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SSC JE Civil 2022 | Complete online Test Series by Adda247

Validity: 6 Months
What you will get
95 Test Series
Course Highlights
  • 50+ Total Tests with 100% Detailed Solutions
  • Based on Latest Pattern
  • Bilingual (Only Non- Tech) Medium
Product Description

Package Includes 

  • 7 Full Length Mocks Based on Latest Pattern 
  • 20 Practice sets: 10 Reasoning | 10 General Awareness 
  • 20 Topic wise Practice sets: SOM, FM, Soil Mechanics, Transportation, Surveying, BMC & BC, Estimation & Costing, Steel Structure, RCC, Structure analysis, Environment, OCF
  • 48 Weekly Current Affairs Practice sets ( Jan- Dec) 2022


Salient Features

  • Accessible on Adda247 store and Adda247 Mobile App.
  • Available in Bilingual (Only Non- Tech) Medium.
  • Detailed Solutions.
  • Analysis of The Attempted Tests in Detail (All India Rank, comparison with toppers, etc.)


Validity: 6 Months 

Note: Section Practice sets will be available by 25th July 2022.

Full Length Mocks Uploading plan:

S No. English Date Hindi Date
Mock-01 18-Aug-2022 3-Oct-2022
Mock-02 1-Sep-2022 7-Oct-2022
Mock-03 17-Sep-2022 11-Oct-2022
Mock-04 2-Oct-2022 15-Oct-2022
Mock-05 12-Oct-2022 19-Oct-2022
Mock-06 22-Oct-2022 23-Oct-2022
Mock-07 29-Oct-2022 01-Nov-2022


Topic wise test uploading plan:

Test Name Live Date
SSC JE Topic wise Test-01 : SOM 29-Jul-2022
SSC JE Topic wise Test-02 : FLUID MECHANICS 3-Aug-2022
SSC JE Topic wise Test-03 : SURVEYING 7-Aug-2022
SSC JE Topic wise Test-04 : IRRIGATION AND HYDROLOGY 11-Aug-2022
SSC JE Topic wise Test-05 : SOIL MECHANICS 18-Aug-2022
SSC JE Topic wise Test-06 : TRANSPORTATION 24-Aug-2022
SSC JE Topic wise Test-07 : BMC AND BUILDING CONSTRUCTION 28-Aug-2022
SSC JE Topic wise Test-08 : RCC 2-Sep-2022
SSC JE Topic wise Test-09 : STEEL STRUCTURE 7-Sep-2022
SSC JE Topic wise Test-10 : ENVIRONMENT ENGG. 11-Sep-2022
SSC JE Topic wise Test-11 : STRUCTURE ANALYSIS 15-Sep-2022
SSC JE Topic wise Test-12 : ESTIMATION AND COSTING 21-Sep-2022
SSC JE Topic wise Test-13 : MIXED SYLLABUS 25-Sep-2022
SSC JE Topic wise Test-14 : MIXED SYLLABUS 30-Sep-2022
SSC JE Topic wise Test-15 : MIXED SYLLABUS 4-Oct-2022
SSC JE Topic wise Test-16 : MIXED SYLLABUS 9-Oct-2022
SSC JE Topic wise Test-17 : MIXED SYLLABUS 14-Oct-2022
SSC JE Topic wise Test-18 : MIXED SYLLABUS 19-Oct-2022
SSC JE Topic wise Test-19 : MIXED SYLLABUS 23-Oct-2022
SSC JE Topic wise Test-20 : MIXED SYLLABUS 28-Oct-2022
Exams Covered
Course Highlights
  • 50+ Total Tests with 100% Detailed Solutions
  • Based on Latest Pattern
  • Bilingual (Only Non- Tech) Medium