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CUET Commerce Topic-Wise Online Test Series By Adda247

Validity: 6 Months
What you will get
57 Test Series
Course Highlights
  • 57 Mocks with 100% Detailed Solutions
  • Based on Latest Pattern
  • English Medium
Product Description

Adda247 offers  CUET Commerce Topic-Wise Test which is designed and conducted in the same way as of the actual examination. It helps the students analyze their strengths and weaknesses so that the same can be worked upon before the actual examination.

These Comprehensive Test Series will examine the knowledge of the aspirants and prepare them to develop the right attitude for them through a wide variety of Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ’s) over the course of the Test Series. These test series, through practice, help the aspirants reduce the rate of errors committed during the  CUET Commerce Domain Examination.

CUET 2023

  • Topic-wise 57 Mocks

Get Detailed Solutions for all the Tests.
Compete with PAN-INDIA aspirants in the exam-like environment.
Get Complete Analysis with All India Rank, Percentile, Time Spent, Topper’s Comparison & Section-wise detail report.

Test Structure :

Exam Name Subject Covered Questions Correct In-Correct Total Marks Time
CUET Accounts 25 5 -1 125 20
CUET Business Studies 25 5 -1 125 20
CUET Economics 25 5 -1 125 20
CUET Math 25 5 -1 125 20


Silent Features:

  • Accessible on Adda247 store and Adda247 Mobile App.
  • Available in English Medium.
  • Detailed Solutions.
  • Analysis of The Attempted Tests in Detail (All India Rank, comparison with toppers, etc.)

Validity -  6 Months

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S. No. Accounts Business Studies Economics Maths
Topic Test 01 22-Mar-2023 22-Mar-2023 22-Mar-2023 22-Mar-2023
Topic Test 02 24-Mar-2023 24-Mar-2023 24-Mar-2023 24-Mar-2023
Topic Test 03 26-Mar-2023 26-Mar-2023 26-Mar-2023 26-Mar-2023
Topic Test 04 29-Mar-2023 29-Mar-2023 29-Mar-2023 29-Mar-2023
Topic Test 05 31-Mar-2023 31-Mar-2023 31-Mar-2023 31-Mar-2023
Topic Test 06 2-Apr-2023 2-Apr-2023 2-Apr-2023 2-Apr-2023
Topic Test 07 5-Apr-2023 5-Apr-2023 5-Apr-2023 5-Apr-2023
Topic Test 08 7-Apr-2023 7-Apr-2023 7-Apr-2023 7-Apr-2023
Topic Test 09 9-Apr-2023 9-Apr-2023 9-Apr-2023 9-Apr-2023
Topic Test 10 12-Apr-2023 12-Apr-2023 12-Apr-2023 12-Apr-2023
Topic Test 11 14-Apr-2023 14-Apr-2023 14-Apr-2023 14-Apr-2023
Topic Test 12 16-Apr-2023 16-Apr-2023 16-Apr-2023 16-Apr-2023
Topic Test 13 19-Apr-2023 19-Apr-2023 19-Apr-2023 19-Apr-2023
Topic Test 14 21-Apr-2023 - 21-Apr-2023 21-Apr-2023
Topic Test 15 23-Apr-2023 - 23-Apr-2023 -


Exams Covered
Course Highlights
  • 57 Mocks with 100% Detailed Solutions
  • Based on Latest Pattern
  • English Medium