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JAIIB CAIIB Maha Pack 2.0

What will you get
  • ONLINE_LIVE_CLASSES1100 HrsOnline Live Classes
  • TEST_SERIES733Test Series
  • EBOOKS603E-Books
  • VIDEOS2624Videos
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  • Access To Career Counseling, Printable Pdf & Notes
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    Counseling, Pdf & Notes
  • Get Access To The Top Faculties Of India
    Experienced Faculties
    Experienced Faculties
  • Live Classes And Their Recordings Post Class
    Live & Recorded Classes
    Live & Recorded Classes
  • Get Your Doubts Solved From Subject Matter Experts
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    Doubt Solving Facility
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Product Highlights
  • Access to Structured Classes in Live & Recorded Form
  • Mock & Topic Tests based on Latest Pattern with Detailed Solution
  • Doubt Solving on App, Telegram Groups & In Person at Offline Centers
  • Seminar & Topper Talks at Offline Centers
  • In-Person Counseling, Physical Support Helpdesk at Offline Centers
  • ⁠Planner, Previous Year Papers & Preparation Tips on email regularly
Exams Covered

This Course Includes

  • ONLINE_LIVE_CLASSES1100 Hrs Online Live Classes
  • TEST_SERIES733 Test Series
  • VIDEOS2624 Videos
  • EBOOKS603 E-Books

Faculty Profile

  • Overview
  • This Package Includes
  • Study Plan
  • Subjects Covered
  • Exam Pattern
  • FAQs


This  JAIIB CAIIB MAHAPACK  is assembled for all Bankers to make you Exam ready for JAIIB 2024 and CAIIB 2024 with the new curated syllabus of all the updated subjects of JAIIB and CAIIB like:-

  • Paper 1: Indian Economy and Indian Financial System (IE & IFS)
  • Paper 2: Principles and Practices of Banking (PPB)
  • Paper 3: Accounting and Financial Management for Bankers (AFM)
  • Paper 4: Retail Banking and Wealth Management (RBWM)
  • Paper 1: Advanced Bank Management(ABM)
  • Paper 2: Bank Financial Management(BFM)
  • Paper 3: Advanced Business and Financial Management (ABFM)
  • Paper 4: Banking Regulations and Business Laws (BRBL)


This Package includes every detail to cover all the aspects of the IIBF with Live classes, E-books, and Mocks which will make you all around ready for the JAIIB & CAIIB 2024 EXAM success.

  • Both Bilingual and English Med Batches are Available
  • All the elective Subjects of CAIIB are Included within the Package


Two new compulsory subjects have been added to the JAIIB Revised Syllabus 2023. The new compulsory subjects are Indian Economy & Indian Financial System and Retail Banking & Wealth Management. Legal & Regulatory Aspects of Banking, a subject in the JAIIB Present Syllabus 2022 has been removed from the JAIIB Revised Syllabus 2023.


What is JAIIB?

  • JAIIB stands for Junior Associate of the Indian Institute of Bankers and DBF stands for Diploma in Banking and Finance.
  • It is a flagship course offered by the Indian Institute of Banking and Finance (IIBF).
  • JAIIB is for Bankers/members and DBF can be attempted by non-bankers/non-members.
  • The exam is held twice yearly - Once in May and once in November.
  • JAIIB has 4 papers from the new session 2023 - PPB, IE & IFS, AFM, RBWM
  • Clearing JAIIB will earn you increments in Banks and consequently will fetch you an increased salary. In some banks even for promotion, there is some weight for JAIIB. It will enhance your knowledge which in turn will help you even in your day-to-day work.


MODULEIndian Economy and Indian Financial System(Paper 1)Principles and Practices of Banking(Paper 2)Accounting and Financial Management for Bankers(Paper 3)Retail Banking and Wealth Management(Paper 4)
AIndian Economic ArchitectureGeneral Banking OperationsAccounting Principles and ProcessesIntroduction to Retail Banking
BEconomic Concepts Related to BankingLending Operations of BanksFinancial Statements and Core Banking SystemsRetails Products and Recovery
CIndian Financial ArchitectureBanking TechnologyFinancial ManagementSupport Services – Marketing of Banking Services / Products
DFinancial Products and ServicesEthics in Banks and Financial InstitutionsTaxation and Fundamentals of CostingWealth Management







What is CAIIB?

  • CAIIB stands for Certified Associate of the Indian Institute of Bankers
  • CAIIB aims to provide advanced knowledge necessary for better decision-making covering Treasury Management, Risk Management, Balance Sheet Management, Credit Management, International Banking, Economic Analysis, etc.


MODULEAdvanced Bank Management(Paper 1)Bank Financial Management(Paper 2)Advanced Business and Financial Management(Paper 3)Banking Regulations and Business Laws(Paper 4)
AStatisticsInternational BankingThe Management ProcessRegulations and Compliance
BHuman Resource ManagementRisk ManagementAdvanced Concepts of Financial ManagementImportant Acts/Laws and Legal Aspects of Banking Operations – Part A
CCredit ManagementTreasury ManagementValuation, Mergers, and AcquisitionsImportant Acts/Laws and Legal Aspects of Banking Operations – Part B
DCompliance in Banks and Corporate GovernanceBalance Sheet ManagementEmerging Business SolutionsCommercial and other Laws with reference to Banking Operations

This Package Includes

  • All the Live as well as recorded packages of JAIIB & CAIIB Exam.
  • Mocks and E-BOOKS Content for Regular intensive practice
  • watch 24x7 recorded videos at your convenience and get all the content anytime. 
  • Detailed subject Expertise for JAIIB MAY 2024 attempt.
  • In-depth analysis of the subject till the last day of your exam under the guidance of Experts
  • Extra Classes and Doubt Sessions will be there.

Study Plan

Subjects Covered


  • JAIIB Paper 1: Indian Economy and Indian Financial System (IE & IFS)
  • JAIIB Paper 2: Principles and Practices of Banking (PPB)
  • JAIIB Paper 3: Accounting and Financial Management for Bankers (AFM)
  • JAIIB Paper 4: Retail Banking and Wealth Management (RBWM)



  • CAIIB PAPER -1: Advanced Bank Management (ABM) provides advanced knowledge for better decision-making at the senior levels in banking and financial systems with regard to the economy as a whole, statistical analysis, HR, and loan processing.
  • CAIIB PAPER - 2: Bank Financial Management (BFM) gives you an advanced understanding of various aspects of treasury, forex, export financing, and RBI norms as well as reporting so that the individual can comfortably work at senior levels in any financial institution including banks
  • CAIIB PAPER - 3: Advanced Business and Financial Management (ABFM)
  • CAIIB PAPER - 4: Banking Regulations and Business Laws (BRBL)

Exam Pattern

  • JAIIB Exam 2024 will be conducted in an Online Medium.
  • The Questions asked in each of the compulsory subjects of JAIIB will be of MCQ Pattern.
  • Each of the compulsory subjects of JAIIB will comprise 100 Questions.
  • The time allotted will be 120 minutes for each paper. 
  • CAIIB Exam will be held in an Online Medium.
  • The questions asked in the CAIIB Examination will be MCQ Pattern.
  • In some of the subjects of CAIIB, there may be some numerical questions where options will not be mentioned. The aspirants have to solve the questions and mark the answers themselves.
  • Each of the papers of CAIIB will comprise 100 Questions.
  • The time provided for each paper will be 120 minutes.

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