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Daily Gist of ‘The Hindu’, ‘PIB’, ‘Indian Express’ and Other Newspapers: 22 April, 2021

Daily news will speed up the preparation for the Civil Services Examination and it also plays a crucial role to grasp the current affairs topic comprehensively. Here we have covered most of the topics related to various categories including National, International, Sports, Science and Technology, and so on.

  1. Leaders’ Summit on Climate (April 22-23, 2021)

Why in news?

Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi will participate in the Leaders’ Summit on Climate at the invitation of President of U.S.A. Joseph R. Biden, being held virtually on 22-23 April 2021.

Key points are:

– Prime Minister Narendra Modi will participate in the Leaders’ Summit on Climate at the invitation of the President of U.S.A. Joseph R. Biden, being held virtually on 22-23 April 2021.

– Nearly 40 other world leaders are participating in the Summit. They will represent countries that are members of the Major Economies Forum (India is a member), and those vulnerable to climate change, among others.

– The Leaders will exchange views on climate change, enhancing climate actions, mobilising finance towards climate mitigation and adaptation, nature-based solutions, climate security as well as technological innovations for clean energy.

– The Leaders will also deliberate on how the world can align climate action with inclusive and resilient economic development, while respecting national circumstances and sustainable development priorities.

– The Summit is a part of a series of global meetings focusing on climate issues, being held in the run-up to COP26 in November 2021.

Daily Gist of ‘The Hindu’, ‘PIB’, ‘Indian Express’ and Other Newspapers: 21 April, 2021

2. Kulbhushan Jadhav Case

Why in news?

Pakistan has urged India to appoint a lawyer to represent death row convict Kulbhushan Jadhav to implement the verdict of the International Court of Justice (ICJ).

Key points are:

– Kulbhushan Jadhav was sentenced to death by a Pakistani military court on charges of espionage and terrorism in April 2017.

– India approached the ICJ against Pakistan for denial of consular access (Vienna Convention) to Jadhav and challenging the death sentence.

– ICJ ruled in July 2019 that Pakistan must undertake an “effective review and reconsideration” of the conviction and sentence of Jadhav, and also grant consular access to India without further delay.

– It had asked Pakistan to provide a proper forum for appeal against the sentence given to Jadhav by the military court.

– Effective review and reconsideration is a phrase that is different from ‘review’ as one understands in a domestic course.

– It includes giving consular access and helping Jadav in preparing his defence.

– It means that Pakistan has to disclose the charges and also the evidence which it has been absolutely opaque about up till now.

– Pakistan would also have to disclose the circumstances in which Jadhav’s confession was extracted by the military.

– It implies that Jadhav will have a right to defend whichever forum or court hears his case.

Daily Gist of ‘The Hindu’, ‘PIB’, ‘Indian Express’ and Other Newspapers: 20 April, 2021

3. Shri Shankha Ghosh

Why in news?

The Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi has condoled the demise of the prominent literary personality, Shri Shankha Ghosh.

Shri Modi tweeted “Shri Shankha Ghosh will be remembered for his contributions to Bengali and Indian literature. His works were widely read and admired. Saddened by his demise. Condolences to his family and friends. Om Shanti.”

4. Travel bubble

Why in news?

Sri Lanka has decided to postpone launching the proposed “travel bubble” with India, in the wake of the recent surge in COVID-19 cases in India.

Key points are:

– Creating a travel bubble involves reconnecting countries or states that have shown a good level of success in containing the novel coronavirus pandemic domestically.

– Such a bubble would allow the members of the group to rekindle trade ties with each other, and kickstart sectors such as travel and tourism.

– Potential travel bubbles among better-performing countries around the world would account for around 35 per cent of the global GDP. Such arrangements are especially being favoured by smaller countries, who are likely to benefit after being able to trade again with larger partners.

Daily Gist of ‘The Hindu’, ‘PIB’, ‘Indian Express’ and Other Newspapers: 19 April, 2021

5. Boao Forum for Asia Annual Conference 2021

Why in news?

The opening ceremony of the Boao Forum for Asia Annual Conference 2021 was held in Boao, south China’s Hainan Province.

Key points are:

– This year’s conference was attended by more than 2,600 guests from over 60 countries and regions.

– Theme: “A World in Change: Join Hands to Strengthen Global Governance and Advance Belt and Road Cooperation.”

– At the event, BFA released an annual report on the Asian economy. Key findings:

– In terms of purchasing power parity, Asia’s share in the global economic aggregate in 2020 reached 47.3 per cent, up 0.9 percentage points from 2019, indicating the increasing role of Asia in the global economy.

– The economic integration of all Asian economies is accelerating. By February 2021, there had been 186 regional trade agreements in force inside and outside Asia, accounting for 54.9 per cent of the total regional agreements around the world.

– In particular, the signing of the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (RCEP) in November 2020 has been injecting strong momentum into regional and global economic growth, which is expected to give renewed impetus to further accelerate the negotiation of free trade agreements in Asia.

Daily Gist of 'The Hindu', 'PIB', 'Indian Express' and Other Newspapers: 22 April, 2021_40.1

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About Bao Forum

– The Boao Forum for Asia was initiated in 2001 by 25 Asian countries and Australia (increased to 28 in 2006).

– It is a non-profit organisation.

– It has provided a high-end platform for political, business and academic leaders in Asia and the world.

– It is modelled on the World Economic Forum held annually in Davos, Switzerland.

– The Forum is committed to promoting regional economic integration and bringing Asian countries even closer to their development goals.

– It has made positive contributions to the promotion of regional economic integration, common development and the building of a more prosperous and harmonious Asia.

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6. Maulana Wahiduddin Khan

Why in news?

The Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi has expressed sadness on the demise of Maulana Wahiduddin Khan.

Shri Modi Tweeted:

“Saddened by the passing away of Maulana Wahiduddin Khan. He will be remembered for his insightful knowledge on matters of theology and spirituality. He was also passionate about community service and social empowerment. Condolences to his family and countless well-wishers. RIP.”

Daily Gist of ‘The Hindu’, ‘PIB’, ‘Indian Express’ and Other Newspapers: 17 April, 2021

7. ISRO’s RESPOND Program

Why in news?

Recently, the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) has announced that it will support eight joint research projects mooted by the Space Technology Cell (STC), IIT-Delhi.

Key points are:

– The ISRO has extended support to the projects under its RESPOND programme.

– ISRO started the RESPOND (Research Sponsored) programme in the 1970s, with the objective of encouraging academia to participate and contribute in various Space-related research activities.

– Under the Programme, ISRO provides financial support for conducting research and development activities related to Space Science, Space Technology and Space Applications in Academic Institutions in India.

– This is the flagship programme of ISRO to promote extramural research in emerging areas of Space at Academia.

– It looks to enhance the Academic base, generate human resources and infrastructure at the Academic Institutions to support the Space Programmes.

– India is on course to launch its first human spaceflight mission, Gaganyaan, where Indian astronauts will spend time conducting space experiments. This ambitious mission will help the country prepare for future deep-space missions.

– RESPOND is also participating in National Missions like the IMPRINT (Impacting Research Innovation and Technology) programme and Uchhatar Avishkar Yojana (UAY).

Daily Gist of ‘The Hindu’, ‘PIB’, ‘Indian Express’ and Other Newspapers: 16 April, 2021

8. Russia will launch its own Space Station

Why in news?

Russia’s space agency is planning to launch its own orbital station in 2025.

Key points are:

– Russia is considering withdrawing from the International Space Station programme to go it alone.

– Russia lost its monopoly for manned flights to the ISS last year after the first successful mission of U.S. company Space X.

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About International Space Station

Launched in 1998 and involving Russia, the United States, Canada, Japan, and the European Space Agency, the ISS is one of the most ambitious international collaborations in human history.

– ISS is a modular space station (habitable artificial satellite) in low Earth orbit.

– The ISS serves as a microgravity and space environment research laboratory in which scientific experiments are conducted in astrobiology, astronomy, meteorology, physics, and other fields.

– The ISS circles the Earth in roughly 93 minutes, completing 15.5 orbits per day.

– ISS is the ninth space station to be inhabited by crews, following the Soviet and later Russian Salyut, Almaz, and Mir stations as well as Skylab from the US.

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