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UPTET / NVS 2019 : Practice English Questions Now | 5th September 2019

UPTET / NVS 2019 : Practice English Questions Now | 5th September 2019_30.1

Today, We are providing you the English Questions which help you to evaluate your performance by attempting these questions on regular basis. On daily basis, we will try to provide a variety of study material for English language or English Pedagogy section. These questions will help you a lot to prepare well in Language section in each teaching competitive examination like CTET, HTET Exam, KVS, DSSSB, NVS,UPTET etc.
Directions (Q. Nos. 1-3) Identify the appropriate alternative for filling in the blanks in the sentences given below.

Q01. Wordsworth was one of …… English poets of the romantic age.
(a) a greater
(b) the greatest 
(c) the great
(d) more great 
Q02. No sooner did he arrive at the station ……… the train left.
(a) when 
(b) while
(c) than 
(d) where
Q03. Roshan would have failed, ……. He not studied throughout the year.
(a) provided 
(b) had
(d) if
Directions (Q. NOS. 4-5): Choose the correct pronoun to complete the sentences.

Q04. You and …… must work together.
(a) me 
(b) my
(c) him
(d) I 
Q05. She has gone to Chennai, ……. is her birthplace.
(a) where
(b) who
(c) which
(d) that
Q06. Choose the correct prefix for the following words
Belief, respect
(a) Mis
(b) Non
(c) Dis
(d) Un
Q07. Choose one word substitution’ for the bold part of the sentence given below. 
Successful persons always look to the brighter side of the life.
(a) Pessimistic
(b) Optimistic
(c) Hopeful
(d) Careful
Directions (Q. Nos. 08 and 09): Fill in the blanks with the words given blow. 
Q08. Mrs. Sharma always wants to enjoy a …… life
(a) laxorious 
(b) luxorous
(c) laxurious 
(d) luxurious
Q09. Emperor Ashoka became …….. after he had won the war against Kalinga.
(a) magnanimous
(b) magananimus
(c) magnanemus
(d) magnnimous
Direction (Q. Nos. 10): Mark the synonym for the words given blow.
Q10. Pardon
(a) Give
(b) Punish
(c) Forgive
(d) Furnish
S1. Ans.(b)
One of the greatest English poets.
S2. Ans.(c)
No sooner did he arrive the station than the train left.
S3. Ans.(b)
Roshan would have failed, had he not studied throughout the year.
S4. Ans.(d)
I is correct
S5. Ans.(d)
That is correct
S6. Ans.(c)
Dis is correct prefix.
S7. Ans.(b)
Optimistic → person who always looks to the brighter side of the life.
S8. Ans.(d)
Luxurious life
S9. Ans.(a)
S10. Ans.(c)

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