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Indian Economy E-Study Notes for UPSC & State PSC Exams | Complete English Medium eBooks By Adda247

Validity: 12 Months
What you will get
62 E-books
Course Highlights
  • 60+ Chapter-wise eBooks
  • Based on latest Exam Pattern
  • Covers the whole syllabus comprehensively
  • English Medium
Product Description

Adda247 presents the best Comprehensive Guide for UPSC Civil Services (CSE), APFC, ALC, ESIC, State PSC (UPPSC, BPSC, MPPSC, RPSC, etc.), and other Competitive Exams. This is the best solution for all the aspirants preparing for these examinations in 2022-23. The eBooks have been prepared by the experts keeping in mind the updated Syllabus, Exam Pattern and Requirements of these examinations. 


Indian Economy eBook is a one stop solution to prepare the subject comprehensively. The eBook covers the whole syllabus, as prescribed by UPSC & State PSCs. Chapter-wise distribution has been done for all the topics. The eBook contains coloured figures and diagrams to boost the understanding.


Salient Features of the Book

  • Complete Syllabus Coverage 
  • Based on latest trend & Pattern of Exam 
  • Conceptual Clarity With Detailed Approach & Examples


Wondering about the Table of Contents of the eBooks in this package? Check the indexes given below:

S. No. eBooks
1 Basic Understanding Of Economics
2 Central Problems Of Economy
3 Micro & Macro Economics
4 Types Of Economy
5 Factors Of Production
6 Sectors Of Economy
7 Structure Of Indian Economy Introduction
8 Population Part 1
9 Population Part 2
10 Unemployment Part-1
11 Unemployment Part-2
12 Skill Development
13 Self Employment & Skill Development Program
14 Poverty in India
15 Poverty
16 Planning Before Independence
17 Planning in India
18 Five Year Plans
19 Niti Aayog
20 Economic Reforms
21 Liberalization and Privatization
22 Globalization
23 Disinvestment
24 Banking and Financial Sector - Introduction
25 Banking and Financial Sector - Money
26 Types of Market - Capital Market
27 Banking and Financial Sector - Money Market
28 Commodity and Forex Market
29 Monetary Policy of RBI
30 Reserve Bank of India
31 Policy Rate and Growth
32 Banking Institution
33 Cooperative Banks
34 Bank Nationalisation
35 Non Banking Institutions
36 Priority Sector Lending
37 Non Performing Assets
38 Budget
39 Budgeting Process
40 Terminologies of Budget
41 Fiscal Policy
42 Taxation in India
43 Goods & Services Tax
44 Concept Related to Taxation
45 Introduction to External Sector
46 Exchange Rate
47 BOP Crisis
48 Foreign Trade
49 Free Trade Agreement
50 Nominal and Real GDP
51 Measurement of National Income
52 Financial Inclusion
53 Human Development
54 Inequality and its Measurement
55 Economics of Animal Rearing
56 Food Security
57 PDS
58 Food Processing Industries
59 MSMEs
60 Tourism
61 Land Reforms
62 Agricultural Production


Validity - 12 Months 

Exams Covered
State PSC
Course Highlights
  • 60+ Chapter-wise eBooks
  • Based on latest Exam Pattern
  • Covers the whole syllabus comprehensively
  • English Medium