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CUET PG Syllabus 2024 Subject Wise PDF Download

CUET PG Syllabus 2024: CUET PG Syllabus 2024 for 27 subjects is released by the National Testing Agency (NTA) on the official website. CUET PG exam will be conducted for 27 subjects once a year. Candidates who are preparing and appearing in the entrance exam to take admission to one of the colleges from participating universities must know all the details of the CUET 2024 Syllabus.

CUET 2024 PG will be conducted in English and Hindi (Bilingual) except for language and Sahitya papers. For more information on the CUET PG Syllabus 2024, candidates must refer to the following article.

CUET PG Syllabus 2024

CUET PG Syllabus 2024 PDF is important for all the appearing candidates. CUET (PG) – 2024 will be conducted in CBT mode in 2 shifts for admissions in the next academic session. Candidates must refer to the following table for more information on the CUET PG Syllabus and Exam Pattern.

CUET PG Syllabus
Full Exam Name Central Universities Entrance Test (CUET)
Conducting Body National Testing Agency (NTA)
Exam Level University Level
Courses Offered Postgraduate
Category Syllabus
Mode of Application Online
Mode of Exam Online (Computer-based Test)
Type of questions Multiple-choice questions
Category CUET PG Syllabus
CUET PG Exam Date 11 March 2024 to 28 March 2024
Official website https://cuet.nta.nic.in/

CUET Post Graduation Syllabus 2024

We have provided you with the subject-wise CUET Post Graduation syllabus 2024 for better preparation for the online CUET entrance exam. Candidate must have command over the major subjects such as English, Reasoning, General Aptitude, Analytical Skills,  teaching aptitude and science subjects/topics all if you want to opt for some technical course. Download the subject-wise CUET PG Syllabus PDF to access it anytime while studying from the below-mentioned link.

CUET PG Syllabus 2024 Marking Scheme

CUET (PG) – 2024 will be conducted in CBT mode in 2 shifts for admissions in the next academic session. CUET Exam will be conducted online mode only. The question paper will have 100 Questions and each question carry 4 marks. The candidate has to choose the language English or Hindi for the General Paper. There is one mark deducted for each wrong answer.

Pattern Question Pattern Paper Code
  • Total Questions- 100
  • Parts : two parts
  • Part A: 25 Questions consisting of Language Comprehension/Verbal Ability
  • Part B: 75 Domain Knowledge Questions comprising of Teaching Aptitude, Social Sciences, Mathematics & Science)
  • Total Questions- 100
  • Parts : two parts
  • Part A: Consisting of Language Comprehension/Verbal Ability, General Awareness, Mathematical/Quantitative ability and Analytical Skills comprising of 25 MCQs.
  • Part B: Domain Knowledge comprising of 75 MCQs.
  • PGQP02 to PGQP07
  • PGQP09 to PGQP37
  • PGQP39
  • PGQP41 to PGQP59
  • PGQP61 to PGQ73
  • PGQP75 to PGQ77
  • Total Questions- 100
  • Parts : two parts
  • Part A: 25 Questions (Language Comprehension/Verbal Ability, General Knowledge, and Mathematical/Quantitative ability )
  • Part B: 75 Questions Domain knowledge e.g. Civil Engineering or Mechanical Engineering etc.
  • PGQP08
  • PGQP74
  • PGQP78
  • Total Questions- 100
  • Parts : two parts
  • Part A: 25 Questions (General Knowledge/Awareness, Mathematical Ability and Logical Reasoning)
  • Part B: 75 Questions of a specific language.

100 Questions (Language Comprehension/ Verbal Ability, Mathematical/ Quantitative Ability, Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning)

100 Questions (Language Comprehension/ Verbal Ability, General Knowledge/ Awareness, Computer Basics and Logical Reasoning) PGQP40

CUET PG 2024 Syllabus and Slotting

The CUET PG Syllabus 2024 will help candidates get an idea of the subjects and topics from which questions will be asked in the CUET PG Exam 2024. The examination will be conducted on multiple days in two slots per day as given below tables. Check out the entire CUET PG 2024 Syllabus and Slotting given in the following table for better clarity.

CUET (PG) – 2024 SLOTTING Day 1
Slot Paper Code Programme (Subject) Degree
1 PGQP05 English, Comparative Literature, Eng. Lang. Studies/ teaching, Eng. & Cultural Studies, Eng. Cafeteria, Lang. Lit., Media & Culture, Eng. and Other European Languages, English Literature, Literatures in English M.A.
PGQP36 Yoga, Yogic Science, Yoga Therapy M.Sc./ M.A.
PGQP50 Nanoscience M.Sc./ M. Tech./ M. Sc.B.Ed.
PGQP73 Jyotish(Phalit, Siddhant) (National Sanskrit University, Central Sanskrit University) Acharya
2 PGQP27 Mathematics M.Sc./ M.A.
PGQP12 Music (Carnatic & Hindustani – Vocal, Instrumental, Tabla, Performing Arts) MPA/M.A.
PGQP51 Sports Physiology, Biochemistry, Nutrition, Biomechanics M Sc./Certificate Course
PGQP21 Architecture M Arch./ MURP/MPLAN
PGQP58 Power and Energy & Electrical Engg. M.Tech.


CUET (PG) – 2024 SLOTTING Day 2
Slot Paper Code Programme (Subject) Degree
1 PGQP22 Life Sciences, Botany, Zoology, Molecular biology, Biochemistry, Biotechnology, Microbiology, Molecular Medicine, Biodiversity & Conservation of Natural Resources, Nutrition Biology, Bioinformatics, Animal & Plant Biology, Microbiology & Immunology, Wildlife Science (Ornithology), Human Physiology, Genomic Science, Medicinal and Aromatic Plants, Himalayan Aquatic, Marine Biology, Bio-Medical Engg., etc. M.Sc./ M.Tech./PG Diploma
PGQP13 MPA in Dance: Kathak, Bharat Natyam, Kuchipudi, Theatre Arts, Folk & Performing Arts & Culture, Dance, Dramatics M.P.A./ M.A.
PGQP17 Geography, Geography & Disaster Management M.A./M.Sc.
PGQP52 Electronics Design and Technology, Electronics & Communication & Micro Electonics Engg., Design, Digital Communication M.Tech./ M. Des./ M.Sc.
2 PGQP37 Commerce, Business Finance, Accounting & Taxation M.Com
PGQP29 Statistics M.Sc/M.A.
PGQP39 Fine Arts M.F.A./M.A.
PGQP77 Anthropology M.A./M. Sc.
PGQP53 Embedded and Real-Time Systems Engg. M.Tech.


CUET (PG) – 2024 SLOTTING Day 3
Slot Paper Code Programme (Subject) Degree
1 PGQP44 Economics, Economics(with specialization in the world economy, Energy Economics), Financial Economics, M.Sc./M.A./M.Sc.


PGQP30 Museology M.A.
PGQP71 Dharm Vijnan (BHU) Acharya
PGQP34 Ocean & Atmospheric Sciences M.Sc.
PGQP35 Master of Public Health MPH
2 PGQP26 Computer Application, Computer Science, Big Data Analytics, Computer Sc. & Sanskrit Lang. Tech. M.Sc./M.C.A.
PGQP65 Sabdabodha Systems & Language Technology, Prachin Vyakarana, Navya Vyakarana, Vyakarana (NSU & CSU) M.A./ Acharya
PGQP18 Geoinformatics M.Sc.
PGQP43 Physical Education & Sports Science M.P.Ed.


CUET (PG) – 2024 SLOTTING Day 4
Slot Paper Code Programme (Subject) Degree
1 PGQP11 History, History (Ancient, Medieval and Modern), Ancient Indian History, Culture & Archaeology M.A.
PGQP16 Criminology & Forensic Science M.A. / M.Sc.
PGQP49 Dharma Sastra, Vastu, Paurohitya (NSU & CSU) Acharya
PGQP54 Artificial Intelligence and Data Science, Comp. Science & Tech., Information & Banking Tech., Cyber Security,

Data Sc, Comp. Sc & Electronics, Engg. & Tech.

2 PGQP41 Journalism & Mass Communication M.A.
PGQP15 Sociology M.A.
PGQP72 Arts & Aesthetics M.A.
PGQP68 Vyakarana (BHU) Acharya
PGQP56 Chemical & Polymer & Thermal Engineering M.Tech.


CUET (PG) – 2024 SLOTTING Day 5
Slot Paper Code Programme (Subject) Degree

Language Comprehension/Verbal Ability, Numerical/Quantitative Ability, Data Interpretation & Logical Reasoning

M.B.A./ MTTM/ MSc./M Tech./PG Diploma/M.A./
PGQP24 Pharmacology, Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Pharmacognosy, Pharmacy, Pharmaceutical Sc., Pharmaceutical Analysis, Pharmaceutics M.Pharm.(PG Diploma)
PGQP63 Veda, Atharvanaveda Bashyam, Krishna Yajurv veda Bashyam, Shukla Yajurveda Bashyam (NSU & CSU) Acharya
2 PGQP06 Hindi, Hindi Translation, Hindi Linguistics M.A.
PGQP33 Agricultural Science (Agricultural Economics; Agronomy; Entomology; Agricultural Extension & Communication; Genetics & Plant Breeding; Horticulture; Plant Pathology; Plant Physiology; Soil Science & Agricultural Chemistry M.Sc.
PGQP62 Mass Media in Urdu ADOP


CUET (PG) – 2024 SLOTTING Day 6
Slot Paper Code Programme (Subject) Degree

Language Comprehension/ Verbal Ability, General Knowledge, Computer Basics, General Aptitude & Logical Reasoning

M.A./ PG Diploma/L.L.B./ M.Sc./ B.Lib./B. P. Ed./MAIMT/Certificate Course/M. Voc./M.Lib.
PGQP57 Water Engineering and Management, Agricultural Engineering Soil and Water Conservation Engineering) M.Tech.
PGQP64 Nyaya Vaisheshika, Prachin Nyaya (BHU) Acharya
2 PGQP02 Law LLM
PGQP09 Education Shiksha Sastri (B.Ed.)
PGQP10 Education Shiksha Acharya (M.Ed.)
PGQP67 Hindu Studies M.A.


CUET (PG) – 2024 SLOTTING Day 7
Slot Paper Code Programme (Subject) Degree
1 PGQP04 Education M.Ed.
PGQP01 Education B.Ed.
PGQP48 Advaita Vedanta, Davita Vedanta, Navya Nyaya, Sarvadarshan, Mimansa, Vishishtaadvaitavedanta, Sankhyayoga, Ramanandavedanta, Nyaya, Kashmirshaivadarshan, Bauddhadarshana, Nyaya Vaisheshika, Jaina Darshan (NSU, CSU, BHU) Acharya
PGQP61 Disaster Studies M.A.
2 PGQP08 Transport Sc./Mech. Engg./Food Engg./Civil Engg./ Elec. Comm. Engg./ Nanoelectronics/ Geophysics/Bioinformatics/Dairy Tech./ Material Sc./MPT/Structural Engg./ MABM/ Food Technology) M.Tech./ M.Sc./MPT/ Certificate Course
PGQP07 Philosophy M.A.
PGQP23 Linguistics M.A.
PGQP66 Puraneitihas (NSU, CSU, BHU) Acharya


CUET (PG) – 2024 SLOTTING Day 8
Slot Paper Code Programme (Subject) Degree
1 PGQP55 Nanotechnology, Materials Sc, Bioelectronics, Prod. Engg., Plastic Engg., Mechatronics M.Tech.
PGQP28 Physics M.Sc./M.Sc. B.Ed.
PGQP75 Zoology M.Sc.
2 PGQP42 Political Science, Public Administration, Politics/(with specialization in International Studies), International Relations and Area Studies M.A.
PGQP59 Library and Information Science M.Lib.I.Sc.
PGQP19 Geology, Earth Science M.Sc.
PGQP69 Indian Knowledge Systems Acharya


CUET (PG) – 2024 SLOTTING Day 9
Slot Paper Code Programme (Subject) Degree
1 PGQP45 Energy, Financial, Green, Electrical, Power&Control, Engineering M.Tech.
PGQP74 Painting/ Applied Arts/ Plastic Arts/Pottery & Ceramics/Textile Design/ Jyotish(Falit)/Jyotish(Ganit)/ Dharamshastra/ Jaina Darshan/ Baudha Darshan/ Vedanta/ Biochemistry/Mathematics, Special Education Mathematics/Language, Special Education Language/Science, Special Education Science/Humanities and Social Sciences, Special Education Humanities and Social Sciences(** BHU Only) M.F.A. /Acharya/ M. Sc./ B.Ed.
PGQP76 Botany M.Sc.
2 PGQP25 Chemistry M.Sc.
PGQP70 Agama/ Agama Tantra (NSU & BHU) Acharya
PGQP47 Sahitya(Alankara & Kavya Varga) (CSU & NSU) Acharya
PGQP60 Telugu/Gujarati/Punjabi/Urdu/Kannada/Odia/French/Assamese/Bengali/

Kokborok/Malayalam/Manipuri/Chinese/Bhutia/ Lepcha/ Limbu/

Nepali /German /Arabic /Russian /Japanese /Hispanic(Spanish) /Tamil /

Marathi /Pali /Garo/ Khasi/Prakrit/Persian/Pashto/Korean/ Kashmiri(32 languages)

**Domain knowledge questions would be in the concerned language only.



CUET (PG) – 2024 SLOTTING Day 10
Slot Paper Code Programme (Subject) Degree
1 PGQP20 Social Work, Rural Studies, Tribal Studies, Development Studies M.A./MSW
PGQP14 Sanskrit M.A.
PGQP46 Psychology M.Sc./ M.A.
PGQP31 Food Science/ Nutrition and Technology M.Sc./ M. Tech
2 PGQP32 Environmental Sciences M.Sc./ M. Tech/ PG Diploma
PGQP03 Education M.A.
PGQP78 Ancient Indian History, Culture & Archeology/ Linguistics/ History of Art/ Prayojanmoolak(Hindi)/ Agricultural Science/Agro-Forestry/Soil Science- Soil & Water Conservation/ Medical Laboratory Technology/ MPA-Instrumental Music (Sitar, Violin, Flute & Tabla/Shukla Yajurveda/ Krishna Yajurveda/ Samveda/ Rigveda/ Sahitya/Home Science/ Plant Biotechnology/Applied Microbiology.

**Only BHU and applicable courses of Hemvati Nandan Bahuguna Garhwal University, Srinagar and Dr Harisingh Gour Vishva Vidyalaya

M.A./M.Sc./ M.Voc./M.P.A. /Acharya

CUET PG Syllabus for PDF

The syllabus for postgraduate courses in 27 subjects at CUET is divided into different sections. Each post has its own CUET syllabus and marking scheme. The exam is conducted for 58 subjects, and each subject has a distinct syllabus. Candidates must prepare according to the official CUET syllabus PG of each section. Applicants can download the official syllabus from the link below for a PG syllabus.

Candidates must have a thorough knowledge of the syllabus for the computer-based examination of CUET PG. Check out the detailed syllabus given below in the table.

Sl.no CUET PG Subjects Syllabus
1 CUET PG B.Ed (Education) Syllabus Download PDF
2 CUET PG LLM Syllabus Download PDF
3 CUET PG MA (Education) Syllabus Download PDF
4 CUET PG M.Ed (Education) Syllabus Download PDF
5 CUET PG MA English Syllabus Download PDF
6 CUET PG MA Hindi Syllabus Download PDF
7 CUET PG MA Malayalam Syllabus Download PDF
8 CUET PG MA Punjabi Syllabus Download PDF
9 CUET PG MA Classical Tamil Studies Syllabus Download PDF
10 CUET PG MA Kannada Syllabus Download PDF
11 CUET PG MA History & Archaeology Syllabus Download PDF
12 CUET PG MPA (Performing Arts) Syllabus Download PDF
13 CUET PG MPA (Theatre Arts) Syllabus Download PDF
14 CUET PG MA Sanskrit Syllabus Download PDF
15 CUET PG MA Sociology Syllabus Download PDF
16 CUET PG M. Tech. (Transport Science and Technology) Syllabus Download PDF
17 CUET PG M.Sc. Geography Syllabus Download PDF
18 CUET PG M.Sc. Geo-informatics Syllabus Download PDF
19 CUET PG M.Sc. Geology Syllabus Download PDF
20 CUET PG M.A. Social Work Syllabus Download PDF
21 CUET PG M. Arch. (Sustainable Architecture) Syllabus Download PDF
22 CUET PG M.Sc. Life Science Syllabus Download PDF
23 CUET PG M.A. Telugu Syllabus Download PDF
24 CUET PG M.Pharm. (Pharmaceutical Chemistry) Syllabus Download PDF
25 CUET PG M.Sc. (Industrial Chemistry)  Syllabus Download PDF
26 CUET PG M.Sc. (Computer Science and Information Technology) Syllabus Download PDF
27 CUET PG M.A. / M.Sc. (Mathematics) Syllabus Download PDF
28 CUET PG M.Sc. Physics Syllabus Download PDF
29 CUET PG M.Sc. Statistics Syllabus Download PDF
30 CUET PG M.Sc. (Material Sciences & Tech.) Syllabus Download PDF
31 CUET PG M.Sc. (Food Science and Technology) Syllabus Download PDF
32 CUET PG M.Sc. (Environmental Science & Tech.) Syllabus Download PDF
33 CUET PG M.Sc. (Horticulture) Syllabus Download PDF
34 CUET PG M.Sc. (Atmospheric Science) Syllabus Download PDF
35 CUET PG M.Sc. (Epidemiology and Public Health) Syllabus Download PDF
36 CUET PG M.Sc. (Yoga Therapy)  Syllabus Download PDF
37 CUET PG M.Com. (Commerce) Syllabus Download PDF
38 CUET PG MBA (Management Studies) Syllabus Download PDF
39 CUET PG M.A. Fine Arts Syllabus Download PDF
40 CUET PG M.Lib.I.Sc. (Library and Information Science) Syllabus Download PDF
41 CUET PG M.A. (Journalism and Mass Communication) Syllabus Download PDF
42 CUET PG M.A. (International Relations & Political Science) Syllabus Download PDF
43 CUET PG M.P.Ed. (Physical Education) Syllabus Download PDF
44 CUET PG M.A. Economics Syllabus Download PDF
45 CUET PG M.Tech. (Energy Engineering) Syllabus Download PDF
46 CUET PG M.A. Psychology Syllabus Download PDF
47 CUET PG M.A. Gujarati Syllabus Download PDF
48 CUET PG M.A. Chinese Syllabus Download PDF
49 CUET PG M.A. German Studies Syllabus Download PDF
50 CUET PG M.Sc. Nanosciences Syllabus Download PDF
51 CUET PG M.Sc. (Sports Physiology) Syllabus Download PDF
52 CUET PG M.Tech. (Microelectronics & VLSI) Syllabus Download PDF
53 CUET PG M.Tech. (Embedded and Real Time Systems) Syllabus Download PDF
54 CUET PG CUET PG M.Tech. (Computer Science & Technology (Cyber Security) Syllabus Download PDF
55 CUET PG M.Tech. (Material Science and Technology) Syllabus Download PDF
56 CUET PG M.Tech. (Aquacultural Engg.) Syllabus Download PDF
57 CUET PG M.Tech. (Water Engg. & Management) Syllabus Download PDF
58 CUET PG M.Tech. (Power & Energy Engg.) Syllabus Download PDF

CUET PG Syllabus 2024 PDF



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What is a syllabus for the CUET PG exam?

CUET PG Syllabus is mentioned in the above article

What is the use of CUET PG Exam?

With the help of CUET PG exam 2024, the candidates can get admission to UG and PG programmes.

When was the CUET Syllabus updated?

The whole CUET Exam Pattern and syllabus are revamped by the UGC. The exam will be held for all the courses and many universities.

How to download the CUET PG Syllabus PDF?

Candidates can download the syllabus PDF of CUET from the official website or the direct link provided here.

Is there any negative marking in CUET PG Exam 2024?

Yes, there is a negative marking of 1 mark in CUET PG 2024.

Can I Crack CUET PG 2024 in one month?

CUET PG 2024 is a national-level entrance exam for Post Graduate Courses in various Universities under CUET. Therefore, it is a highly competitive exam and candidates will require good preparation to crack the exam. As no task is impossible, candidates will highest level of dedication, determination, hard work and perseverance to be able to crack CUET PG 2024 in one month.

Is CUET mandatory for PG courses?

Various Universities have come together to offer a Common Universities Eligibility Test (CUET). The candidates must check out the list of universities associated with the CUET PG to ensure the Universities they are interested in are in the list and hence they have to apply for the CUET PG Exam 2024 or not.

When will the CUET PG Exam Date 2024 be released?

The CUET PG Exam Date 2024 will be scheduled on 11 March 2024 to 28 March 2024

Is CUET PG very tough?

The difficulty level of the Central Universities Entrance Test for PG Course is easy-moderate.

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