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NEET Online Coaching for Class 11 UG Batches 2026 Exam, Enroll Now

Are you looking for Crack NEET online Coaching for Class 11? Join Adda247 for India's best and most affordable online coaching for the NEET Class 11 batches 2026 Exam. Access NEET UG courses with experienced faculty, live classes, doubt-clearing sessions, and study materials. Join our Class 11 NEET online courses now for a solid foundation in physics, chemistry, and biology, paving the way for exam success.

NEET Online Coaching for Class 11 

Adda247, India's leading NEET exam preparation platform, offers a wide range of carefully developed courses tailored for Class 11, 12, and Droppers NEET aspirants. This NEET Online course for class 11 covers the full NEET syllabus and the latest Exam Pattern for the medical entrance exam.

Aspirants have almost two years to complete the syllabus in depth as the 11th class chapters are included in the NEET Syllabus. NEET Online Coaching for Class 11 provides priceless assistance in this two-year exam preparation journey.

Students can learn from the NEET live classes, recorded classes, and study material materials any time, seven days a week according to their convenience, and also can manage the Class 11 final exam as well. Complete PDF notes for each class are immediately uploaded to the Adda247 App for a better experience.

NEET study notes, are designed to lay a solid foundation and make regular exam preparation easier. All NEET pdf notes include complete formula sheets, flashcards, and explanations in short-after chapters and important concepts.

To help with focused practice, Daily Practice Problems (DPPs) with video solutions are offered in a quiz format. We also Provide a revision planner for Physics, Chemistry, and Biology before exams to aid in structured preparation. Join our NEET preparation 2026 batch and start your path to NEET success with Adda247.

Best NEET Online Coaching For Class 11 in India

We provide the best NEET Online Coaching for class 11 in India, with high-quality content. Adda247 is well-known for offering NEET Online Coaching in India at competitive prices, that ensure access to more effective coaching for all aspiring and talented students from all backgrounds. We connect students with highly qualified and experienced teachers who specialize in delivering complex concepts in a very understandable way. Here we are talking about our two Best NEET Class 11 Courses, if are you going to sit for NEET UG 2026, you should enroll in one of them to make a serious attempt.

  • ONE Mahapack - NEET UG 2026 Batch for Class 11 Students
    • Live + Recorded Batch
    • Started from April 1, 2024
  • TARGET NEET UG 2026 Batch for Class 11 Students
    • Live Batch
    • Started from April 1, 2024

NEET Online Courses For Class 11 Features

We will go over the excellent features of the NEET Online live batch.

  • This NEET ONE Mahapack will feature more than 150+ online live classes. You can take these involving interactive classes from wherever you are most comfortable.
  • We will offer Structured Classes, both live and recorded.
  • We provide 3D experiential learning experiences for all NEET subjects.
    Complete NEET study materials will be provided here (e-books, tests, etc.).
  • Find the Question Bank RNA (Rapid NEET Assessment) and DNA (Dynamic NEET Assessment), both of which include video solutions, in this package.
  • NEET (UG) Mock and topic-level tests using the most recent pattern, with explanations. For Class 11, there are unlimited online All India Test Series with video solutions.
  • Learn more about our knowledgeable faculty members below. Each year, they make hundreds of selections.
  • The PAARTH Mentorship Batch will be covered in the megapack.
  • Video solutions for DPPs and classroom assessments.
  • All recorded class videos are available without restriction.
  • The batch will only be for a limited number of students.
  • NEET Preparation Planner, Previous Year Papers, and Preparation Tips are regularly sent via email.

NEET Online Batch Faculties

Garima Goyal

Nitesh Devnani

Tamanna Chaudhary

9+ years of Experience7+ years of ExperienceMultiple Years of Experience
Subject Matter ExpertSubject Matter ExpertSubject Matter Expert

Free NEET Online Courses For Class 11

Our expert team designed the free NEET class 11 online course using NCERT books and their subject knowledge to make it the best free study resource. We provide free Class 11 NEET online courses with extensive study materials. These live courses on YouTube cover all subjects in Class 11 to ensure a thorough understanding of the revised NEET syllabus. The entire Class 11 NEET syllabus will be covered in lessons by well-known teachers from across India.

NEET Online Coaching For Class 11 in Hindi

We focused on providing the best Hindi-language online coaching for NEET Class 11. Our Hindi-speaking faculties assist applicants in developing a solid foundation in biology, chemistry, and physics. Learning in your language Hindi helps to understand difficult ideas quickly.

Our Class 11 online courses have been expertly designed to help students succeed in the highly competitive NEET exam. Candidates are also given multiple practice tests in Hindi language to help them prepare for the exam.  Class 11 NEET online coaching guides them through each test to identify areas.

NEET 2026 Exam Pattern

  • The NEET 2026 exam will be conducted in offline Mode. (any changes will be updated)
  • Duration of exam is 3 hours, 20 minutes.
  • Candidates must attempt 180 out of 200 questions.
  • Total marks - 720 marks
  • There will be 3 sections: Physics, Chemistry, and Biology
  • "+4" marks will be given for a correct answer. "-1" mark for a wrong answer and no marks for an unattempted answer.

Why Choose the Adda247 Best Class 11 Batch For NEET?

Our class 11 Batch for NEET includes all of the required material for both the 11th board and NEET exams, including physics, chemistry, botany, and zoology, among other crucial subjects. Let's review some of the reasons that you must join this NEET Class 11 batch.

  1. Our NEET team emphasizes the development of a solid foundational understanding, which is very important for success in the NEET 2026 exam.
  2. To assist aspirants in effectively preparing for exams, they are given a comprehensive revision planner after completing the syllabus.
  3. Our faculty members respond to queries through advanced doubt-solving classes and social media groups, effectively encouraging collaborative doubt resolution. A perfect learning environment can be created for live doubt resolution and individual contact with instructors.
  4. To encourage continuous learning, Daily Practice Sets are accompanied by video solutions for 3 subjects in the form of quizzes.
  5. Easy use of recorded lectures is offered to individuals who are unable to attend in-person classes, giving them continuous access to educational resources.
  6. Our NEET online coaching for class 11 covers every important idea, providing thorough explanations and topic-by-topic solved examples to help with comprehension.
  7. To track development and highlight areas for improvement, instructors should regularly analyze student performance and provide feedback.
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