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TNPSC Indian National Movement (INM) Free Notes -First Round Table Conference and Gandhi Irwin Pact

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First Round Table Conference and Gandhi Irwin Pact

 The Simon Commission had submitted the report to the government.
 The Congress, Muslim league and Hindu Mahasabha had boycotted it.
 The British regime went ahead with the consideration of the report. But in the absence
of consultations with Indian leaders it would have been useless.
 The Viceroy of India, Lord Irwin, and the Prime Minister of Britain, Ramsay MacDonald,
agreed that a round table conference should be held, as the recommendations of the
Simon Commission report were clearly inadequate.
 But the Congress decided to boycott it, on the issue of granting independence. Everyone
knew, more so the government, that it would be an exercise in futility if the Congress
did not participate.

First Round Table Conference
 Between November 12, 1930 and January, 1931 – It was held in London.
 November 12, 1930 – It was officially started by King George VI.
 Ramsay MacDonald – Chairman of First Round Table Conference.
 This was the first conference arranged between the British and the Indians as equals.
 The Congress and some prominent business leaders refused to attend, but many other
groups of Indians were represented at the conference.
 The Government of India was represented by Narendra Nath Law, Bhupendra Nath
Mitra, C.P. Ramaswami Iyer and M. Ramachandra Rao.
 It was generally agreed that India was to develop into a federation, there were to be
safeguards regarding defence and finance, while other departments were to be
 But little was done to implement these recommendations and civil disobedience
continued in India.
 The British government realised that the participation of the Indian National Congress
was necessary in any discussion on the future of constitutional government in India
Gandhi Irwin Pact
 January 25, 1931, Gandhi and all other members of the Congress Working Committee
(CWC) were released unconditionally.
 The Congress Working Committee (CWC) authorised Gandhi to initiate discussions with
the viceroy.
 February 14, 1931 – Gandhi and Irwin met
 The viceroy and Gandhi representing the British Indian Government and Indian people
respectively in Delhi had discussion. .
 March 5, 1931- Gandhi-Irwin pact was signed.
 This Delhi Pact, also known as the Gandhi-Irwin Pact, placed the Congress on an equal
footing with the government
Features of Gandhi Irwin Pact
 Immediate release of all political prisoners not convicted of violence
 Remission of all fines not yet collected
 Return of all lands not yet sold to third parties
 Right to make salt in coastal villages for personal consumption

 Right to peaceful and non-aggressive picketing
 Withdrawal of emergency ordinances.
The viceroy turned down two of Gandhi’s demands
 Public inquiry into police excesses, and
 Commutation of Bhagat Singh and his Comrades death sentence to life sentence.
Gandhi on behalf of the Congress agreed
 To suspend the civil disobedience movement, and
 To participate in the next Round Table Conference on the constitutional question
around the three lynch-pins of federation, Indian responsibility, and reservations and
safeguards that may be necessary in India’s interests (covering such areas as defence,
external affairs, position of minorities, financial credit of India and discharge of other
 November 12, 1930 and January 19, 1931 – First Round Table Conference held in
 November 12, 1930 – It was officially started by King George V
 February 14, 1931 – Gandhi and Irwin met
 March 5, 1931 – Gandhi – Irwin pact signed


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