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Indian Module Polity & Governance Online Video Courses 2020

Validity: 11 Months
What you will get
29 Video Lectures
Course Highlights
  • 25+ hours of recorded Videos
  • English Medium only
  • Comprehensive Study Material
Product Description

Module Polity & Governance Programme is aimed to prepare for the Civil Services aspirants. The classes are power packed and brain storming through practice questions based on amalgamation of static and current portion of the topics so that students can understand concepts and solves the questions easily in the examination.

Our teachers are from different backgrounds from IIT, IIM, Delhi University, JNU, Delhi School of Economics and other top institutions with vast experience of tutoring thousands of successful aspirants for Civil services examination conducted by Union Public Service Examination.


Course Highlights:

  • Study plan (Fixed Class schedule)
  • 25+ hours of recorded Videos
  • English Medium only
  • Comprehensive Study Material
  • Pre-Class Study Material
  • Post Class Study Material
  • Testing Plan
  • Weekly Class Tests
  • Subject-End Class Tests
  • Test Series
  • Doubt Clearance with Personal Mentors.
  • Hindi and English compulsory Class


Date Subject Topic  
Uploading Schedule  
Day-1 Polity & Gov-1 Introduction: Constitution, Preamble & Citizenship  
Day-2 Polity & Gov-2 Fundamental Rights - 1  
Day-3 Polity & Gov-3 Fundamental Rights - 2  
Day-4 Polity & Gov-4 Fundamental Rights - 3  
Day-5 Polity & Gov-5 Directive Principles  
Day-6 Polity & Gov-6 Fundamental Duties  
Day-7 Polity & Gov-7 Union of India - 1 Polity Test - 1
Day-8 Polity & Gov-8 Union of India - 2  
Day-9 Polity & Gov-9 States  
Day-10 Polity & Gov-10 Judiciary  
Day-11 Polity & Gov-11 Union Territories & Panchayat  
Day-12 Polity & Gov-12 Municipalities, Scheduled Areas & Tribal Areas  
Day-13 Polity & Gov-13 Centre State Relations  
Day-14 Polity & Gov-14 UPSC & Tribunals Polity Test - 2
Day-15 Polity & Gov-15 Elections & Election Commission  
Day-16 Polity & Gov-16 Emergency Provisions  
Day-17 Polity & Gov-17 Language & Special Provisions in the Constitution  
Day-18 Polity & Gov-18 Procedure in Amendment in the Constitution  
Day-19 Polity & Gov-19 Special Provision w.r.t. J&K & Other States  
Day-20 Polity & Gov-20 10th Schedule - Ani Defection Law  
Day-21 Polity & Gov-21 Salient Features of 5th & 6th Schedule Polity Test - 3
Day-22 Polity & Gov-22 Governance - 1  
Day-23 Polity & Gov-23 Governance - 2  
Day-24 Polity & Gov-24 Comparing the Constitutions of the World  
Day-24 Polity & Gov-25 NGO's, Self Help Groups & Various Pressure Groups  
Day-25 Polity & Gov-26 Transparency & Accountability - RTI & Citizens Charter  
Day-26 Polity & Gov-27 e-Governance  
Day-26 Polity & Gov-28 Role of Civil Services in Democracy Polity Test - 4
Day-27 Polity & Gov-29 Contemporary Issues related to GS-2 (Main) - 1  
Day-28 Polity & Gov-30 Contemporary Issues related to GS-2 (Main) - 2  


Subject Covered:

  • Polity & Governance



  • Stay safe and learn from the comfort of your home
  • Save time and money as there is no need to travel or stay outside your home/hometown
  • You can repeat and revise the Recorded Lecture again and again.
  • Compete with students all over country and get your rank


Examination Covered:

  • Civil Services Examination (UPSC)


About Faculty:

  • Loyala Ignitous (Polity and Governance)


Validity: 11 months

  • Learn using the industry gold standard study plans that sync your class-study, self-study and practice.
  • We share a detailed topic wise class schedule at term commencement to help you plan your 'out of classroom' study better. So that the students can revise at home what they learn and practice the same to build the required application of knowledge and analysis on the basis of the knowledge.
  • Details class schedule incorporates Class Time, Days, Date, Topics to be covered on particular date, Class Test (In blue Square) Subject End Tests ( Just after the Completion of particular Syllabus.
  • The total numbers of classes for online course are same as compare to physical class
Exams Covered
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Course Highlights
  • 25+ hours of recorded Videos
  • English Medium only
  • Comprehensive Study Material
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