ample course material, well-structured classes, new computational preparation strategy and guidance, and short and impactful tips and tricks for the UPSC preparation 2023 online exam in our UPSC study material courses. Use adda247's online UPSC study materials to reinforce concepts and get clarity from our top faculty members.

UPSC Prelims Study Material 2023

Selecting the best UPSC Prelims study material & UPSC exam strategy , UPSC Tips online for various stages of the UPSC exam is extremely crucial. The UPSC Prelims only includes objective sort of questions, whereas the IAS Mains includes descriptive essay type questions. Not only should candidates choose UPSC preparation 2023 carefully, but they should also divide their reading list into UPSC Prelims and UPSC Mains Exam 2023. Check out Adda's best quality preliminary exam books, which are focused entirely on the UPSC syllabus.

UPSC Prelims Study Material pdf

You can access UPSC Prelims study material in English from us. We bring you the best UPSC Prelims study material in pdf and Notes. Aspirants who intend to pass the civil services prelims exam in 2023 should be well into their prelims exam prep as the UPSC Prelims exam is coming up in May. The UPSC Prelims is a test of your knowledge, analytical thinking, and deeper understanding. By improving your conceptual clarity, the UPSC Prelims study material PDF will improve your performance. Therefore, those candidates looking for a download option of these notes will find the UPSC prelims study material pdf to be helpful. Take the UPSC 2023 Prelims exam seriously and study these UPSC study materials in-depth.

UPSC Study Plan 2023

Consider the following UPSC Study Plan 2023 for UPSC Exam 2023. UPSC Preparation can be done easily by following the strict study plan & timetable.

  • First 4 - 5 months Study Plan

Proceed your UPSC preparation as a beginner by studying for the mains first and then the prelims. This is the best strategy for passing the UPSC exam with flying colors. Start with the fundamentals, such as NCERT, as multiple high-level books will confuse you with their abundance of information. Give it four to five months. Start reading standard books for the various GS exams in addition to the NCERT, and start taking notes from newspapers and magazines.

  • Next 2 Months Study Plan

Spend 70% of your time on the optional paper and complete the optional syllabus over the next two months. Start taking the prelims mock test series now that you have almost finished your entire syllabus.

  • Last 3 to 4 Months Study Plan Before Prelims

After reading newspapers and magazines for the next three to four months, you can start writing responses because you've had time to gather a lot of knowledge, opinions, and writing skills over the previous seven months. And now it's time to put them into action. If you'd like, you can enroll in a main mock test series and gather writing samples for better and more accurate writing.

UPSC Mains Study Material 2023

UPSC Main Study Material: Candidates who successfully cleared the Prelims stage of the IAS Exam advance to the Mains stage and can follow UPSC Mains Study Material shared for UPSC Exam 2023. The Exam UPSC 2023 includes 9 theory papers, two of which are on optional subjects. Candidates should read our essential UPSC Preparation 2023. Our UPSC study materials are having IAS general studies Mains books for the best possible result, and you will also find excellent books on your optional subject.

UPSC Study Material Free

UPSC Civil Services Examination is challenging to clear. This UPSC exam needs consistent & quality study. However, with the best UPSC study material notes, one has a good chance of passing the exam. Adda247 offers UPSC Study material free self-explanatory and exhaustive UPSC study material notes, as well as live classes for UPSC aspirants preparing to take the UPSC exam 2023. Adda247 has created the most comprehensive and coherent UPSC Preparation 2023, UPSC General Studies books, notes, and explanatory classes in simple language to assist aspirants in effectively understanding the concepts.

UPSC Study Material pdf download

Adda247 is offering UPSC study material PDF for all upcoming UPSC 2023 exams in India. These UPSC study materials will strategically guide you to answer each question on time during each UPSC-based examination. These UPSC study materials PDFs are gaining popularity among candidates due to their high percentage of candidate selection in the UPSC Recruitment Examinations. Enroll for UPSC Preparation 2023 & UPSC study material to make sure your name is on the final list of candidates. These UPSC study material will strategically guide you to answer each question on time during each UPSC-based examination.

UPSC Study Material in hindi

The UPSC Study Material 2023 by Adda247 is worth joining for every UPSC exam candidate because they are delivered in Hindi, which will greatly improve your exam preparations and serve as a one-stop solution for all your queries and concept building. The UPSC Study Materials in Hindi will cover all subjects of the UPSC exams thoroughly and holistically. Our UPSC Preparation 2023 thoroughly covers all core and non-core topics covered in the UPSC exam 2023.

Best UPSC Study Material 2023

As you are all aware, the UPSC is the most difficult exam in India, and getting into IAS, IPS, or IFS requires expert guidance in addition to your own efforts. As the years pass like haze, there have been modifications in the exam pattern and the way the exam engages the candidates. Accumulating UPSC Preparation is a difficult task these days; eliminating additional resources is what makes it difficult. In today's world, half of us always have more resources than we need, while the other half don't have any. In a situation like this, you need somebody to guide you, which is why we created the highest quality UPSC study material for the UPSC exam 2023, which you can find here.

UPSC Preparation 2023-Benefits of Adda247 UPSC Study Material

By buying Adda247 UPSC study material and getting into UPSC Preparation 2023 in a virtual classroom environment, an aspirant can learn about his or her flaws and strengths. The UPSC evolving question pattern necessitates regular updates on current events as well as a thorough understanding of concepts. Adda247 UPSC live courses help candidates improve their chances of selection while also identifying key areas for improvement. Some of the advantages of attending Adda247 UPSC Study Material 2023 are as follows:

  • You cannot spend energy reading irrelevant material because the UPSC syllabus is extensive and you must cover it in a timely manner and revise it. As a result, we offer you structured UPSC Strategy & UPSC Study Material for UPSC Preparation 2023.
    • Adda247's UPSC Preparation 2023 and books are based on current UPSC exam pattern, previous year question papers and trends.
  • When answering questions, the adda247 UPSC Study Material 2023 assists students in gaining more conceptual clarity and in-depth knowledge about the topic.
  • For current events, you should only use authentic sources. Check the accuracy of your CSE current affairs sources. Also, make certain that you are receiving up-to-date information. You should not waste time reading out-of-date information.There is specific current affairs, editorial lectures, and they are insightful under the adda247 UPSC study material.
  • Bilingual lectures, notes, and books are provided as part of the Adda247 UPSC Preparation 2023 programme.
  • The UPSC coaching classes at Adda247 are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. A low-cost set of live classes and practice exams.

UPSC Preparation 2023, Study Material : FAQs

Q) How should I start preparing for UPSC?

Ans) First, carefully read the syllabus and PYQs, analyze the exam demand, and then begin your preparation by self-studying or using UPSC Study Material by Adda247 for comprehensive support.

Q) Can I stay at home and prepare for UPSC?

Ans) Of course, you can take Adda247's all-in-one UPSC study material, which includes live classes, books, eBooks, and practice material for in-depth preparation.

Q) Can a 20 year old give the IAS Exam?

Ans) No. The minimum age is 21 and the maximum age is 32 for the UPSC exam.

Q) Which study material is best for UPSC?

Ans) Try Adda247's UPSC Study Material 2023. Here you will find interactive live classes, best-quality books, eBooks, and video courses all in one place.

Q) Can I clear the UPSC by 5 hours of study in a day?

Ans) It really depends on how much time you have for the CSE exam. If you have 2-3 years, that is enough. But if you have less than 1 year, 5 hours are not enough to complete the whole syllabus.

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