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World Environment Day on 5th June: History & It’s Significance

World Environment Day on 5th June: History & It's Significance_30.1

Every year 5th June is dedicated to the environment and celebrated all over the world as World Environment Day and this year on 5th June 2021, the world will be observing 47th environment Day. as the whole world is fighting against COVID-19 pandemic, therefore this year the day would be celebrated on the digital platform. We can learn so many things from nature, and the best example is a tree. It grows by keeping itself grounded only and takes care of everything which is around it, whether useful or not. As humans too, it’s our responsibility to give proper care and attention to nature which is the basis of life’s existence.    

Read the complete article to learn more about World Environment Day including its history, theme, and significance of celebrating this day. 

History: It’s important to learn the importance of nature and value what it provides to us for our survival. With the same perspective, the UN General Assembly decided to celebrate a day as World Environment Day and educate people for human interaction with the environment. However, it took 2 years to put this idea into action, and in 1974, this day was first celebrated. The celebration for World Environment Day is done on a rotation basis, i.e. every year a different country is chosen to host the event and announced by UNEP (United Nation Environment Programme) 

What is the Theme for World Environment Day 2021?

This day has been celebrated since 1974 by more than 143 countries, focusing on the major environmental issues and encouraging people to safeguard our nature. Every year, a theme is decided for this particular day and this time, the theme is “Reimagine. Recreate. Restore.”. As 2021 is quite a difficult year for the whole world and the recent incidents are the proof of it with some huge countable incidents including Covid-19 pandemic, cyclones, and lots more. After experiencing these incidents, there is nothing wrong with saying that it’s high time we must protect our environment and understand its importance in our lives.    

What is the significance of celebrating this day?

With more than 143 countries celebrating this day, World Environment Day has become a global platform for public outreach. For many years, the celebrations were made in different ways by organizing activities such as campaign with the motives of sensitizing the locals for the growing environment and ways to prevent them, tree plantation programs, organizing plays, quizzes, lectures, and poster competitions are quite popular in schools and colleges on this day. 

This year the campaign will be carried out on the digital platform spreading awareness on social media, students will be taking part in poster competitions by staying at their homes only.

Eligibility Criteria for All Teaching Exam

On this World Environment Day, the aim is to intensify the efforts in protecting nature and ecosystem along with finding sustainable solutions for every sphere of life on the earth.  

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World Environment Day on 5th June: History & It's Significance_40.1

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