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RBI Assistant Mock Test 2023 Prelims & Mains

Discover the Online English and Hindi RBI Assistant Mock Test 2023 at Adda247 for the Prelims and Mains exam. Enroll Now !

RBI Assistant Mock Test 2023

RBI brings RBI Assistant vacancy in almost every year and most of the banking aspirants aspire for working in RBI. But the sad thing is that there are limited vacancies and fierce competition, candidates must prepare thoroughly in order to ace the exam. As a result, our RBI Assistant Mock Test 2023 series by Adda247 assists aspiring candidates in preparing accurately and confidently.

Our RBI Assistant Mock Test 2023 & RBI Assistant online test series will be very beneficial for preparing for this upcoming RBI Assistant 2023 Preliminary and Mains Examinations. With this RBI Assistant Mock Test Series 2023 you can easily increase your marks after analyzing your performance. The Mock Test for RBI Assistant will enlighten your chances of qualifying for this banking sector examination.

RBI Assistant Mock Test pdf

The best course of action is to complete the daily practice sets from the RBI Assistant Mock Test Series 2023. The RBI Assistant 2023 mock test assists in determining a candidate's level of exam readiness. The benefit of mock exams is that they simulate an exam hall environment, and candidates who take them on a regular basis perform better on them. The RBI Assistant 2023 sample test is available from a variety of learning facilities and online resources. You can get a PDF of the RBI Assistant 2023 practise test from Adda247, and you can also take free daily quizzes from the Adda247 app.

RBI Assistant FREE Mock Test 2023

These RBI Assistant free mock test series or sample mock papers will help you prepare for the RBI Assistant 2023 exam, which is fairly difficult in comparison to other exams. Adda247 free mock tests for the RBI Assistant exam will provide you with the necessary instruction, allowing you to perform well on the exam. Using the RBI Assistant FREE Mock Test, you can evaluate your performance in the three categories and get high marks. Because of the high level of competition and the high cutoff, the RBI Assistant exam has become increasingly difficult; therefore, after taking all RBI Assistant Prelims Free Mock Test, you should do more and more practice from our newly launched RBI Assistant Mock Test 2023 series.

How to Avail RBI Assistant FREE Mock Test - Adda247 ?

If you want to know your level of preparation for the upcoming RBI Assistant 2023 exam, we are recommending you to attempt the Adda247 RBI Assistant FREE Mock Test right now ! Check the following steps to start the RBI Assistant Prelims Free Mock Test -

  • Go to, which is the official ADDA 247 website, first.
  • Then enter your password and email address. For registration in Adda, candidates may also use their own mobile number.
  • Visit the free study section, which can be found at the bottom of the page in the middle.
  • From the menu, choose EXPLORE FREE TEST.
  • Then, from the TEST EVENT menu, choose the RBI Assistant free practice test to give.
  • Pick the BEGIN TEST button placed there.
  • Choose your preferred language from the language menu.
  • To start the adda247 RBI Assistant FREE Mock Test, select READY TO START.
  • You'll observe that a window for the practice test will open.
  • Candidates may now start using the RBI Assistant FREE Mock Test exam.
  • After attempting the RBI Assistant Prelims Mock Test, analyze it very carefully.

RBI Assistant Test Series 2023

Are you looking for a high caliber RBI Assistant Mock Test Series to practice online practice exams for the extremely difficult RBI Assistant Exam 2023? You then arrive at the proper place. With the help of Adda247 RBI, you can easily prepare for the prestigious RBI Assistant exam online with a variety of RBI Assistant Mock Test, premium quality RBI Assistant test series, and an RBI Assistant free mock test. Your dreams of joining The Reserve Bank of India will be immensely accomplished by taking this RBI Assistant Test Series 2023.

RBI Assistant Memory based Mock Test 2023

Before beginning your RBI Assistant exam preparation, memory-based papers should be reviewed by applicants for the RBI Assistant position who plan to appear in the RBI Assistant Prelims exam in March 2023. This will provide you with an understanding of the difficulty of the questions and the subjects covered in previous years' RBI Assistant Examinations. To ramp up their performance of selection, candidates can practice similar, challenging questions from the RBI Assistant Memory based Mock Test from RBI Assistant Mock Test Series 2023. The difficulty of the RBI Assistant is easy overall, though the quantitative aptitude and English levels are still easy to moderate, according to a review in the previous RBI Assistant exam questions. Check Adda247 website for various shifts of memory based papers for the RBI Assistant preliminary exams.

RBI Assistant LIVE Mock Test 2023

Candidates can take all-India level online live tests for the RBI Assistant exam as well as other banking, insurance, and SSC exams at the official Adda247 website and on the Adda247 app, depending on the latest exam trend. Participating in the RBI Assistant Live Mock Test 2023 will allow you to determine where you truly stand among the competitors because RBI Assistant is a national competition. If you take all of the Adda RBI Assistant live Mock Test, you can improve your speed and accuracy. The biggest benefit of taking a live practise test for the RBI Assistant position is that it will help you get over your fear of the actual exam because you'll be taking the test alongside thousands of other candidates. The RBI Assistant's Live Mock Test 2023 user interface will remain the same as the real RBI Assistant Examination 2023.

Buy RBI Assistant Mock Test Adda247

Adda247 presents you with the RBI Assistant Mock Test 2023 package to sharpen your preparation. The mock test package will raise your exam performance skills to the maximum level. The RBI Assistant 2023 exam will have tough competition for sure. Take the RBI Assistant Mock Test Series 2023 and convert your efforts into success.Do more and more practice from our newly launched RBI Assistant Mock Test 2023 series.

RBI Assistant Mock Test 2023 by Adda247: Features

Following are the features for RBI Assistant test series 2023 :

✓100+ Total Tests with 100% Detailed Solutions

✓Previous Years' Papers (2022,2021, 2020 & 2017)

✓Based on Latest Pattern

✓English and Hindi medium

✓Attempt Free Mock (Check Product Description)

Check more details from here - 100+ Banking Clerk Mock Tests for RBI Assistant Prelims & Mains 2023

RBI Assistant Mock Test 2023 : How could you get the Mock?

The process of accessing the RBI Assistant Mock Test on mobile and PC are discussed below -

  • Access from Mobile Phone

    Firstly, if you want to access the RBI Assistant Mock Test 2023 from your mobile phone, download the adda247 app, register with your email or phone number, then go to the store section, there you find the courses by exam name, click on the RBI Assistant exam, scroll down, and you will find the RBI Assistant Mock Test 2023. Subscribe to that and enjoy learning.

RBI Assistant Mock Test 2023: Exam pattern

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) recruits for the position of Assistant almost every year. The Bank issues an official notification announcing the details for the RBI Assistant recruitment. Candidates are chosen through a selection process that includes a

  • preliminary exam
  • main exam and
  • language proficiency test.

Try out specialized test questions created by knowledgeable teachers 100+ Banking Clerk Mock Tests for RBI Assistant Prelims & Mains 2023

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RBI Assistant Prelims Mock Test 2023

Every year, a large number of people in India aspire to work in the banking sector. It is a field open to candidates not only from the commerce background but also from other fields and disciplines. The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) is India's central bank, solely responsible for the matter and supply of Indian currency, and is one of our country's most respected institutions. As a result, every banking exam candidate aspires to work for the RBI as an assistant, grade B, or in a variety of other positions. In this competitive environment, getting into RBI is extremely difficult; start practicing RBI Assistant Prelims Mock Test at least twice a week from now to be in the front row of the competition. RBI Assistant Prelims Mock Test will give you the the required self confidence to attend the real exam with ease.

RBI Assistant Preliminary Examination pattern

RBI Assistant Prelims exam pattern is as follows :

Subject Questions Marks Duration
Reasoning Ability 35 35 20 min
English Language 30 30 20 min
Numerical Ability 35 35 20 min
Total 100 100 60minutes

RBI Assistant Mains Mock Test 2023

The RBI Assistant mains mock test online is a method for assessing how well you have prepared. RBI Assistant Mains online test series has been meticulously prepared by Adda247 teams to help you polish your RBI Assistant 2023 recruitment exam preparation. Online RBI Assistant mock tests will assist you in determining your potential and the breadth of your knowledge.

RBI Assistant Mains Examination pattern

Look into the below table for the exam pattern of RBI Assistant exam.

Subject Questions Marks Duration
English Language 40 40 30 minutes
Reasoning Ability 40 40 30 minutes
Numerical Ability 40 40 30 minutes
General Awareness 40 40 25 minutes
Computer Knowledge 40 40 20 minutes
Total 200 200 2 hr 15 min

RBI Assistant Online Coaching,Video Courses, Books and Ebooks

RBI Assistant 2023 exam preparation can be done easily by referring books, ebooks, video courses by clicking on the links given below.

RBI Assistant Mock Test 2023 by Adda 247 : Key Features

The mock test offered by Adda 247 for your RBI Assistant exam 2023 highlights some features that will make you surely buy it, here are they:-

  • Latest pattern - Latest Exam Questions on the most recent syllabus updates, patterns, and exam level expectations.
  • Doubt Clearing -Complete responses to each query. Available in Hindi or English.
  • Online mock test series and free practice exams. There are full-length practice exams available here.
  • Save significant Questions so you may easily retrieve and review them later.
  • Improves accuracy -Increases accuracy rate and evaluates your performance in relation to the exam.
  • Bilingual - Depending on the format of the exam, you can practice sample tests in both Hindi and English. You can check full RBI Assistant study material from here.
  • Time management skills -

    Learn Time management skills in a real exam setting.

    • Affordability-

      Affordable test preparation for RBI Assistant exam 2023 materials based on the necessary tests and RBI Assistant online live classes for 2023 exam are also starting soon.

      • Compact study-

        Many different types of questions can be practiced in a time-constrained situation to reduce the extra time taken by the candidates. This results in more time to study many more topics in a limited amount of time. Aside from that, you can easily emphasize topics to which you previously paid less attention.

        • Revision strategies that work-

          A thorough review of the topics will result in a thorough understanding and complete clarity. This boosts the candidates' confidence and improves their overall performance.

Hope you get the all necessary info information about RBI Assistant Study Material & RBI Assistant Mock Test Series 2023. So use these study guides to boost your confidence in clearing the high RBI Assistant cutoff.

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