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Delhi Police Constable 2020 Online Test Series

Prepare and test yourself for the upcoming Delhi Police Exam with Adda247. Learn, Practise, and Check your performance with Delhi Police Mock Test. Get the best Mock test for Delhi Police exam and practice with Delhi police papers by Adda247.
Validity: 6 Months
What you will get
62 Mock Tests
Course Highlights
  • 10 Full-Length Mocks
  • Weekly Current Affairs (Sep 2019-Sep 2020)
  • In English & Hindi Medium
  • Detailed explanation
Product Description
Package Includes:
- 10 full-length mocks
- Weekly Current Affairs (Sep 2019-Sep 2020)


Salient Features:
- In English & Hindi Medium
- Accessible on Adda247 store and Adda247 Mobile App
- Detailed Solutions
- Analysis of The Attempted Tests in Detail (All India Rank, comparison with toppers, etc.)


Note: All mocks are available.

MPN: SA-E-TS-3976

Validity: 6 Months

Exams Covered
Delhi Police

What are the Delhi Police Mock Tests?

Delhi police mock tests are practice questions specifically designed to emulate the actual Delhi police paper.

Delhi police mock test is an online or offline practice examination that has questions similar to the real examination. The tests are analyzed and are timed. This allows the student to experience and practice for the final Delhi Police Constable exams. There are different types of mock tests, full-length Delhi police paper, practice sets, or previous year Delhi police question papers. 

For your best preparation, we have bundled a set of 10+ Full-length Delhi police papers in our Mock test for Delhi police which covers the entire syllabus. The Delhi police mock test is accessible via the Adda247 app or the Adda247 online portal.

While attempting the Mock test for Delhi police you would be presented with questions and exam papers closely resembling the Delhi Police Constable exam. With this, we aim to help you prepare, assess, and revise as you study. Mock tests are a great way to register information in your long term memory. Studies have shown that Learning, Recalling, and using information helps us to remember things for a longer period of time.

Adda247’s mock tests are created considering positive and negative marking. Understanding how negative marking can hamper your overall score is crucial for figuring out an efficient exam strategy to maximize your chances of cracking the Delhi Police Constable Examination 2002. Adda 247’s 2020 Delhi Police Mock Test will ensure you attempt the exam without the fear of negative marking!

Why are Delhi Police Mock Tests Important?

Almost every student who has ever attempted the Delhi Police Examination will highly recommend you to register for the Delhi Police Mock Test Series. The reason being, we all have been through examinations where we felt scared, sometimes the time ran out quickly, or maybe we chose the incorrect option in panic. To avoid all these regretful moments, one must acclimatize themselves to the test scenarios. Delhi Police Mock tests allow you to do that !, While you are studying or have completed your studies. You can attempt the Mock tests for Delhi Police which are structured in a way to test your knowledge and your time management skills. Once you have attempted the Delhi police mock test you gain confidence and understand your strong and weak points. A person who knows his/her strengths and weaknesses is calm and prepared for any exam, any question that may come forth

How can Delhi Police Mock Tests help you?

Apart from helping you prepare mentally for the examinations. Adda247’s Mock test for Delhi Police gives you a good idea of the subjects you lag or excel in. It gives you a chance to narrow down on sets of problems you find difficult to solve. Whereas, the Delhi police mock tests are backed with detailed solutions of every test you attempt. This gives you the solution and a detailed explanation of the problems you find difficult to solve.

Finally, with every mock test you attempt, you receive a detailed analysis of your results, your all India ranking, and a comparison with toppers giving you a metric to compare your results with your goals. 

Features of Delhi Police Mock tests?

  • Delhi Police Mock tests are available in Hindi and English.
  • Delhi Police Mock tests are based on previous year Delhi Police exam papers.
  • Delhi Police Mock Tests are prepared by the best faculty teaching for the Delhi Police examination.
  • Every Delhi Police Mock test comes bundled with detailed solutions.
Course Highlights
  • 10 Full-Length Mocks
  • Weekly Current Affairs (Sep 2019-Sep 2020)
  • In English & Hindi Medium
  • Detailed explanation
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