KVS Syllabus 2019

Knowledge of KVS Syllabus is necessary if a candidate wants to ace the KVS 2019 exam. A detailed knowledge of KVS Syllabus and KVS Exam Pattern will help candidates to prepare judiciously for the exam. KVS Recruitment 2019 will be done to select eligible candidates for the post of PGT, TGT, PRT, Librarian etc. in one of the many Kendriya Vidyalayas across the country. KVS Online Exam is conducted by Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan every year and is considered to be one of the most reputed exam in the Teaching Domain. Let's have a look at the detailed syllabus for the different posts offered through KVS 2019 Exam.

KVS Syllabus PRT

PRT Music Syllabus

Chapters Topics
Science of Music and Studies of Shruties Vibration and frequency
pitch and its relation with Vibrator
Vocal and Instrumental ranges of sound
Qualities and musical and unmusical overtones (Swayambhu Swar)
consonance and Dissonance
Main types of chords
Reverberation and Resonance of sound
Notation system scales and study of Bio-graphics of Musicians Notation system of Bhatkhande and vishnudigambar and western Music
writing of simple songs in these notations
Western Note
various types of intervals of notes
Time signature
different Musical scales
Dia-tonic scale

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KVS Syllabus TGT

TGT Art Education Syllabus

Chapters Topics
History of Indian Art Introduction
Sculptures and Terracottas
Decoration on earthen wares
Buddishist, Jain and Hindu Art General Introduction to Art, during Mauryan, Shunga, Kushana & Gupta Period
Introduction to Ajanta
Temples Sculpture, Bronzes and Indo-Islamic Architecture Artistic aspects of Indian Temples
Study of following south Indian Bronzes
Circa 10th Century A.D

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TGT Work Experience Syllabus

Chapters Topics
Circuit Fundamentals Zero Reference Level
Chassis Ground
Ohm's Law
Formula Variations of Ohm's Law
Graphical Representation of Ohm's Law
Resistive Circuits Series Circuit
Characteristics of a Series Circuit
The Case of Zero IR Drop
Polarity of IR Drops
Total Power
Series Aiding and Series Opposing Voltages
A.C. Fundamentals Introduction
Types of Alternating Waveforms
The Basic AC Generator
Some Definitions
Characteristics of a Sine Wave
Audio and Radio Frequencies
Different Values of Sinusoidal Voltage and Current

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TGT Physical & Health Education Syllabus

Chapters Topics
Physical Education Theory Concept of Physical Education
Physiological Aspects of Physical Education
Psychological Aspects of Physical Education
Physical Fitness and Wellness
Health Education Concept and objectives of Health Education
Importance of Health Education
Principles of Health Education
Contemporary Health Problems Abuse of alcohol
tobacco and drugs and the effect of abuse on individual
family and community
Effect of alcohol
tobacco and drugs on sportsperson

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KVS Syllabus Librarian

Chapters Topics
Library as an Social Institution Social & Historical foundations of Library.
Different types of libraries- Academic, Public, Special (their distinguishing features and functions.)
Role of U.G.C. for development of Academic libraries.
Role in Library of formal and informal education.
Shivaji University, Kolhapur
Normative Principles of Lib. & Inf. Science Five Laws of Library Science.
Implications of five laws in Lib. & Inf. Science
Development of Libraries with special reference to India, Baroda Public Library system
Laws relating to Libraries & Inforamion Library legislation need and essential features.
Library legislation in India.
Maharashtra Public Library Act.
Press and registration act & Delivery of Books act (Public Library)

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