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Addapedia Editorial Analysis: Daily News Editorial PDF, 29 June 2024

Addapedia Editorial Analysis: Daily News Editorial Analysis 29 June 2024

Addapedia Editorial Daily News , 29 June 2024: In this Addapedia Editorial Analysis, We cover Important News Editorials from Newspapers and provide you with detailed analysis. This ADDAPEDIA Editorial Analysis will help you in understanding the National and International events Current affairs and the background of a particular topic. This comprehensive News analysis will help you in Clearing CA and Interview for many exams.

Editorials usually cover a particular topic that might be National, State or any International event which is most important to acquire brief knowledge about the event. Editorials are written by Famous news analysts, Politicians, Business analysts, Civil Servants or a person who has immense knowledge in that particular field. Knowing Editorials will not only understand the geo-political relations but also how to write and describe any particular issue which helps especially in PSC, SSC and Banks Exams.

National Security Doctrine

Recently, the Chief of Defence Staff (CDS) made a comment about the formulation of a National Security Strategy (NSS).

  • An apex-level Defence Planning Committee chaired by the National Security Advisor was set up in 2018 to formulate the NSS.

What is a National Security Strategy?

  • A National Security Strategy (NSS) is a high-level document that outlines a country’s major security concerns and the overarching plan to address them. It typically:
    • Identifies key national interests and objectives
    • Assesses potential threats and challenges periodically
    • Outlines broad strategies to protect the nation and its interests
    • Provides a framework for coordinating various government agencies and policies
  • Various committees have had recommended security strategies on similar lines.
    • Subrahmanyam Committee Report (1979) – It emphasized the need for credible minimum deterrence and an integrated approach to national security.
    • Kargil Review Committee Report (2000) – It recommended comprehensive national security reforms post-Kargil conflict.
    • Naresh Chandra Task Force (2012) – It highlighted the need for a formal NSS to guide security reforms.

What are the concerns of present system that necessitates NSS?

  • Worrying status of defence planning – The new formats of the Integrated Capability Plan (10 years) and Defence Capability Acquisition Plan (5 years) are yet to stabilise.
  • The present system of reviews by the Parliamentary Standing Committee and Auditor General are sub-optimal.
  • There is lack of operational clarity and ease of decision making.
    • While theatre responses during the Doklam crisis were commendable, strategic guidance was vague and unclear.
  • The system suffers from over-centralisation.
  • There is also a larger issue of the role of the multiple institutions that are dealing with national defence.
    • National Security Council
    • Chief of Defence Staff
    • Chiefs of Staff Committee

What are the importance of developing NSS?

  • Provides a strategic direction: In today’s world, security challenges are often multifaceted. An NSS helps in developing comprehensive approaches to issues like terrorism, cybersecurity, and climate change.
  • Enhances decision-making: It provides a framework for decision-makers to assess risks and opportunities, prioritize resources, and make informed choices on security matters, especially during crisis time periods.
  • Accountability: It also introduces accountability of agencies tasked with the implementation of such security responsibilities.
  • Deterrence: A well-articulated NSS can serve as a deterrent by signaling the country’s capabilities and resolve to potential adversaries.
  • Builds consensus and national unity: By involving various stakeholders in its formulation, the NSS can help build consensus on national security priorities and foster national unity
  • Strengthens international partnerships: A clear and comprehensive NSS can help India communicate its security concerns and priorities to the international community, fostering greater understanding and cooperation.
  • Adaptability: Regular updates to the NSS allow the country to adapt its strategies to evolving global and regional dynamics.
  • Economic Stability: Security is intrinsically linked to economic stability. By ensuring a secure environment, India can attract foreign investments, boost economic growth, and enhance overall national development.

What are the major challenges in formulating a NSS?

  • Diverse and Evolving Threats: India faces traditional threats like border disputes, terrorism, and insurgency, as well as non-traditional threats like cyber attacks, climate change, and pandemics. The dynamic nature of these threats makes it difficult to predict and plan for all contingencies.
  • Bureaucratic and Institutional Hurdles: The formulation and implementation of a NSS requires coordination and cooperation between various government agencies and departments, which can be hampered by bureaucratic inertia, turf wars, and lack of information sharing
  • Political Considerations: National security decisions are often influenced by political considerations, including electoral calculations, party ideologies, and regional interests. Balancing political interests with national security imperatives can be a major challenge.
  • Evolving Global Landscape: The global security environment is constantly changing, with new alliances, rivalries, and technologies emerging. Adapting the NSS to these shifting dynamics while maintaining continuity and consistency can be a daunting task.
  • Nuclear dimension: India’s nuclear status adds another layer of complexity to its security strategy formulation.
  • Transparency vs. secrecy: Striking the right balance between public transparency and protecting sensitive information is difficult.

Can you answer this question?

The distinction between internal and external security is being blurred in cyberspace, across porous borders, and by increasing economic dependencies. In this context, analyse the need for comprehensive National Security Doctrine.


NEET/NET fiasco: Time for Technology in Exam System


The recent debacles surrounding the NEET and UGC NET exams have highlighted critical deficiencies in India’s examination system.

What are the Problems Associated with Existing India’s Examination System?

  • Most of the exams are summative assessments, encouraging cramming rather than deep learning.  Many of these exams may not adequately measure creativity, practical skills, or social abilities
  •  Such an emphasis on rote-based learning has compromised the holistic personality development envisioned in National Education Policy (NEP) 2020.
  •  The dominance of coaching institutions, that focus on exam-cracking strategies rather than holistic education, has severely undermined the school system, particularly in higher classes (11th and 12th grades).
  • Students with access to better resources or coaching may have unfair advantages perpetuating existing inequalities in society
  • One-size-fits-all approach may not suit diverse learning styles and abilities. It can disadvantage students from different educational backgrounds or regions
  • Most the exams have limited focus on practical knowledge, often disconnected from real-world applications or job market needs.
  • High-stakes nature of such competitive exams can incentivize cheating and other unethical practices. This nature can cmpromise the integrity and fairness of the assessment process

What are some of the proposals for Systematic Reforms to Prevent Malpractices and Frauds in Entrance exams of India?

  • Technological Integration into Question Paper Management
    • Online testing platforms, AI-based proctoring, and automated evaluation
    • Randomization of Question Papers by creating multiple sets of question papers with randomized order to minimize the chances of cheating.
    • Use biometric authentication for identity verification.
    • Use blockchain technology to create tamper-proof digital certificates that verify the authenticity of exam results and prevent forgery.
  • Reforming the assessment methodology: Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation
    • Introduce a system where 40% of the admission weightage is based on eight quarterly academic assessments conducted online over two years.
    • These assessments, taken within schools, would be proctored using AI-based fraud detection to ensure integrity.
    • The question banks should emphasise critical thinking, conceptual understanding, and problem-solving skills.
    • Assign another 40% weightage to social and professional aptitude, assessed through two six-week internships related to the chosen field of study
  • Regulatory Framework:
    • Strengthen anti-corruption laws with stricter penalties
    • Establish independent oversight committees
  • Whistleblower Protection:
    • Enhance legal protections for whistleblowers
    • Create secure, anonymous reporting channels
    • Offer incentives for reporting malpractices
  • Educational Reforms:
    • Incorporate ethics and integrity courses in school curricula
    • Conduct awareness programs on the consequences of fraud
    • Train professionals in fraud detection and prevention

Can you answer the following questions?

The integrity of entrance exams in India is critical for ensuring fairness and equal opportunity. Critically analyze the existing mechanisms to prevent malpractices and frauds in these exams, and suggest comprehensive reforms to strengthen their credibility and transparency.

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