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TNPSC Indian National Movement (INM) Free Notes- Simon Commission

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Simon Commission

 The Government of India Act, 1919 had a provision that a commission would be
appointed ten years from date to study the progress of the governance scheme and
suggest new steps
 The Lee Commission went into the Raj’s failure to recruit enough British officers
 The Mudiman Commission looked into the deadlock within the diarchic dispensation
 The Linlithgow Commission inquired into the crisis of Indian agriculture. So the British
government thought it necessary to go more fully into the working of the 1919 Act.
 8 November 1927 – The British Government announced the appointment of
 An all-white, seven-member Indian Statutory Commission, popularly known as the
Simon Commission.
 Sir John Simon – Chairman of Simon Commission
 Stanley Baldwin’s – British Prime minister during appointment of Simon Commission.
 Lord Birkenhead – The Conservative Secretary of State for India, who had constantly
talked of the inability of Indians to formulate a concrete scheme of constitutional
reform was responsible for the appointment of the Simon Commission.
 The Simon Commission’s Report became the basis for enacting the Government of India
Act of 1935.
Congress & Other groups decision about Simon Commission
 1927 – Madras INC session- President M.A. Ansari

 In this, Congress decided to boycott the commission, because the commission had only
whitemen as members and it was an insult to Indians.
 1927- The Muslim league had two sessions – one under Jinnah at Calcutta where it was
decided to oppose the Simon Commission, and another at Lahore under Muhammad
Shafi, who decided to supported the government.
 The Unionists in Punjab and the Justice Party in the south, decided not to boycott the
Simon Boycott
 February 3, 1928 – Simon commission landed in Bombay.
 People response was black flag demonstrations, hartals and slogans of ‘Simon Go back,
wherever the commission went.
 Jawaharlal Nehru and G.B. Pant were beaten up in Lucknow
 30 October 1928 – Anti-Simon Commission protest at Lahore under the leadership of
Lala Lajpat Rai. Lala Lajpat Rai was seriously injured in the police lathi charge and he
passed away died on November 17, 1928.
 Anti-Simon Commission protest at Madras under the leadership Satyamurthi was held.
Simon Commission Recommendation
 May 1930 – The Simon Commission published a two-volume report.
 It proposed the abolition of dyarchy and the establishment of representative
government in the provinces which should be given autonomy.
 The number of members of provincial legislative council should be increased.
 The report rejected parliamentary responsibility at the centre.
 The governor-general was to have complete power to appoint the members of the
 It said that the governor should have discretionary power in relation to internal security
and administrative powers to protect the different communities.
 Government of India would have complete control over the high court.
 Also recommended, separate communal electorates be retained
 There was to be no universal franchise.
 It accepted the idea of federalism but not in the near future.
 It suggested that the North-West Frontier Province and Baluchistan should get local
legislatures, and should have the right to be represented at the centre.
 It recommended that Sindh should be separated from Bombay, and Burma should be
separated from India because it was not a natural part of the Indian subcontinent.

 8 November 1927 – Appointment of Simon Commission
 1927 – Madras INC session- President M.A. Ansari
 February 3, 1928 – Simon commission landed in Bombay
 30 October 1928 – Anti-Simon Commission protest – Lahore – Lala Lajpat Rai
 17 November, 1928 – Lala Lajpat Rai died
 18 February, 1929 – Anti-Simon Commission protest at Madras – Satyamurthi
 1930 – Simon report


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