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CUET Online Coaching Classes 2025 for UG Courses

Adda247 offers the best CUET UG Online Coaching for India at the most affordable price in Hindi and English. Our Online Coaching for CUET UG 2025 for the Science Kit Batch, Commerce Kit batch, and Arts Kit batch benefits include Enjoy Quality Classes, 24/7 Access to Class Recordings, Expert Tips and Guidelines, Live Doubt Resolution, 130 tests series and more on the Adda247 App and Website. Enroll now for the CUET UG 2025 Exam.

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About CUET Online Coaching 2025 for UG Courses

CUET Online Coaching 2025 has a huge impact on how well a candidate scores in the national-level entrance exam. Consistent study, as well as experienced coaching and teaching, are necessary to pass the CUET examination with distinction. CUET Coaching 2025 allows CUET aspirants to receive regular revisions and professional advice from subject matter specialists. Adda247 is one of India's leading providers of the best CUET online coaching 2025. Our programme guarantees that you will receive the great coaching and mentorship that is required to join your desired university. We also produced a high-quality CUET Mock Test 2025 to help you track your progress. Candidates should also look into CUET Books and CUET eBooks.

Best CUET Online Coaching in India

Candidates have a better chance of passing the exam if they seek guidance from experienced teachers of the best online coaching for CUET 2025. You can confidently pursue your ambitions of admission to prominent institutions and colleges across India with Adda247's Best CUET Online Coaching 2025, rich resources, and ease of online learning. Our online CUET coaching program provides a study schedule and learning rate flexibility. Our online platform provides you with extensive study materials such as video lectures, practice questions, and sample examinations based on the CUET syllabus 2025. Join our top online CUET UG coaching 2025 to maximize your chances of passing the exam.

CUET 2025 Live Classes Study Kit - Free

We recognize the importance of the CUET 2025 exam in influencing your academic career, and our coaching program is designed to assist you in achieving selection. You can get some demo classes from our CUET Online Coaching 2025 Free, which will help you see the quality of knowledge we provide in our classes. With our minimum CUET online coaching Fees, you may get high-quality education and advice from the comfort of your own home. Our outstanding CUET Live Classes 2025 program offers you access to premium resources, professional assistance, and personalized support to help you succeed in your CUET journey.

Features of CUET Online Coaching

Adda247 offers the best CUET online Coaching classes for CUET 2025 aspirants, which is critical to ensure effective and comprehensive preparation. Our dedication to providing the best CUET classes is evident in our well-planned curriculum, experienced teachers, and remarkable track record of accomplishment. Some of the significant CUET Online Coaching 2025 features are listed here.

  1. High-Quality CUET Study Material: Our CUET online coaching programme includes comprehensive study material that covers the main concepts and ideas of the exam. The study material is carefully designed to provide in-depth explanations, practice problems, and solved examples to reinforce your learning and boost your confidence.
  2. Live Interactive Classes: scheduled live lectures designed to provide you with a personalized learning experience featuring chances to engage in interaction between candidates and professors. Live lectures are also recorded so that you can review them later if you happen to miss something.
  3. Abstractionist Methodology: We emphasize theoretical learning to assist students in developing the critical thinking skills required to grasp all of the major features, such as conceptual intelligibility and question practice, with speed and precision. The objective is to get you ready for any worst kind of situation in the exam hall.
  4. Expert Faculty: We have a team of highly qualified faculty members who are specialists in their professions. They offer experienced advice, excellent exam techniques, and important tips and tactics to help you effortlessly pass the CUET.
  5. CUET Mock exam sessions: You should practice as many mock and previous year papers as feasible to pass the exam. Furthermore, each year, a group of repeated questions from the previous year's papers will be asked in the exam, making it easy to get marks.
  6. Personalized Tackling Issues / Doubt Clearing classes: Our faculty members are committed to resolving your questions and concerns as soon as possible. We provide personalized doubt resolution via live doubt-clearing sessions, discussion forums, and one-on-one conversations, ensuring that all of your problems are successfully addressed.
  7. Exam-oriented Practice Questions: To familiarize you with the CUET exam pattern and improve your problem-solving skills, we give a wide range of practice questions, including previous years' exams and sample papers. These practice questions have been carefully selected to correspond with the CUET syllabus and increase your confidence.
  8. Routine Evaluations: We conduct routine evaluations and mock examinations that closely mimic the CUET exam design. These exams enable you to track your progress, discover your abilities and shortcomings, and fine-tune your performance.
  9. Accessibility and ease of use: Our CUET online coaching programme allows you to learn at your own pace. You can access recorded lectures, study materials, and practice tools 24 hours a day, seven days a week, allowing you to organize your study schedule around your preferences and obligations.

Benefits of CUET Online Live Classes Study Kit 

Aspirants can benefit from CUET Online Coaching 2025 in a variety of ways.

  1. Online classes & Materials: At Adda247, Live classes, mock tests, sample papers, and previous years' question papers are all available in one place, reducing time spent searching for materials.
  2. Advantages on Cost and Time: Applicants can skip the trouble of traveling to coaching facilities and save money by accessing our CUET Online Coaching 2025.
  3. Accessibility and easy access: Candidates have 24/7 access to study materials, allowing them to attend classes at their leisure and design their study schedule.
  4. Doubt Clearance: Experienced teachers are available on all social media to answer students' questions.
  5. Recorded Lectures: Missed live lectures can be viewed via recordings, ensuring students do not miss crucial topics.
  6. Queries Solution: Educators are available via social media channels to answer questions and provide explanations as soon as possible.
  7. Specialist Support: Throughout the preparation phase, experienced teaching staff provide advice and encouragement.
  8. Flexibility of classes: Since attendance in person in classes is not required, candidates are free to study at their own pace and on their schedules.
  9. Mentorship: Experts provide a complete study of how to crack CUET 2025 through the web medium, assisting candidates in identifying strengths and weaknesses for targeted preparation.

CUET Exam Details 2025

If one chooses to study on their own, they could miss out on current and first-hand information. As a result, CUET Online tutoring is occasionally required. It is also important where the CUET Online Coaching 2025 is obtained, as this determines the ultimate examination rank. All applicants in India can benefit from CUET's single platform and equal opportunity. Let us first define the CUET exam.

  • The National Testing Agency will administer the CUET 2025 exam online from May 15 to May 31, 2025.
  • Candidates have to be ready to access the CUET 2025 application forms, which are expected to be provided by NTA in February 2025, via the official CUET 2025 website -
  • The Common University Entrance Test (CUET) is a national-level entrance exam. The NTA administers this entrance exam for admission to UG courses at all of India's central institutions and other participating universities.
  • CUET UG is offered in 13 media in over 300 places throughout India.
  • Students who have passed the class 12th/equivalent test or are scheduled to take it in 2025, regardless of their age, are eligible to take the CUET 2025 exam.
  • The CUET is administered online. The length of the CUET exam is determined by the subjects selected by the candidate.

CUET UG Exam Highlights 2025

Before we are shipped into the CUET Online Coaching 2025 For UG features, let's talk about the CUET exam pattern 2025.

  • The CUET entrance exam 2025 will be held in three sessions.
  • The CUET 2025 is made up of one language test, two domain-specific papers, and the general exam. contains 4 domain-specific subjects and option language subjects.
  • The first slot is 120 minutes or 2 hours long, while the second slot is also 2 hours long. The CUET UG exam for the third slot lasts 180 minutes.
  • If none of the options are accurate, a question is incorrect, or a question is dropped, all candidates who attempted the dropped question will be awarded five CUET Total marks. explore more details below.
  • explore more details below.
CUET 2025 Exam Pattern
Exam ModeOnline (Computer Based Test)
Maximum Number of Tests10 Tests
Number of Sections4 Sections (Sections IA, IB, II, and III)
Number of questions

Section IA & IB- 40 (out of 50 questions to be answered)

Section II – 40 (out of 50 questions to be answered)

Section III – 50 (out of 60 questions to be answered)

Total marks of CUET exam800 marks
Marking Scheme

+5 for each correct response

-1 for each wrong answer

Exam Duration

Slot I - 8:30 am to 10.30 am

Slot II - 12 pm to 2 pm

Slot III - 3:30 pm to 6:30 pm

Medium of Language13 Languages (Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, Odia, Bengali, Assamese, Punjabi, Marathi, Gujarati, English, Hindi and Urdu)
CUET Exam Pattern 2025
SectionsSubjects/ TestsNo. of QuestionsTo be AttemptedDuration
Section IA13 Languages5040 in each language45 minutes for each language
Section IB20 Languages
Section II27 Domain-specific Subjects45/5035/4045 minutes for each subject
Section IIIGeneral Test605060 minutes

CUET Online Coaching Classes 2025 Science

Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Biological Sciences, Biotechnology, and Biochemistry, practices in Computer Science/Informatics, Environmental Studies, and Engineering Graphics are the subjects available to science students for the CUET exam. In the CUET exam, a science stream student can select up to ten subjects from all three areas. Our CUET online coaching Classes 2025 Science covers the whole CUET Science syllabus, as well as expert assistance and important exam tactics in Hindi. The coaching programme is led by experienced faculty members who are highly skilled in science subjects and understand the CUET exam requirements.

CUET Online Coaching 2025 for Commerce 

Adda247 Online Live Coaching is an excellent platform for finding the most extraordinary CUET Online Coaching for Commerce sessions and other entrance exam study materials. It is regarded as one of the most popular CUET online study websites for the CUET exam 2025. We are committed to providing the most excellent CUET online instruction and a fantastic exam series based on current trends and high-quality questions. It is infuriating to have exam-level study resources, which we are well known for delivering. Our faculty comprises exceptionally competent professionals who are pioneers in their domains.

CUET Online Classes 2025 Humanities/Arts

With over 30 disciplines in the CUET exam, Arts/Humanities aspirants need clarification about which subject to take to gain admission to a specific Course or University. Students in the CUET Humanities/Arts programme have a choice of 33 languages and can take exams in any of them. If you are passionate about pursuing a career in the arts, enrolling in CUET Online Coaching 2025 Humanities/ Arts will significantly impact how well you perform on the admissions test. You should have no issue passing CUET with excellent marks if you use the expert teachers here. Many students are inclined to study individually because they are unaware of the benefits of CUET online coaching 2025 by Adda247.

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