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Daily English Vocabulary with Meaning – 16 May 2023

Daily English Vocabulary

For bank exam aspirants and other competitive exam aspirants, the Hindu Editorial Vocabulary is beneficial. You will improve your vocabulary by learning new words, general knowledge, and comprehensive skills by reading the Hindu Editorial articles.

For any competitive exam, such as IBPS, SBI, RBI LIC, SSC, Railways, UPSC, PCS Exams, Teaching exams, etc, you should read editorial articles and practice your vocabulary with The English Editorial Vocabulary.

Daily English Vocabulary with Meaning

Missive (noun): கடிதம்
a letter, especially a long or official one.

Prohibit (vrb): தடை
formally forbid (something) by law, rule, or other authority

Wield (vrb): பிரயோகி
hold and use (a weapon or tool)

Bureaucrat (noun); அதிகாரத்துவவாதி
an official in a government department, in particular one perceived as being concerned with procedural correctness at the expense of people’s needs

Depute (vrb): பிரதிநிதி
appoint or instruct (someone) to perform a task for which one is responsible

Contrary (adj): மாறாக
opposite in nature, direction, or meaning

Provision (noun): ஏற்பாடு
the action of providing or supplying something for use

Flashpoint (noun): a place, event, or time at which trouble, such as violence or anger, flares up

Claim (vrb): உரிமைகோரவும்
state or assert that something is the case, typically without providing evidence or proof

Latter (adj): பிந்தையது
situated or occurring nearer to the end of something than to the beginning.

Unconstitutionally (adj): அரசியலமைப்பிற்கு முரணானது
not in accordance with the political constitution or with procedural rules

Quote (vrb): மேற்கோள்
repeat or copy out (a group of words from a text or speech), typically with an indication that one is not the original author or speaker

Sub-rule (noun): துணை விதி
a rule within another rule

Appropriate (adj): பொருத்தமானது
suitable or proper in the circumstances

Violation (noun): மீறல்
the action of violating someone or something

Directive (noun): உத்தரவு
an official or authoritative instruction

Indicate (vrb): குறிக்கவும்
point out; show

Tussle (noun): சண்டை
a vigorous struggle or scuffle, typically in order to obtain or achieve something

Amendment (noun): திருத்தம்
a minor change or addition designed to improve a text, piece of legislation, etc.

Intact (adj): அப்படியே
not damaged or impaired in any way; complete

Execute (vrb): செயல்படுத்த
carry out or put into effect (a plan, order, or course of action)

Apex (noun): உச்சம்
the top or highest part of something, especially one forming a point




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