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Daily English Vocabulary with Meaning – 12 May 2023

Daily English Vocabulary

For bank exam aspirants and other competitive exam aspirants, the Hindu Editorial Vocabulary is beneficial. You will improve your vocabulary by learning new words, general knowledge, and comprehensive skills by reading the Hindu Editorial articles.

For any competitive exam, such as IBPS, SBI, RBI LIC, SSC, Railways, UPSC, PCS Exams, Teaching exams, etc, you should read editorial articles and practice your vocabulary with The English Editorial Vocabulary.

Daily English Vocabulary with Meaning

Phase (noun): கட்டம்
a distinct period or stage in a series of events or a process of change or development

Regime (noun): ஆட்சி
a government, especially an authoritarian one

Establish (verb): நிறுவு
set up (an organization, system, or set of rules) on a firm or permanent basis

Hub (noun): மையம்
the central part of a wheel, rotating on or with the axle, and from which the spokes radiate

Infamous (adj): இழிவானது
well known for some bad quality or deed

Curfew (noun): ஊரடங்கு உத்தரவு
a regulation requiring people to remain indoors between specified hours, typically at night

Rapid (adj): விரைவு
happening in a short time or at a fast pace

Inaugurate (verb): துவக்கி வைக்கவும்
begin or introduce (a system, policy, or period)

Enhance (verb): மேம்படுத்து
intensify, increase, or further improve the quality, value, or extent of

Betterment (noun): முன்னேற்றம்
the act or process of improving something

Destitute (adj): ஆதரவற்ற
without the basic necessities of life

Urge (verb): வற்புறுத்தவும்
try earnestly or persistently to persuade (someone) to do something

Divert (verb): திசை திருப்பவும்
cause (someone or something) to change course or turn from one direction to another

Massive (adj): பெருத்த
large and heavy or solid


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