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Will NEET UG 2024 be Postponed Due to Election?

One of the most asked questions regarding the NEET exam every year is will neet ug 2024 postponed? Due to past year trends, this question has become pretty common every year. Students are always in confusion regarding the news of the postponement of the NEET exam. It is because, for the past few years, the NEET exam has undergone many postponements due to different reasons. This always creates a sense of fear and chaos among NEET aspirants about whether the NEET exam will be postponed or not. After the announcement of the official dates. Students should not panic, as we are here for you. We will provide you with all the latest details regarding the NEET exam date. In this article, we will also clear the air regarding the question of will neet ug 2024 postponed by the NTA.

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NEET UG 2024 Postponed

After the announcement of the official exam date for NEET UG 2024, Internet is now flooded with questions regarding the postponement of the NEET 2024 exam. Every NEET aspirant is concerned whether neet ug 2024 postponed or not. They are rightly concerned so because in the previous few years, NEET UG exam has been surrounded by different controversies that led to its postponement. The recent pandemic, age controversy and the number of attempts limit confusion are some of the examples that led to immense confusion among aspirants. This article will address all these concerns of students so that student have a clarity on the exam date and can prepare accordingly.

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Will NEET UG 2024 be Postponed Due to Board Exams

After careful consideration of several factors, the NEET 2024 exam date has been chosen as the 5th of May 2024 by the NTA. The news that CBSE will now conduct board exams twice in an year. This sent chills and created chaos among students. CBSE is soon expected to release the board exam schedule. It is likely that they will consider the dates of all other competitive exams and avoid any clash with those dates. Also, the board exams for almost all the Indian education boards get over by the month of April. So, there will not be any board exam in the month of May. So, it is not probable that the NEET UG will be postponed due to the board exam.

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Will NEET UG 2024 be Postponed Due to Age Limit Issue

In the past, there have been too many notices and changes regarding the age limit issue. The age limit for the general category candidates was fixed at 25 which was later withdrawn. It resulted in too many rumors and misinformation. The issue went to the Supreme Court and due to the date adjournment issues, it seemed that the NEET exam will be postponed in the past. But now, the NTA has clearly issued a notice that NEET will not longer apply the rule of upper age limit. Any student of any age group (subject to minimum age of 18 years) can apply for the NEET exam. So, the NEET 2024 postponement due to the upper age limit does not stand a chance.

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Will NEET UG 2024 be Postponed Due to Election

India is heading towards its general elections in 2024. It is expected that the elections to elect the Member of Parliaments (MPs) will be held in the month of May. So, it is obvious to consider that the NEET date will clash with the Lok Sabha elections. But one must consider the point that the NTA comprises of many high level government officials that have access in the Election Commission of India (ECI). They must have finalized the date of NEET UG by carefully considering the election point. So, it is less likely that the election date will clash with the NEET 2024 exam dates.


Will NEET 2024 be Postponed Due to Number of Attempts Limit Issue

Apart from the Upper age limit controversy, the another issue that embroiled the NEET exam was the introduction of the number of attempts limit in NEET exam. The introduction of a higher age limit by CBSE, along with an unannounced cap on the number of NEET exam attempts, caused a significant controversy during NEET 2017. The guideline states that unreserved candidates under the age of 25 may take the NEET, with a maximum of three attempts allowed. This rule was annulled by the Supreme Court in 2017, then it was reintroduced with a clause in NEET 2018. Previously, the NEET attempt restriction was eliminated after being limited to three times. NEET exams might now be taken as many times as permitted.

But now, the issue of the number of attempts for NEET has been completely resolved now. There is no cap on the number of NEET exam attempts, according to the National Testing Agency (NTA), the body that oversees the exams. This aligns with the official NEET website’s declaration that “there is no cap for the number of attempts.” So, this issue will not create the postponement of the NEET 2024 exam.

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Will NEET 2024 be Postponed Due to Conflict with the States

The introduction of a common nationalized medical entrance exam created an uproar in certain states like Tamil Nadu. The state feared that their students will be alienated due to different curriculum and exam pattern. This led to a rift between the center and some states. It created a panic and raised the question whether the concept of a  pan India single medical entrance exam will be successful or not. Students and parents from many states demonstrated to rollback the single exam concept of NEET. To resolve this issue, the NTA introduced 13 different languages in which the examination can be taken, helping state students to stand at a common ground. Due to the measures adopted by the NTA, this issue has also waned and will not create any date postponement for the NEET 2024 Exam.

Is Neet ug 2024 postponed or Not

It doesn’t appear to matter if NEET 2024 will be delayed at this point. The NEET 2024 is not likely to be rescheduled. Nonetheless, candidates are encouraged to maintain a resilient approach to their preparation, check official updates frequently, and be watchful. Despite the uncertainty, applicants will be better equipped to handle any changes in the NEET 2024 schedule if they take a proactive and informed approach.

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When will the NEET UG 2024 exam be held?

NEET UG exam for the year 2024 will be held on 5th May 2024 (Sunday).

Who administers the NEET exam?

The NEET exam is administered by the National Testing Agency (NTA).

How many seats are available for the MBBS program through the NEET exam?

As per the previous year data, there are 109048 MBBS seats in 707 medical colleges that are offered through the NEET UG exam.

How will students know about the postponement of the NEET exam?

Students can know about whether NEET 2024 has been postponed or not on this page or by visiting the official website of the NTA.

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