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TNPSC Free Notes Chemistry – Symbols of elements

இந்தக் கட்டுரையில், TNPSC குரூப் 1, குரூப் 2, குரூப் 2A, குரூப் 4 மாநிலப் போட்டித் தேர்வுகளான TNUSRB, TRB, TET, TNEB போன்றவற்றுக்கான  முறைகள் இலவசக் குறிப்புகளைப் பெறுவீர்கள்.தேர்வுக்கு தயாராவோர் இங்குள்ள பாடக்குறிப்புகளை படித்து பயன்பெற வாழ்த்துகிறோம்.

Symbols of elements

Greek Symbols
The symbols in the form of geometrical shapes were used by the ancient Greeks to represent
the four basic elements around us such as earth, air, fire and water.

Alchemist Symbols
In the days of alchemists, different materials that people used were represented by different
symbols while they tried to change less valuable metal into gold. That process was called
alchemy and the men who did this work were known as alchemists.

Dalton Symbols
In 1808, John Dalton, English scientist tried to name various elements based on pictorial
symbols. Those symbols are difficult to draw and hence they are not used. It is only of historical

Berzelius Symbols
In 1813, Jon Jakob Berzelius devised a system using letters of alphabet rather than signs. The
modified version of Berzelius system follows under the heading ‘System for Determining
Symbols of the Elements’.
Present system for determining symbols of the elements
The symbols of the most common elements, mainly non-metals, use the first letter of their
English name.

If two elements have same first letter, then the first and second letters of the name are used as
symbols. The first letter is in uppercase and the second letter is in lowercase

If the first two letters of the names of the elements are same, then the symbol consists of first
letter and second or third letter of English name that they do not have in common.

Some symbols are used on the basis of their Greek name or Latin name of the elements. There
are eleven such elements.

Some elements are named using the name of the country / scientist / colour / mythological
character / planet.


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