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Daily Gist of ‘The Hindu’, ‘PIB’, ‘Indian Express’ and Other Newspapers: 1st April, 2021

Daily news will speed up the preparation for the Civil Services Examination and it also plays a crucial role to grasp the current affairs topic comprehensively. Here we have covered most of the topics related to various categories including National, International, Sports, Science and Technology, and so on.

  1. India-Mauritius Comprehensive Economic Cooperation and Partnership Agreement

Why in news?

Both sides have completed their internal legal procedures and the India-Mauritius CECPA will enter into force on Thursday, 01 April 2021.

Key points are:

– India and Mauritius signed the ComprehensiveEconomic Cooperation andPartnership Agreement (CECPA) on 22 February 2021.

– The CECPA is the first trade Agreement signed by India with a country in Africa.

– The Agreement is a limited agreement, which will cover Trade in Goods, Rules of Origin, Tradein Services, Technical Barriers to Trade (TBT), Sanitary and Phytosanitary (SPS) measures,Dispute Settlement, Movement of Natural Persons, Telecom, Financial services, CustomsProcedures and Cooperation in other Areas.

– The India-Mauritius CECPA provides for an institutional mechanism to encourage andimprove trade between the two countries.

– The CECPA between India and Mauritius covers 310 export items for India, including food stuff and beverages (80 lines), agriculturalproducts (25 lines), textile and textile articles (27 lines), base metals and articles thereof (32lines), electricals and electronic item (13 lines), plastics and chemicals (20 lines), wood andarticles thereof (15 lines), and others.

– Mauritius will benefit from preferential market accessinto India for its 615 products, including frozen fish, speciality sugar, biscuits, fresh fruits,juices, mineral water, beer, alcoholic drinks, soaps, bags, medical and surgical equipment,and apparel.

– Indian exporters have to obtain a Certificate of Origin (CoO) from the authorised Indian agencies to avail the preferential benefits under the CECPA.

  1. Dr. Sree Sree Sree Sivakumara Swamigalu

Why in news?

The Prime Minister, Narendra Modi has bowed to His Holiness Dr. Sree Sree Sree Sivakumara Swamigalu on his Jayanti on 1 April, 2021.

– In a tweet, the Prime Minister said, “I bow to His Holiness Dr. Sree Sree Sree Sivakumara Swamigalu on his Jayanti. His innumerable efforts to serve society and care for the poor are widely remembered. We are deeply inspired by his noble thoughts and ideals.”

  1. Foreign Trade Policy 2015-2020

Why in news?

Foreign Trade Policy 2015-2020 extended for 6 months till September 2021.

Key points are:

– The Union Commerce and Industry Ministry on 31st March, 2021 announced extension of the Foreign Trade Policy (FTP) of Government of India.

– The present Policy which came into force on 1st April 2015, was for 5 years and was extended thereafter upto 31st March, 2021.

– In view of the unprecedented situation arising out of the pandemic Novel COVID-19, which is persisting, the Government has decided to continue benefits under various export promotion schemes by extending existing Foreign Trade Policy by another six months i.e. up to 30th September, 2021 which will provide continuity in the policy regime. Similar extension is made in the related procedures, by extending validity of HandBook of Procedures.

– Exemption from payment of IGST and Compensation Cess on the imports made under Advance/EPCG Authorisations and by EOUs etc. has also been extended up to 30.09.2021.

– Similarly, validity period of the Status Holder Certificates is also extended. This will enable the Status Holders to continue to avail the specified facilities/benefits.

– A notification for extending the Foreign Trade Policy 2015-20 and a Public Notice for extending the validity of the existing Handbook of Procedures 2015-20 has been issued on 31st March, 2021.

  1. First-of-its-kind Cruise Service starts between Surat and Diu

Why in news?

Minister of State for Ports, Shipping & Waterways (I/C) Mansukh Mandaviya  flagged off  the Cruise service from Hazira Port of Surat to Diu on 31st March, 2021 through video conferencing.

Key points are:

– In his inaugural address, Shri  Mansukh Mandaviya said that the Development of cruise tourism is the prime focus of the Government of India under the visionary leadership of Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi.

–  Mandaviya reiterated that Indian coastline has a huge potential for the cruise tourism industry and 6 International cruise terminals are being planned on both the west coast (Mumbai,Goa,Kochi) and east coast (Visakhapattanam, Kolkata, Chennai) of India.

– He expressed optimism about the development of ferry, RoRo and ROPAX services between South Gujarat and Saurashtra region of Gujarat and said that water transportation is the new future of transportation with state-of-the-art ferry terminals and modern facilities in the cruise services.

– One side voyage time of the cruise service is approximately 13 to 14 hours. Cruise has the capacity of 300 passengers and has 16 cabins.

– This cruise will sail two round trips in a week. The Cruise has Gaming Lounge, VIP Lounge, Entertainment on Deck and other modern amenities. One side journey will cost Rs.900+taxes(per head).

– In November,2020, Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi inaugurated ‘Hazira-Ghogha’ RoPAX service and within four months, One  lakh passengers and thousands of vehicles utilised the ferry service to save journey time and the cost to travel from Hazira (Surat) to Ghogha (Bhavanagar).

– The success of the ferry service has opened the gates for many more routes of water transportation in Gujarat and all over India, said Shri Mansukh Mandaviya.

  1. 9th Heart of Asia-Istanbul Process

Why in news?

External Affairs Minister of India attended the 9th Heart of Asia-Istanbul Process held in Dushanbe, Tajikistan.

Key points are:

– External Affairs Minister of India  called for a “double peace” which means peace within Afghanistan and peace around Afghanistan and also said India supports the Intra-Afghan Negotiations (IAN).

– The Heart of Asia-Istanbul Process (HoA-IP) was founded in November, 2011 in Istanbul, Turkey.

– It provides a platform for sincere and results-oriented regional cooperation by placing Afghanistan at its center, in recognition of the fact that a secure and stable Afghanistan is vital to the prosperity of the Heart of Asia region.

– This platform was established to address the shared challenges and interests of Afghanistan and its neighbors and regional partners.

– The Heart of Asia comprises 15 participating countries, 17 supporting countries, and 12 supporting regional and international organizations.

  1. Global Wind Report 2021

Why in news?

Global Wind Report 2021 has been released by GWEC or Global Wind Energy Council.

Key points are:

– Global Wind Report 2021 highlights wind power’s role on the road to net zero.It has been released ahead of COP 26 to be held in November 2021.

– 2020 was the best year in history for the global wind industry.

– The report has been published by Global Wind Energy Council on March 25, 2021

– The global wind power market has nearly quadrupled in size over the past decade

– The report also warns that in order to achieve the global climate goals and limit global warming to below 2 degrees, it would be important to increase the speed of new wind power installations.

– Power-to-X is set to become one of the breakthrough solutions which will dispatch green power to different end-use sectors to reduce their dependency on fossil fuels from heating to manufacturing.

– The new installations would be before the next decade and would be three times higher then the pre- industrial levels.

– By 2020, almost 93 GW of the new capacity would be installed

– The 93 GW of new installations has brought global cumulative wind power capacity up to 743 GW.

– The above mentioned amount of energy produced can reduce 1.1 billion tonnes of CO2 annually.

– As compared to earlier records the global wind power has seen a rise of four times in the year 2020.

– China and the US remained the world’s largest markets for new onshore additions,and the world’s two major

– The report also informs that the economies together increased their market share by 15 percent to 76%, driven by the Feed-in Tariff (FiT) cut-off in China and the scheduled phase-out of the full-rate Production Tax Credit (PTC) in the USA

– On the regional level, 2020 was also a record year for onshore installations in Asia Pacific. .

– The world needs to install a minimum of 180 GW of new wind energy to limit global warming.

– The net emission target has to be met by 2050.

– All regions increased new installations, except Europe and Africa & Middle East

  1. Asteroid Apophis

Why in news?

Recently, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has ruled out the possibility of the dreaded asteroid Apophis causing any damage to the Earth for the next 100 years.

Key points are:

– Apophis is a near-Earth asteroid with a relatively large size (about 335 meters wide).

– Named after the ancient Egyptian god of chaos and darkness, it was discovered in 2004, after which NASA had said that it was one of the asteroids that posed the greatest threat to Earth.

– Apophis was predicted to come threateningly close to us in the years 2029 and 2036, but NASA later ruled these events out.

– However, there were still fears about a possible collision in 2068.

– Recently, the asteroid flew past Earth on 5th March 2021, coming within 17 million km of our planet. During this approach, scientists used radar observations to study in detail the asteroid’s orbit around the sun.

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