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We support Janta Curfew On 22nd March: Do You??

We support Janta Curfew On 22nd March: Do You??_30.1

What you should know about Janta Curfew

Due to the coronavirus scare, people have to isolate and quarantine themselves from others. It is the only way to prevent the spread of the virus to others. Prime minister of India Shri Narendra Modi has urged in his keynote address to the nation in the wake of the coronavirus epidemic to observe a Janta curfew so that it will enable restraint in the spread of the pandemic.

Why it’s needed

The social distancing initiative will help to curb the spread and enable the country to avoid possible danger, which gets witnessed in countries like Italy, Iran, and others. The curfew will be of 14 hours, wherein the prime minister has urged the citizens to stay indoors and avoid public areas. The essential services will be on standby at all times such as 

  • Police
  • Media
  • Medical services
  • Others

March 22nd will have a Janta curfew from 7 am to 9 pm.

Significance of holding a Janta curfew or social distancing for India

The logic behind the curfew is still not clear to many people who have questioned whether a 14 hours curfew will take away the coronavirus scare from the country.

For those questioning the Janta curfew need to know:

The life span of the coronavirus is 12 hours in one place, and if the people don’t go to such places or touch them or be in contact with such places during the 14 hours imposed curfew, the chain of spreading will break. And there will be lesser cases of infected people.

As you see, it is done for the welfare of the people and trying to keep them safe and healthy. The curfew has to be followed as we have to protect our nation as well as its people. It is time to unite and keep our people secure during the coronavirus pandemic.

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