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TNPSC Free Notes Chemistry – Classification of Compounds

இந்தக் கட்டுரையில், TNPSC குரூப் 1, குரூப் 2, குரூப் 2A, குரூப் 4 மாநிலப் போட்டித் தேர்வுகளான TNUSRB, TRB, TET, TNEB போன்றவற்றுக்கான  முறைகள் இலவசக் குறிப்புகளைப் பெறுவீர்கள்.தேர்வுக்கு தயாராவோர் இங்குள்ள பாடக்குறிப்புகளை படித்து பயன்பெற வாழ்த்துகிறோம்.

                   Classification of Compounds

Inorganic Compound
 Obtained from non living sources
 Example: NaCl (sodium chloride)
Organic Compound
 Obtained from living sources
 Example: C 6 H 12 O 6 ( Glucose)
 A substance that is made by mixing other substances together
 Example: salt water, sand water, petroleum

Classification of Mixtures
Mixtures can be classified into two main categories:

Homogeneous mixtures

 A mixture having a uniform compostion
 Particles size – less than one nano meter.
 Example: All solutions (sugar solution, salt solution, soda water) and alloys
Heterogeneous mixtures
 A mixtures lacking a uniform composition
 Size of a particle – 1 nm to 1 micro meter
 Can identify the components easily
 Example: sand and soil, sulfur and iron, oil and water

Methods of separating mixtures
 Solid state change directly to vapour state
 Using to separate solid –solid mixture
 Example: Dry ice (frozen co 2 ), camphor, naphthalene
 Process of removing insoluble solids from liquid using filter paper.
 It separates solid – liquid
 Example: chalk water and sand water
 Process of separating solid that dissolved in water
 It separates dissolved solid –liquid
 Example: common salt water
 Purifying a liquid by a process of heating and cooling
 Separating a solid –liquid
 Example: pure water from salt water
Fractional distillation
 Separating two or more miscible liquid
 Example: petroleum


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