AFSB Process 2019

AFCAT Result 2019 has been announced and we hope that the selected students might have chosen their AFSB Venue & Dates. AFCAT SSB or AFSB is a 5 day process that will be conducted at one of the 5 centres namely:

Let's have a look at the details AFSB Process for AFCAT 1 2019 Exam

AFSB Procedure: 5 Days At a Glance

AFSB Process is conducted over a period of 5 days. candidates who successfully clear AFCAT CBT Exam are called for this process. Let's have a look at the day wise event for AFSB Process.

Days Activities
Day 1 Reporting, Form Submission, Screening Round: OIR, PPDT, Psychological Test(for some candidates)
Day 2 PABT & Psychological Test (for remaining candidates)
Day 3 Interview & GTO
Day 4 Interview & GTO
Day 5 Interview & GTO | Conference

Day 1:

A most important day for all Air Force Aspirants. This is the screening day and on this day OIR Test & PPDT is conducted. All Aspirants are asked to report at 6:45 AM to 7:00 AM in the morning at the railway station from where they will be escorted to the AFSB centre by one of the IAF bus and will be welcomed at the centre by a senior officer and briefed about the rules and regulations to be followed during the coming 5 days.

Following the briefing, paper works are conducted where you have to fill out a form post which OIR & PPDT Test will be conducted. Based on the strength, the results are announced by afternoon and the selected candidates goes to the testing room again for the document verification. The candidates remaining are deemed as screened out and are dropped back to Railway Station.

The Documents are checked immediately and if there is any discrepancy found in the Document or if a candidate is unable to present any of the required document, his/her candidature is immediately cancelled and they are sent back to Railway Station the very same day. The selected students are then sent for psychological test which might continue to 4-5 hours.

Day 2:

This Day will constitute of two tests: PABT & Psychological Test for the candidates whose test was not conducted the previous day. The PABT test starts generally at 12:00 Noon. The PABT or Pilot Aptitude & Battery Test is a unique test and is aimed at assessing and testing candidate's aptitude to be trained as a Pilot. Candidates who fail the PABT Test are thereby debarred from taking AFCAT Exam ever again. PABT test constitutes of the following three tests:

  • Instrument Battery Test (INSB): It is a Pen & Pencil Based Test through which the ability of an individual to read and interpret the dials of an instrument panel of an aircraft is assessed. Some of the aircraft meters included in this tests are: Compass meter, Climbing or diving meter, Horizon detector & Altimeter. After getting the knowledge on these meters, candidates have to give a test on the same.
  • Sensory Motor Apparatus Test (SMA): This is a Machine Based Test. In this test, you will find two rectangles (one small & one big) on your screen and dots will appear on upper part of your screen that has to be adjusted in this small rectangle. Another beep killing has to be executed by pressing jockey button. Another process is to put off yellow and red light simultaneously by left hand lever. The score will be counted only for the circles that are adjusted in small rectangle.
  • Control Velocity Test (CVT): This is a Machine Based Test to test how precisely you control velocity. This has to be done by superimposing a small dot on free falling yellow dots coming from upper part of the screen with the help of a jockey. To obtain high score in this test, you should touch this blue line to randomly coming yellow balls.

Day 3, 4 & 5

There is no fixed schedule for these three days. GTO Tasks & Iinterview Rounds are conducted in these three days. Generally, all candidates get atleast one free day during the entire AFSB Process. GTO tasks include 9 activities: Group Discussion, Military Planning Exercise, Progressive Group Task, Snake Race, Lecturette, Half Group Task, Individual obstacles, Command Task and Final Group Task. The Interview Process lasts for 30 to 60 minutes wherein candidates are asked questions based on their academics, co-curricular activities & your experience.

Final Day

Generally the AFSB Process ends with a Conference Day. This is the day when all your mentors who have conducted & guided you through the 5 days will be present as the Results are to be announced on this day. The selected students are asked to stay to complete the further formalities and the rest are asked to leave.

Documents to Carry for AFSB Process

Listed below are the documents a candidate must carry to the SSB Centre. Create a check list and remember to carry all these documents positively.

Note: Provisional Certificate issued by college principal is not acceptable. However, Provisional Degree Certificate issued by University is acceptable. In case of final year/ semester students, a certificate from College Principal clearly mentioning the following aspects annotated with proper stamp and seal of the Institution is required: Name of College, Name of University, Discipline of Graduation/ Post Graduation, Aggregate Percentage, Date of Declaration of Final Result

Items to be carried for AFSB

Along with the above mentioned documents, candidates must also have the required set of clothing and other accessories to equip them for the AFSB process. Let's have a look at the same.


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