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UPSC CSE 2022: How to cover syllabus in last 5 months

UPSC Preparation Strategy

Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) has recently released the UPSC revised calendar 2022. According to the revised calendar, UPSC CSE 2022 will be held on 05.06.2022. This leaves the candidates with roughly 5-months of preparation. In this article, we will with the approach that you should follow, so that you can clear your UPSC IAS exam 2022.


Starting from January, you have 5 months to prepare for 7 papers—4 GS, 2 Optional and 1 essay. Looking at the toughness of UPSC Prelims from the last few years, it is advisable that you dedicate your last two months to prelims specifically. Now you are left with 3 months to cover your GS and your optional papers.


UPSC Preparation Strategy: January

Complete your optional paper. If you have finished it once, revise it. Write answers, evaluate them and write again. Remember that after this month, you will tough your optional paper in June or July. So, you must be fully prepared to deal with your optional paper. In our article, we have already discussed about the importance of optional papers in deciding your fate in the mains examination.


UPSC Preparation Strategy: February

Complete your two GS papers—GS Paper 1 and GS Paper 4. We have deliberately clubbed these two papers together as it might happen that you take more than 15 days to complete your GS Paper 1. In such case, you need a cushion that could absorb the pressure of Paper 1, which in this case, will be provided by GS Paper 4.


UPSC Preparation Strategy: March

Complete your other two GS papers—GS Paper 2 and GS Paper 3. We have clubbed these two GS papers together because both the papers are dynamic in nature. In both these papers, you need good command over current affairs, besides the basic understanding of static topics.


UPSC Preparation Strategy: April

Attempt mock tests. How many? At least 40. We are providing you with the best test series, you can attempt them and increase your chance of clearing UPSC CSE Prelims 2022. You should dedicate this month to solve mock tests, analysing the mistakes, and through multiple revisions, ensuring that you don’t repeat it.


UPSC Preparation Strategy: May

Focus less on the mock tests and revise your notes. In this month, your priority should be to not leave any of your notes. It might sound silly, but aspirants toil hard to even revise their total notes in the last days of preparation. Make sure you have a good command over your notes so that you feel confident on the topics you have studied well.

For essay, write an essay every 15 days so that at the end of 5 months, you have 10 good essays. This will boost your confidence and help you excel UPSC CSE 2022.

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