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Complete English Pro Pack

Exams Covered: 13
  • seat icon Seats: 500
What will you get
  • ONLINE_LIVE_CLASSES1000 HrsOnline Live Classes
Salient Features
  • Access To Career Counseling, Printable Pdf & Notes
    Counseling, PDF & Notes
    Counseling, Pdf & Notes
  • Get Your Doubts Solved From Subject Matter Experts
    Doubt Solving Facility
    Doubt Solving Facility
  • Live Classes And Their Recordings Post Class
    Live & Recorded Classes
    Live & Recorded Classes
  • Get Access To The Top Faculties Of India
    Experienced Faculties
    Experienced Faculties
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Live + Recorded
₹ 2,940
Product Highlights
  • Access to Structured Classes in Live & Recorded Form
  • Interactive classes, Handouts and Class Notes
  • Doubt Solving on app, Telegram Groups & In Person at Offline Centers
  • Seminar & Topper Talks at Offline Centers
  • In-Person Counseling, Physical Support Helpdesk at Offline Centers
  • ⁠Planner, Previous Year Papers & Preparation Tips on Email regularly
Exams Covered
  • Odisha Maha Pack
    Odisha Maha Pack
  • ASO Odisha
    ASO Odisha
  • Odisha Fire Service
    Odisha Fire Service
  • DSE Teacher
    DSE Teacher
  • OPRB
  • OPSC
  • Odisha SSC
    Odisha SSC
  • OSSC
  • Skill Development
    Skill Development

This Course Includes

  • ONLINE_LIVE_CLASSES1000 Hrs Online Live Classes
  • Overview
  • FAQs


Complete English Batch Kit | Odia | Online Live Course By Adda247

English has become the leading language of international discourse and the lingua franca in many regions and professional contexts such as science, aviation, navigation, law, humanities, etc. 
English is the most spoken in the world.
English is the most widely learned second language and is either the official language or one of the official languages in 59 sovereign states. 
It is highly likely that if you meet someone from another country, you will both be able to speak English.
English gives you an open door to the world and helps you communicate with global citizens.
English is the language of most academic studies and various personal interview programs.

English can be confusing even for people who learned it as their first language. It contains countless exceptions to what seems to be like an endless list of rules. This can make it challenging for people who are looking to become fluent in it as their second language.
Learning a new language is one of the hardest things your brain can do. Not only do you have to mentally transfer linguistically complex structures between the two languages, you also need to learn how to think in a different language.
For this reason, learning English takes a lot of hard work and dedication, and is best done as a part of a specialized course that has been optimized to solve the challenges students face in an effective manner. 

To meet the diverse and varied needs of the students we have launched the English Pro Pack which has different modules to cater to all competitive exams and all-round personality development of an aspirant.
A person can just buy one comprehensive pack and save oneself the hassles of buying different batches.
It saves significantly on cost. It is around 80% cheaper if purchased individually.
The icing on the cake is that it comes with a 24 months validity i.e., all courses launched and completed during this duration is a part of this pack by default.

It helps you to
Upgrade you from novice to expert.
Meet the needs of an average person helping him/her to communicate in all situations and also improvise his/her knowledge.
Help you become competent in terms of vocabulary, expressing ideas, facing interviews, and getting involved in social gatherings with tips, explanations, and exercises with a practical approach.
Help you get not only a job, but also enable you to socialize.
One never regrets learning English because it works as a magic key to new doors.
By using the skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing in English, we develop the following competencies: -
Improves accuracy in Grammar.
Refines reading skills.
Development of reading skills.
Correct pronunciation.
Enables one to learn art of conversation.
Hones listening skills.
Enhances communication skills through daily practice in day-to-day situations.
Competitive English
Competitive English or English for Competitive Exams is intricate and tricky. Learners can find Grammatical Patterns, Reading Comprehension, Sentence Arrangement, Cloze Tests, Fillers, Vocabulary, etc. difficult to master especially in an examination set up where speed with accuracy is highly desired. Hence, we have Zero To Hero Basic English Batch to take care of such needs.

Advanced Competitive English
Competitive English becomes even more trickier and complicated if we are aspiring for higher level exams like SSC CGL, Banks, CAT, GRE, GMAT, TOEFL, etc. Therefore, we have Advanced Zero To Hero English Batch to make the aspirants confident of such exams.

Vocabulary is one of the integral parts of learning any language, including English. Any language, including English, has hundreds and thousands of words, Idioms and Phrases, Phrasal Verbs, etc. and it is impossible to know all of them at a given time. Even native speakers do not know all the words of their mother tongue. There are way too many words for any person to learn, however, you do not need to learn every single one of them. That being said, you still need to have a strong vocabulary to speak fluently in English. If you want to be an advanced speaker, then you need to know 4000 to 10000 words along with 500 Idioms and Phrases and an equal number of Phrasal Verbs. So, we have ଶବ୍ଦ Batch to precisely take care of such needs.

MCQ English Practice
Most of the competitive exams now-a-days test students on Multiple Choice Questions. To give students a complete coverage of such questions with a strong focus on speed and accuracy, we have in store for you the Superstar English Test And Discussion Batch.

Spoken English
When it comes to the sheer number of native and non-native speakers, English is the biggest language in the world. Over time, this has caused many variations of it to appear and evolve differently in different parts of the world. Accents, dialects, local phrases, slang, and other variations all play a role in this. For example, many words that are otherwise unrelated and are spelled differently sound the same when spoken. Further, English isn't a phonetic language, which means words are spelled differently from the way they're spoken. Words that are spelled exactly the same may be spoken completely differently. If your goal is to be fluent in English then, we have the ଉଚ୍ଚାରଣ Spoken English Batch for you. This course is specially designed for learners wanting to learn the English Language right from the scratch and master the skills and fluency required to be a professional speaker.

Descriptive English
Descriptive writing helps the reader visualize the person, place, thing, or situation being described. When a text conjures a vivid, sensory impression in the reader’s mind, not only does it make the writing more interesting to read; it helps the reader understand the text better and recognize the author’s intention more clearly. Of late, this section has featured in most competitive exams such as UPSC (IAS), OPSC (OAS), Banks, SSC CGL, Odisha Judicial Exams (OJS), GRE, GMAT, TOEFL, IELTS, CAT, etc. We have designed the ବ୍ୟାଖ୍ୟା Batch to make you a professional writer and use it for both competitive exams and fictional writing.


About Faculty
(a) 15+ years of Experience
(b) More than 50000 Aspirants Mentored by Him.

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