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  • What is Hijab Ban Row? | PCS Judiciary Study Notes

    Hijab Ban Row The matter of hijab ban escalated when 6 female students at Udupi's Government PU College for Girls were barred from attending classes while wearing the hijab. After this the students staged a protest. Consecutively the students filed...

    Last updated on December 22nd, 2022 02:37 pm
  • Dower in Muslim Law | PCS (J) Study Notes

    Dower in Muslim Law Dower or Mahr is a peculiar Muslim Law concept. Mulla defines ‘dower’ as a sum of money or other property which the wife is entitled to receive from the husband in consideration of marriage. Dower is...

    Published On October 11th, 2022
  • PCS (J) Study Notes | Muslim Law – Maintenance Rights of Divorced Wife

    Divorced wife right to maintenance under Muslim law and section 125 of CrPC In accordance with Muslim law, a wife's right to maintenance is unalienable during the marriage, but it is restricted when it is dissolved. After divorce only till...

    Published On August 29th, 2022