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JAIIB Study Material 2021

Adda247 is here with excellent JAIIB Study Material. If you want to improve your score in JAIIB Exam and increase your career opportunities in the banking sector, just avail our JAIIB Study Material. Hurry up! Enroll now!
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About JAIIB 2021

The Indian Institute of Banking and Finance (IIBF) conducts the exam of Junior Associate of Indian Institute of Banking (JAIIB). The JAIIB Exam is conducted twice every year in the months of June and November. The JAIIB exam is conducted for the ordinary candidates of the institute. The Examination of JAIIB requires basic knowledge of Banking and Finances and Legal & Regulatory Aspects of Banking. So, If you are wondering how to crack the JAIIB exam 2021, join Adda247 and begin your preparation.

JAIIB Study Material 2021

Junior Associate of the Indian Institute of Banking (JAIIB) is one of the most prominent exams conducted by IIBF. Adda247 brings an exclusive package of JAIIB Study Material. The JAIIB study material 2021 is prepared by the expert faculty at Adda247. It is necessary to have proper guidance and good resources to prepare for JAIIB Exam 2021. Adda247 brings a collection of JAIIB Exams Study Material that is well equipped and comprehends all major concepts with the updated syllabus and exam pattern. The collection of Adda247 JAIIB Study Material includes Online Live Classes, Video Courses, Books, Ebooks, Test series plus the proper guidance from the best faculty.

JAIIB Online Live Classes

Adda247 Online Live Classes brings one of the best faculty among all. The subject experts in Online Live Classes have years of experience. The online Live classes cover all the topics according to the latest updated syllabus. The Adda247 Online Live Classes for JAIIB are bilingual to target as many students as possible. The Live Interactive sessions and Doubts clearance lectures are a plus at Adda247 JAIIB Online Live Classes.

JAIIB Video Courses

The Adda247 JAIIB Video Courses are designed for those candidates who are working professionals and cannot devote time for regular classes. The Video courses are bilingual and covering all major topics up to date with the syllabus. The Video Courses at Adda247 are recorded by subject experts having years of experience in JAIIB exam preparation.


JAIIB books are a plus at Adda247. Yes, Adda247 provides exclusive hardcopy books for those who have a reading habit and want the study material for JAAIB Exams2021 in published format. The JAIIB Books of Adda247 are available in both English and Hindi languages. So what are you waiting for? Place an order for Adda247 JAIIB Books in just one click and begin your preparation.

JAIIB Ebooks

Ebooks are compact and handy sources of reading material. Adda247 JAIIB Ebooks also provides the study material for JAIIB exams 2021 in the form of pdfs. The Adda247 Ebooks Study Material for JAIIB exams 2021 is available in both English and Hindi languages with well-readable fonts. So, hurry up place an order to buy Ebooks for JAIIB Exams 2021 in just one step and, increase your chance to get selected.

JAIIB Test Series 2021

Giving mocks and test series for JAIIB Exams is the best approach to increase your chances of selection. The mock test series for JAIIB Exams 2021 is prepared by subject experts after analyzing the updated syllabus and previous year’s papers. The package of test series for JAIIB Exams 2021 includes a number of mock tests with well-defined answers and also, a list of the most expected questions from previous year papers. Join the Adda247 JAIIB test series for Jaiib Exams 2021 and increase your chances of selection.

How Adda247 JAIIB Online Course is Designed?

At Adda247, We have subject experts who are well versed with the syllabus of JAIIB Exam 2021. The JAIIB Exam Study Material 2021 is prepared to keep in mind the requirement of the examination and increasing the chance of students to qualify.

  1. The pattern and variation of exam trends.
  2. Being well-versed with the JAIIB syllabus and pattern of questions asked.
  3. Detailed explanation in conceptual clarity.
  4. List of expected questions from analyzing previous year’s question papers.
  5. Comprehensive study material covering all major topics.

Features of Adda247 JAIIB Study Material-

The main characteristics of Adda247 JAIIB Study Material are as follows:

  1. Subject experts who are well-versed with syllabus and exam pattern
  2. A detailed explanation of questions and answers with video solution is plus
  3. Comprehensive study material at one place
  4. List of most expected question and well-defined answers
  5. The experts help you build proper strategy and management skills to crack CAIIB exams.
  6. Providing simple tips and tricks to solve difficult problems in the CAIIB exam.
  7. Affordable packages of Study material.
  8. Easily accessible, with just one click.
Frequently Asked Questions
Q: What will I get in JAIIB Study Material?
Q: Will I get a recorded class if I missed my live class?
Q: Can I attempt the mock tests for JAIIB on a tablet?
Q: Can I download the JAIIB E-books?
Q: Will I get study material for all the papers of JAIIB?
Q: What will I get in JAIIB Study Material?
Q: Will I get a recorded class if I missed my live class?
Q: Can I attempt the mock tests for JAIIB on a tablet?
Q: Can I download the JAIIB E-books?
Q: Will I get study material for all the papers of JAIIB?
Q: In how many languages the JAIIB Study Material is available?
Q: When can we receive the printed study material?
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