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Target IIT-JEE (Main + Advanced) 2022 | 2 Year Foundation Course For Class 11th Students By JRS Tutorials

Validity: 24 Months
What you will get
198 Videos
12 E-books
Course Highlights
  • Total 800+ Video Lectures for (Both Class - 11th &12th) & IIT-JEE (Main+Advanced)
  • Total 280+ Live Doubt Sessions for (Both Class - 11th and 12th) & IIT-JEE (Main+Advanced)
  • Amazing tricks and tips
Product Description

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Dear Parents, it’s time to send your ward to the IIT’s/NIT’s of India. Well, this dream can only be achieved with Expert Guidance and Personal Attention. Gift your child the SUCCESS with Target IIT-JEE 2022, 2 Year Foundation Course for Class 11th Students. With more than 5 students in Top 50 Ranks and 102 Students in Top 10,000 Ranks, JRS Tutorials invites your child to join the success journey.


Batch Starting Date – 19-June-2020


Course Highlight:

  • 800+ Video Lectures Covering the topics from Basic to Advance Level.
  • 280+ LIVE Doubt Sessions encouraging the curiosity of your child.
  • Adaptive Testing with full-length, part-length and weekly test series.
  • Specially designed for JEE (Main + Advanced), Ideal for CBSE students enrolled in Class XII.
  • Subjects Covered: Physics, Chemistry and Maths.
  • IIT-JEE (Main + Advanced) Quick Revision Topic Sheet and Important Concept Summary.
  • IIT-JEE (Main + Advanced) Previous Year Papers Analysis.
  • Bilingual Classes (in English and Hindi).


Why Target IIT-JEE 2022 | 2 Year Foundation Course:

  • Taught by highly experienced IITians/PhD's from across India
  • Builds a strong foundation for Physics, Chemistry and Maths.
  • Detailed Discussion of Chapters, Concepts, Key formulae and Practice Sheet
  • Student progress reports for Parents
  • Ideal for students to get digital ready for CBT mode of entrance examinations
  • Increase the chances of being in TOP 100 by 82%
  • Comprehensive Coverage of JEE And Class 11th Syllabus


What Your Child Will Learn:

  • Important Theories and its Application.
  • Will be able to Solves questions from Basic Theory to Advanced Numerical.
  • Strength and Confidence to fight the competition.
  • Will be able to Deal with Pressure.
  • Get Friendly with Computer Based Tests.
  • Instinct to get JEE All India Rank within Top 100


Weekly Video Class Schedule:

Date Physics Maths Chemistry
27-Jul-2020 Kinematics (KM)Lecture 1 Trigonometry (TG) 13,14 Atomic structure (AS)Lecture 7
28-Jul-2020 KM Lecture 2 TG 15,16 AS - 8
29-Jul-2020 UnitDimension (UD)Lecture 1 TG Tutorial 4,5,6 AS-9
30-Jul-2020 UD Lecture 2 Basic Maths (BM) 9, 10 AS-10
31-Jul-2020 KM Lecture 3 BM 11, 12 AS-11
1-Aug-2020 KM 4 BM 13 AS-12, AS-13
2-Aug-2020 KM 5 BM 14 AS-14,AS-15
3-Aug-2020 KM 6 Sets, Relation (SR) 1 AS-16, AS-17
4-Aug-2020 KM 7, UD 3 SR 2 Mole Concept (Part2) (MC) -1
5-Aug-2020 UD 4, UD 5 SR Tutorial 1,2 MC-2

Meet Our Faculties:
Mr. A. K. Jha (Director of JRS)
Physic Faculty
Qualification: M.Tech – IIT BHU
Experience: 30+ Years


Mr. O.P. Singh
Chemistry Expert
Qualification: M.Sc, BHU
Experience: 40+ Years


Mr. V.N Rai
Maths Expert
Qualification: Ph.D. IIT-BHU
Experience: 35+ Years


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Validity: 24 Months

This IIT-JEE Course is designed to give a classroom experience to the students, where they will be provided a weekly schedule of all the subjects and classes that are to be held in the coming week. In this video course, you get video lectures one by one just like classroom learning. This is to avoid giving stress to students by dumping all videos at once. So, Enjoy online learning with Classroom experience.

Exams Covered
IIT JEE Main and Advanced
Course Highlights
  • Total 800+ Video Lectures for (Both Class - 11th &12th) & IIT-JEE (Main+Advanced)
  • Total 280+ Live Doubt Sessions for (Both Class - 11th and 12th) & IIT-JEE (Main+Advanced)
  • Amazing tricks and tips
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