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A Complete eBook for Puzzles and Seating Arrangement eBook (Second Hindi Edition)

Validity: 12 Months
What you will get
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Product Description

"This package comes with Double Validity (Valid Only till Promo Period Ends)"

-2500+ Questions on Puzzles & Seating Arrangement
- New pattern Based Questions of 2017-18 Exams including 10 practice sets
- Expect the Unexpected ones[Surprised Pattern]
- Incorporates more than 10 Types of Puzzles & Sitting Arrangement
- Incorporates the last 5-year Memory Based Questions asked in SBI, IBPS, RBI & Other Examinations  


Index of A Complete Book for Puzzles & Seating Arrangement Second Edition


ADDA 247 has been consistently working to make the word “SUCCESS” a true companion to all the banking aspirants. As the year 2019 has just marked its presence, we are delighted to announce that ADDA 247 is launching – “A Complete Book of Puzzles & Seating Arrangement” Second Edition eBook.  


Puzzles are an important part of Reasoning Section, the one that you cannot escape from. It is the topic that dominates the Reasoning Section of all sorts of banking exams. So many other miscellaneous topics too are now being asked in the form of puzzles. The number of questions being asked on puzzles ranges from 60 to 65 percent of the total number of questions in the Reasoning Section. So it is now very obvious that the strategy of ignoring questions based on puzzles, thereby solving other questions won't be working anymore as neglecting questions on puzzles can risk the likelihood of you clearing the sectional cut off or scoring satisfactory marks in the Reasoning Section.


It is already known to all the aspirants that Puzzles & Seating Arrangement form the most important part of the Reasoning Section as they carry the highest weightage among the other topics. So, considering all the significance that these portions carry, this book would provide all the necessary help and guidance in clearing the given sections smoothly.


Exclusive By Adda247 : Aspirants are well aware of the dynamics of competitive examination, 3-6 months down the preparation line, you can observe a few changes in the pattern and level of questions.

MPN: BA-H-EBK-2035

Validity 6 Months


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1. वृताकार बैठक व्यवस्था

12th February

2. रेखीय बैठक व्यवस्था

12th February

3. आयताकार/वर्गाकार बैठक व्यवस्था

16th February

4. तल आधारित पज़ल

16th February

5. बॉक्स आधारित पज़ल

16th February

6. वर्गीकरण आधारित पज़ल

18th February

7. रक्त सम्बन्ध पर आधारित पज़ल

18th February

8. दिशा ज्ञान पर आधारित पज़ल

18th February


भाग - C : अनापेक्षित प्रकार के प्रश्न Updating date will be 19th February

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