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TSPSC General Studies Book kit (English Printed Edition) By Adda247

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    • Concepts covered in easy language
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    Adda247, in collaboration with Adda247, launches the Complete General Studies Books Kit includes Fundamentals of Geography, Principles of Indian Geography, Modern Indian History, Indian Polity and Indian Economy.

    All these Books aims to address the syllabus of State PCS Exam (TSPSC Group-1,2,3 & 4, APPSC & Other State Exams) | Civil Service Exam Examinations perspective. The book has been updated as per the latest examination pattern and is also suitable for all competitive examinations. The book has been prepared by experienced faculties and subject-matter experts, keeping in mind the challenges faced by the students while preparing for competitive exams.


    Books Included

    1. Fundamentals of Geography
    2. Principles of Indian Geography
    3. Modern Indian History
    4. Indian Polity
    5. Indian Economy


    Wondering about the Table of Contents of the books in this package? Check the indexes given below:

    S. No.


    English Medium


    Fundamentals of Geography

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    Principles of Indian Geography

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    Modern Indian History

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    Indian Polity

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    Indian Economy

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    Fundamentals of Geography book addresses all the major dimensions of the syllabus like:

    • Geomorphology: Origin of the Universe, The interior and structure of the earth, Tectonic Activities and Landform Development.
    • Climatology and Climate Classification: All geophysical phenomena, their reasons, occurrences and impact.
    • Biogeography: The origin of the Soils and Biomes 
    • Oceanography: Focusing on Oceanic properties (landforms, temperature, salinity) and movements (waves, tides and currents).
    • Economic and Human geography: Covered through Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Activities and all major Resources.


    Principles of Indian Geography book addresses all the major dimensions of the syllabus like:

    • Geomorphology: The geological structure of India, its various landforms and rivers.
    • Climatology: All climatic phenomena experienced in India focusing on monsoon, el-nino, cyclones etc. and their impact.
    • Biogeography: Understanding Indian Soils and India’s Natural Vegetation.
    • Resources: Focusing Mineral, Energy and water resources of India.
    • Human geography: Extensive analysis of population structure, the migration and settlement patterns, and planning of resources in India.
    • Economic geography: Comprehensively covering agriculture, manufacturing and the service sectors.


    Modern Indian History book addresses all the major dimensions of the syllabus like:

    1. British Consolidation in India: This part covers topics like the advent of Europeans in India and the British consolidation of power in India. It also discusses the various effects of colonial rule on the Indian economy and the Indian people.
    2. Socio-religious reform movements: Socio-religious reform movements in nineteenth and twentieth-century India has been discussed in a holistic manner.
    3. Formation of the Indian National Congress: This part explains the political processes that resulted in the formation of the Indian National Congress. It discusses the role of the earlier political organizations in the formation of the Indian National Congress. It also discusses the controversies surrounding the foundation of the Congress.
    4. The nationalist struggle to free India: This part is concerned with the role of the nationalist intellectuals known as the ‘Moderates’ and ‘Extremists’ in shaping the course of the nationalist movement. It covers various movements like the Swadeshi and Boycott movements during the Partition of Bengal.
    5. Gandhian Era: This part focuses on the beginning of the Gandhian phase of great mass movements. It covers various movements starting from Champaran satyagraha, Kheda, Non-cooperation Movement, along with the Khilafat Movement.
    6. Mass nationalist movements: This part covers mass movements in detail like civil disobedience and the Quit India movement.


    Indian Polity Book Important Features: -

    • Simple and Lucid language has been used to cater to all students who are new to the syllabus and those who have already given attempts.
    • Book is divided into 11 parts covering polity wholistically for both prelims and Mains; each part has 3 sections: -These 3 sections include: Idea Pages, Prelims and Mains Analysis
    • Idea Pages: covers all relevant concepts. For ex- Idea of justice in the judiciary
    • Prelims: Constitutional articles summaries in lucid language.
    • Mains: Comprehensive coverage of articles with relevant cases/examples aligned with current developments.
    • Simplified Timelines to make learning and retention easy.
    • Relevant topics such as Competition Commission of India, Law Commission of India etc have been added.
    • Detailed analysis of topics to help students with Mains preparation.
    • Previous Year Questions (Prelims and Mains) are added at the end of the chapters for students to apply their knowledge and know the trends.
    • Polity related Current Affairs for the last 2 years (2020-2022) have been seamlessly incorporated with the content.


    Indian Economy book addresses all the major dimensions of the syllabus like:

    • Microeconomics: covering exam-relevant sections, which will enable the students to understand the microeconomic activities and their determinants.
    • Macroeconomics: This section covers the concepts of money, inflation, national income etc.
    • Economic growth and development.
    • Money and Banking: Understanding the various aggregates of money, its circulation and regulation by various agencies.
    • Taxation and Public finance: Explains how the government manages the economy and its finances.
    • Financial Markets: This section deals with the money and capital markets and how money is loaned and exchanged in the economy.
    • External Sector: This section explains the interaction of the world economy with India, how the balance of payments and trade affects the economy.
    • Applied Economics: Covers Agriculture and Allied Activities, Manufacturing, Services and Infrastructure comprehensively.
    • Human Economics: This section deals with human aspects of economics like inclusive growth, poverty, unemployment, inequality etc.



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