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Why Do You Need A Social Media Detox?

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Have you ever wondered, how drastically lives have changed in the last 2 decades? All thanks to the advent of technology, social media has gradually become an integral part of our lives. From catching up with friends to finding jobs, we are constantly on some social media platform or other. Frequently, checking updates on the mobile phone or desktop for social media has become a norm in the modern world. Many people prefer to have thousands of connections and virtual friends on their social media accounts rather than having friends and acquaintances in their real life. Many times, it has been witnessed that people had spent more time on social media while they were present in a social gathering or chilling with family and friends.

Its true social media helps us stay connected with people all over the world. You can reach out to people if you want to or if you need to. People are finding long-lost friends on social media. Some people find their dream job on social media. It has become easier to talk to family, friends, and loved ones even when they are miles apart. No doubt there are numerous advantages of social media. So, there is no point in rebuking the social media platforms. But the way people communicate and spend their time on social media while being oblivious to the reality around them has its downside.

Studies have shown that social media has become one of the most influential factors driving people into depression. Scary? Yes, it is.

People are growing more and more unhappy because of the constant comparison of life, lifestyle, relationships, homes, cars, accessories, and so on. They are so busy comparing themselves to happy, chirpy, classy, aesthetically pleasing photographs over social media that they are getting depressed when they are not able to achieve it in their real life. What they don’t understand is that a photograph is just a moment and not the entire life of others. They don’t know the reality behind the picture. Sometimes, we see people happy in pictures but in reality, they are struggling with some other aspect of their life and the rest of the world doesn’t even know that.

This superfluous comparison leads people into a frenzy of competition to acquire a life that they don’t even want.

Imagine, just because someone has posted their travel pictures from the Maldives on social media, you start saving to travel to the Maldives when you don’t even like beaches. You have been a mountain person all your life but now you are going to the Maldives because a random person on social media looked happy in his picture on his social media account. That’s crazy!

If this insane and illogical comparison and competitiveness has changed your perspective of a happy and content life, then you seriously need to consider taking a social media detox. You need a time-out to breathe in the real world and relieve yourself of the pressure of achieving a life that’s not even your preferred one.

Try to reconnect with your real life, your family, and friends in the real world without the interruption from the social media world that has begun to rule your life. Enjoy having a cup of tea if you like and not a cup of coffee because random people on social media have made drinking coffee a trend.

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