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SSC Mock Test Series Online 2024

Attempt SSC Mock Test to improve your weak areas.SSC Free Mock Test for SSC Exam 2024.SSC Online Test Series at a reasonable price.

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SSC Mock Test 2024 & Online Test Series-Free Practice Paper For Exams

Are you planning to take the SSC exam this year or in 2023? And you're still uncertain about the new exam format that the Staff Selection Commission released? Leave your worries behind because you have at last arrived at the appropriate place. By giving you all the information about the upcoming SSC exam that you need to know, we are putting an end to all of your confusion and presenting with you all SSC Mock Test 2023 for all SSC Exam 2023. Additionally, we will give you advice on how to practice for the exam with free Online SSC mock tests, where to start your preparation, and the best route for clearing the upcoming SSC exam 2023 in one sitting and how you will be able to give your best shot in 2023 with the SSC Online Mock Test Series 2023.

Adda provides a plethora of SSC online mock test series for many SSC examinations such as CGL, CHSL CPO, stenographer, MTS, and others. The SSC test series includes the newest Pattern of SSC exam reported by the Staff Selection Commission in their SSC mock tests in 2022. Practicing compelling content such as SSC test series 2023 will instill credibility in the SSC aspirant to take the real SSC exams in 2023. So it's time to level up your SSC exam preparation by taking SSC online mock tests. Adda has primed SSC online test series based on the most recent changes in the SSC exam pattern to familiarize you with the new exam format.

SSC mock tests 2023 include a variety of questions that correspond to previous year papers as well as new types of high level questions to prepare you for any difficult situation in the exam hall. Our SSC expert faculty has prepared an SSC online test series that includes a bundle of questions that you can expect on your upcoming SSC exam 2023. All SSC examination packages include SSC free online Test series. SSC free online mock tests have been planned with thorough analysis and interpretations. Practicing the SSC Test series and SSC Free online mock Tests will help you get on the list of successful candidates and top rankers who passed SSC exams with high marks.

SSC Exam Overview. About SSC Mock Test (Latest)

The Government of India Staff Selection Commission(SSC) is a body responsible for hiring people for a range of positions in its diverse departments and ministries as well as in subordinate offices. The above commission, which reports to the Department of Personnel and Training (DoPT), is made up of a chairman, two members, and a secretary who also serves as the examinations controller.

The headquarters of the Staff Selection Commission(SSC) are in New Delhi.SSC Conducts various exams every year, and we at ADDA247 Provides the best SSC Mock Test 2023 for candidates who are applying for SSC Exam 2023.It currently has offices in Prayagraj, Mumbai, Kolkata, Guwahati, Chennai, Bangalore, and New Delhi, as well as seven regional offices. Additionally, it has two Sub-Regional offices in Chandigarh and Raipur.

The Staff Selection Commission (SSC) exams are held to select candidates for a variety of positions within the Ministries, Departments, and Organizations of the Government of India. In accordance with the SSC calendar, the Staff Selection Commission of India holds a variety of exams throughout the year, including the -

  • SSC Mock Test , SSC Combined Graduate Level (SSC CGL),
  • SSC Mock Test , SSC Combined Higher Secondary Level (SSC CHSL),
  • SSC Mock Test , SSC Junior Engineer (SSC JE),
  • SSC Mock Test , SSC General Duty Constable (SSC GD),
  • SSC Mock Test , SSC Central Police Organization & SI (SSC CPO),
  • SSC Mock Test , SSC Multitasking Staff (SSC MTS),
  • SSC Mock Test , SSC Stenographer exam,
  • SSC Mock Test , SSC Junior Hindi Translator (SSC JHT)
  • SSC Mock Test , SSC Selection Post

New dates for the publication of notifications for various SSC Exam 2023 have recently been announced by the Commission.

SSC Mock Test. The New SSC Exam Pattern

The eagerly anticipated SSC notification for the SSC CGL exam arrived in November of this year. As we can all see, SSC made significant changes to their exam format, and what is most intriguing is that the upcoming CHSL exam will also follow this new format. Therefore, it has become crucial to fully comprehend the modified pattern first. To make it easier for you to understand, we have gathered all the modifications and SSC Mock Test.

  • The SSC CGL Tier 1 Exam is now a qualifying exam, and its results will not be used to determine the final merit list.
  • The SSC CGL Tier 2 Exam paper will determine the ultimate selection, and rank will be determined by the number of points earned in the tier 2 exam. As a result, tier 2 has gained enormous significance.
  • SSC CGL Tier 2 Exam initiated a total of three exam papers: Paper 1, Paper 2, and Paper 3.
  • There will be three sections in SSC CGL Tier 2 Paper 1, each with two modules. All applicants must submit Paper 1, while those applying for Junior Statistical Officer (JSO) vacancies in the Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation must submit Paper 2, and those applying for Assistant Audit Officer (AAO) positions must submit Paper 3.
    • SSC Paper 1 Section 1 is titled "Mathematical Reasoning and Abilities."
  • English Language and Comprehension, as well as General Awareness, are included in Section 2 of Paper 1.
  • Additionally, Section 3 will include a qualifying computer knowledge test and a data entry speed test.
    • In Tier 2, the English-language paper will carry a greater weight with a 35% weighting.

We can therefore draw the conclusion that these significant changes for all SSC Exam 2023 will undoubtedly have a positive impact. Candidates who have long awaited their final recruitment in their desired Post in SSC can take SSC Mock Test 2023.

Importance of Taking SSC Mock Test for SSC Exam 2024?

Importance of SSC Mock Test 2023 : The very first thing we do when deciding to prepare for any competitive exam is finish the syllabus and SSC test series, but very few aspirants realize that preparation for any competitive exam, such as the SSC, is insufficient without practicing the topics you are learning. You should take a SSC practice test to evaluate your preparation in order to get the best outcomes. A better understanding of the types of questions that will be asked on the test can be gained by taking practice tests.

They also aid in raising test scores for competitive examinations. The format of the annual or competitive exam is used to create mock tests. Prior to taking the real exam, the foremost goal of conducting online test series is to evaluate students' capabilities. The following are a few notable advantages of doing the SSC Mock Test. Do practice -

  • Offer some quality practise materials

A candidate becomes perfect with practice. Students can gain a lot of practice through mock exams, which will benefit them on the actual SSC exam in 2023. The speed at which problems are solved significantly increases when students practice SSC Mock Test 2024 for SSC exam 2024. They also learn which subjects they are weak in and where they need to work harder, as well as which topics they are strong in. By honing those topics, they can gain an edge on the SSC exam.

  • Effective time management

Effective time management in the exam hall is only possible with more practice of sectional test and full length mock test,there is no alternative method to decrease your reaction time in the real examination. SSC Mock test 2023 questions assist students in estimating the amount of time each subject will require on the exam. As a result, students can get a better idea of how much time to allocate to theoretical and numerical questions and they can plan their exam day strategy before the D-day.

  • Reduce anxiety and increase self belief

Anxiety and emotional turmoil are two elements that coexist with exam preparation. Exam performance may suffer as a result of these elements. It has frequently been seen that candidates lose marks in a time-consuming exam like the SSC because they are too anxious or stressed out. Aspirants' memory and concentration are impacted by anxiety, which occasionally results in "completely numb or blank out" during exams. You can easily overcome this SSC exam fear if you familiarize yourself with the exam format two to three months prior to the exam. You can prepare for the exams and increase your confidence by diligently practicing the SSC mock test series.

  • Helps to Repeatedly Review the Entire Syllabus

The biggest issue that students run into when preparing for the SSC exam is that as they go along, they begin to forget the earlier chapters. SSC Mock Test 2023 , test papers are created so that they cover nearly every significant subject matter in the curriculum. Thus, by resolving them, students will be able to regularly review the entire syllabus. This will aid their retention of all the chapters they have learned up until the SSC exam day. Therefore, take as many SSC mock exams as you can to better review all of the topics in math, reasoning, English, and general studies.

  • Your strengths and weaknesses are revealed by a mock exam

When you feel ready for the upcoming SSC exams, you should take an online SSC Mock Exam to gauge your degree of preparedness. It is always crucial to assess your level of resiliency, and practicing for SSC mock exams is the best way to do so. You can determine your level of readiness by taking the SSC Mock Test series. You will be able to identify your weak areas and where you need to put more effort. After finishing your preparation, conduct a thorough self-analysis by working through the challenging SSC Mock Test 2023 included in the ADDA SSC Mock Test Series 2023 for all SSC exams.

  • Mock Analysis Can Help You Dispel Your Doubts

It is completely normal for candidates to have many doubts when they attempt a new question in the SSC practice exam. Students can mark questions in the SSC mock test series where they are unsure and get the answers from the detailed solution. This guarantees that students will be completely confident when they show up for the final exam.

  • Experience a Real Exam

Students can become accustomed to the actual exam environment by taking regular Mock tests. The purpose of these mock exams is to assess students' knowledge. The best part is that because each mock test has a timer, students will treat it seriously and treat it like an actual exam.

You now possess a clear understanding of how taking the SSC mock test series will significantly increase your SSC score. You can sign up for the Adda SSC Mock Test 2023 and take advantage of our experts' Mock Test question-answering methodology, which includes practice exams, sectional tests, full-length tests, expert clarification of your doubts, and an in-depth performance report.

Why Is It Necessary to Attempt the SSC Mock Test 2023?

So considering the above mentioned benefits of taking the SSC Mock Test Series, it is best to try out the SSC free mock test 2023 offered by various Mock Test provider companies before deciding to take the mock test series. Here, we'll explain how to take a free practice exam in Adda and how doing so will help you advance in your SSC preparation.

  • Each of our free SSC Mock Test 2023 for various SSC exams is a full-length Mock exam.
  • The new SSC exam pattern is exactly followed when determining the number of questions, sections, time allotted, and marks.
  • Your browser will take you to the Analysis and solution page after you've submitted the SSC Mock Test Series. You can find a thorough evaluation of your effort as well as in-depth answers to all of the questions on this page.
  • Here, you can also see how challenging each section is overall, including the quant and English sections. Experts have determined this level of difficulty by analyzing the recent difficulty of actual exams.
  • In addition to analysis, we will also let you know how long it takes you to complete each question and what should be the ideal time of attending those questions.
  • Another significant advantage is that we will let you know which questions your competitors are answering quickly and which ones they are avoiding. You can carefully plan your exam strategy with the aid of this feature of SSC Mock Test 2023.
  • A desired cut-off section will also be included so that you can determine how many marks you need to achieve in order to be selected.
  • We will also let you know where you need to improve and how accurately you answered the questions in SSC Mock Test 2023.
  • You will also receive a section-by-section breakdown of your performance on the SSC free practice test (for example, quant and GS will be in different sections).
  • The recognition of areas of strength and weakness is one of the most helpful aspects of the mock test analysis.

Many more significant features are included in the SSC Mock Test Series,now if you are planning to take a Free SSC Mock Test 2023 at Adda , follow the given instructions.

How to Take the Adda247 SSC Free Mock Test ?

Taking a SSC Free Mock test for the SSC exam 2023 or any exam has never been simpler or better than at Adda247. Instructions on how to take the free SSC mock test series are available from us.

  • First, go to the Adda247 official website to take the SSC Free Mock Test.
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the page and take a look at the FREE STUDY MATERIALS section.
  • The EXPLORE FREE TESTS button will take you to a login page.
  • To acquire all of Adda's free SSC mock tests, log in with a valid email address.
  • Then find the SSC mock exam you really like to take, then start your practice.

How do you choose the Best SSC Mock Test?

Best SSC Mock Test : A problem with today's SSC mock test is that the market is saturated with SSC mock test providers and, moreover, that most of them are more focused on advertising than on producing high-quality content.SSC Free Mock test providers were scarce 2-3 years ago. An SSC candidate will find it extremely challenging to sort through this and select the best option. Adda247 is one of the oldest and most seasoned players in this market; before purchasing it, look for these qualities in an SSC Mock test.

  • Topic Coverage

The first thing you should look for in a SSC mock test 2023 test series is whether or not they cover all the topics and significant issues. A good mock test series always follows the 80/20 rule and provides the same important concepts on repetition with questions to help you to revise them many times. More the same type of questions are consistently asked from the previous year question papers. Additionally, they make an effort to experiment with new questions so that candidates can become ready for any challenging circumstances in the actual exam room.

  • How the Mock Analysis is presented

The second realization is that all test analyses are essentially the same as you go through testing on various SSC mock test platforms. However, the question is who is covering the crucial component of an accurate mock analysis that will genuinely assist you in improving your performance on your upcoming mock test.

  • The mock test interface needs to be identical to the actual test

Adda SSC Mock Test 2023, when you begin a SSC mock exam, you have two options: you can either attempt the test in the standard exam mode, where the easier questions are presented to you first, followed by the moderate and difficult ones. Beginners will learn how to skip a difficult question and save time by using these simple features.

  • Comprehensive Solution

The detail provided in the question solutions is another area where superior mock test series excel. The provided answer should settle all of your questions in one go, and you won't need to seek out a conceptual video to comprehend the question and answer on the mock test because the Adda SSC Mock Test has excellent answers.

  • Comparison with Topper

The Adda SSC Mock Test Series' great bit is that it provides you with ongoing updates on the top scorers (who score the highest in that mock test). How long he spent on each question or whether or not he even tried them. You can push yourself further if you know how many times the top performer attempted a question, how long it took, and how accurate they were in comparison to you.

  • Students Success in Real Exam

A high-quality SSC Mock Test is always essential to a student's success in the exam; if the mock is effective in every way, those students will unquestionably be chosen. Reading the reviews of the chosen candidates before the mock test is also crucial.

SSC Mock Test PDF

When it comes to practicing mock tests, aspirants have different preferences. Some prefer to give SSC mock tests with timers, while others prefer to practice from SSC MOCK TEST PDF. It makes no difference whether you're doing SSC Mock Test PDF or regular SSC mock test; what matters most is Solving SSC online mock tests is the most optimum way to prepare for the upcoming all SSC exams in 2023, as well as to evaluate the exam pattern and the kinds of questions asked in the actual SSC exam.

For good preparation, the Adda provides a good amount of free SSC Mock PDF. These SSC mock test PDF will assist the candidate with section-by-section, topic-by-topic problems, thereby strengthening their understanding of individual segments.

What is SSC Mock Test Online 2023 ?

The SSC Exams are the most sought-after exams because they give graduates and students in their last year of high school the chance to apply for jobs in the prestigious Indian government sector. Therefore, applicants must be mentally prepared for a lot of competition. Taking an SSC mock test online 2023 will familiarize you with the new SSC pattern exam and assist you in many other ways to deal with the competition.

Cracking the SSC exam and getting a good rank are two of every applicant's top priorities. To put your skills into practice, conquer your fears, and achieve success, our experts have taken into consideration the most recent SSC exam pattern and SSC syllabus when creating the latest SSC test series 2023 for the upcoming 2023 exams. This makes Adda SSC Mock Test Series 2023 the absolute best and most reliable material to practice and rely on.

List of SSC Exam 2023 we cover under SSC Mock Test

To cope up with the new and revised exam pattern and syllabus and to give the most premium content to aspirant.We have made different SSC mock test series for different 2023 SSC examinations are mentioned below.

SSC Mock Test in Hindi

Our aim is to remove language barriers and give everyone access to high-quality study materials; to achieve this, Adda offers SSC test series online in multiple languages. Adda SSC Mock Test Series 2023 is completely bilingual and beneficial for all aspirants. The Adda SSC Hindi Mock test set up a clear path for the student to pass the exam in one sitting. One SSC mock test in all SSC packages is provided without charge so that you can enjoy and utilize the material.

The SSC Hindi and English are regularly updated and changed for the best outcome. The offered SSC Hindi online test series is based on the same syllabus and pattern as the actual exam, allowing students to become accustomed to the testing environment. Regular practice with the SSC Hindi and English mock exams and SSC online test series develops a firm understanding of the concepts tested on the SSC 2023 exam, ensuring excellent outcomes. Also check - HPSC ADO online test series .

SSC Online Test in Hindi Free

The SSC exam syllabus includes several subjects such as Numerical Ability, Reasoning, General Studies such as history, geography, politics, economy, current affairs, and English that aspirants must cover. The issue is that there is no good quality SSC Online Test in Hindi for aspirants taking the SSC exam in Hindi. As a result, Adda has included questions in Hindi in the most recent SSC Mock Test Series 2023, designed specifically for Hindi SSC aspirants by our experienced SSC exam experts.

For more information on SSC Hindi Mock test 2023, please see the links provided throughout the article. Candidates will learn about the likely questions that will be asked on the exam by practicing SSC Online Test in Hindi. They can determine their performance and get a sense of how the exam will be. We have carefully selected questions that will enhance the student's exam.

Buy SSC Mock Test

To perform much better on the SSC 2023-24 exam, buy the SSC Mock Test 2023. For CGL, CHSL, CPO, stenographer, and other exams, Adda offers you the best SSC Test Series in Hindi and English to help you prepare better and make 2023 your selection year. Our SSC exam experts carefully examined the most recent syllabus, pattern, and trend of the SSC exam over the previous few years before creating the SSC Test Series 2023. Each SSC test series pack includes a free SSC Mock test with questions covering all crucial subjects. The steps for taking the free mock are described above. To gain an advantage over the competition, take our full SSC Mock Test Series package after taking the free mock.

We also provide mock test Series for other exams like Oil India Exam, JK Police, JKSSB exam,FSSAIExam in the SSC exam segment.

How to access the SSC Mock Test ?

Getting access to our SSC Mock Test Series 2023 is very easy. To purchase our SSC Mock Test Series 2023 and receive your mock test immediately, simply follow these easy steps.

  • To access the ADDA247 website, first type adda247 into Google.
  • After arriving at the page, scroll down to find the ALL MOCK TEST SERIES section.
  • That will open a new page when you click it. Select SSC from the list of exam categories on the left.
  • To view all of the SSC Test Series, visit the SSC Test Series and SSC Mock Test Series sections.
  • Click the BUY NOW button after choosing the SSC TEST SERIES PACKAGE you want to purchase for your upcoming SSC exam.
  • Don't forget to use the coupon code to get additional discounts on your purchase.

Now you have your own SSC Mock Test & SSC Practice Material…Start practicing!

Why Should You Opt for the Adda SSC Mock Test ?

The following are some advantages of taking the SSC Mock Test Series 2023–24:

  • The SSC Mock Test Series aids in the most effective topic-by-topic revision of each subject.
  • Through a thorough analysis of the results, candidates can determine how well they have prepared for the upcoming SSC exams so far.
  • By taking the SSC Mock Test Series, candidates will learn what subjects they need to study more for and identify their areas of weakness.
  • The candidates' speed, accuracy, and problem-solving abilities will all be improved by the SSC Mock Test Series 2022–23 and 2023–24.
  • The SSC Mock test series will be based on the most recent Staff Selection Commission Exam Pattern & Syllabus, which will help you track your preparation.
  • Topics like General Intelligence and Reasoning, General Awareness, Current Affairs, and others are covered in the sectional tests and topic-specific quizzes, allowing candidates to hone their abilities in each area.
  • By taking the SSC Mock Test Series, candidates can evaluate their performance since they will receive performance reports at the end.
  • Candidates will have the opportunity to compete against one another across the country and learn their All India Rank, which will help them understand the true level of competition.

Finally, the SSC exam is not a walk in the park; candidates put in years of effort to pass the exam and land their dream job. Without taking the SSC Mock Test Series 2023–24, the preparation for the SSC Exam is lacking and useless. Don't wait any longer; take the SSC Mock Test Series 2023 and begin studying. Additionally, this SSC Mock Test will assist candidates in preparing for the selection process by helping them to sharpen their revision skills.

SSC Mock Test FAQs

Q) Which exams are covered in the SSC Mock Test Series?

Ans) All tiers of SSC CGL, SSC CHSL, SSC MTS, SSC Stenographer Grade C & D , SSC GD Constable, Delhi Police and many other Pan India level exam will be covered in the SSC Mock Test Series 2023 , for more details check the full article.

Q) What is the difficulty level of the SSC Mock Test ?

Ans) The difficulty level of SSC Mock Test is as per the latest trend of the examination.

Q) In which language the SSC Mock Test Series is available ?

Ans) SSC Mock Test Series is available in both Hindi and English language.

Q) Where Can I ask my queries if I have any doubt after purchasing the SSC Mock Test 2023?

Ans) A contact number is given and also you can ask in our Adda247 community available on our Adda247 app.for any confusion in SSC Mock Test 2023.

Q) Are there any tests included in the SSC Free Mock Test ?

Ans) Yes, every SSC exam Mock Test includes one SSC free mock test.

Q) Which mock tests are covered in the SSC Mock Test?

Ans) SSC Mock Test have SSC GD, CGL, CHSL MTS and other SSC exams mock tests.

Frequently Asked Questions
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Q: Are the Adda247 SSC Mock tests based on the latest SSC syllabus?
Q: Where can I ask queries in case of any doubt in the SSC Mock test?
Q: Which exams are covered in the SSC Mock Test Series?
Q: What is the difficulty level of the SSC Mock Test ?
Q: In which language the SSC Mock Test Series is available ?
Q: Where Can I ask my queries if I have any doubt after purchasing the SSC Mock Test 2023?
Q: Are there any tests included in the SSC Free Mock Test ?