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UPTET Exam Analysis 2022 Get Detailed UPTET Exam Analysis of Paper 2

UPTET Exam Analysis: Finally, the UPTET Exam is over. As scheduled the Paper-II of the UPTET exam has been concluded on 23rd January 2022 at 5 pm. In the morning, Paper-I was has been concluded at 12 pm.  As the second shift of the UPTET is for the second shift for the Upper primary level (Paper-2) is over now, we are here with the detailed and in-depth UPTET exam analysis. In this article, we are sharing the difficulty level of the UPTET paper 2  and the type of question asked in the exam. It can be expected that the official UPTET Answer Key will be released within 7 days after the UPTET exam.

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UPTET Exam Analysis Paper 1

UPTET Exam Analysis 2022 : Overview:

The candidates can refer to the following table to get all the relevant information regarding the UPTET Exam 2022 at a glance.

Exam Name Uttar Pradesh Teacher Eligibility Test
Conducting Body Uttar Pradesh Basic Education Board (UPBEB)
Exam Level State Level
Mode of Application Online
UPTET Exam Shift Session 1- 10:00 am to 12:30 pm & Session 2- 02:30 pm to 05:00 pm
Exam Mode Off-Line

UPTET Exam Analysis 2022: Exam Pattern

UPTET Primary Level (Paper 1) Exam:

Sections Number of Questions Total Marks Duration
Child Development and Methodology and Pedagogy 30 30 2 hour 30 minutes
Language 1 (Hindi) 30 30
 Language II (English) 30 30
Mathematics 30 30
Environmental Studies 30 30
Total 150 150


UPTET Primary Level (Paper 2) Exam:

Sections Number of Questions Total Marks Duration
Child Development and Methodology and Pedagogy(Compulsory) 30 30 2 hour 30 minutes
Language I (Hindi) 30 30
Language II (English) 30 30
(a). Mathematics & Science
(b). Social Studies/ Social Science
60 60
Total 150 150

UPTET Exam Analysis: UPTET Exam Schedule

UPTET Exam 2022 has been conducted in two shifts- Shift-I and Shift-II. UPTET Exam 2021of  Primary level Teachers exam (i.e Paper 1)  had conducted in the 1st shift (10:00 am to 12:30 pm) and the Upper Primary Teachers exam (1. e- Paper 2) was conducted in 2nd shift (02:30 pm to 05:00 pm).

UPTET Exam Date UPTET Paper 1 UPTET Paper 2
23rd January 2022 10:00 AM to 12:30 PM 2:30 PM to 5: 00 PM


Important Highlights of UPTET Exam Analysis 2022

  • UPTET has been conducted on 23rd January 2022 in two shifts.
  • The first shift is for the primary level (Paper-1) and the second shift for the Upper primary level (Paper-2).
  • The Detailed UPTET 2022 Exam analysis has been given below.

Overall UPTET Exam Analysis for Paper 1 [Primary Teacher]

The second shift of the UPTET Exam has over now. As per the student review, the overall exam is moderate in nature.  In 2022, the UPTET Exam was moderate to difficult in nature, Child Pedagogy Section is difficult. Maths was quite easy to moderate this time. Science was moderate, while Language One i.e., Hindi is easy and Language Two i.e., English is also easy to moderate. An overall good attempt is 105-112..

Subject Name Total Question Asked Good Attempt Difficulty Level
Child Development & Pedagogy 30 22-23 Moderate
Language I (Hindi) 30 23-25 Moderate
Language II (English or Sanskrit or Urdu) 30 24-25 Moderate
Mathematics 30 22-25 Moderate
Science 30 23-26 Easy-Moderate
Social Studies 60 39-45 Moderate
 Good Attempt 150 105-112 Moderate

Subject Wise UPTET Exam Analysis 2021:

Child Development and Pedagogy:

The child development and pedagogy sections were moderate. More than 10 questions were asked from the learning theories topic. Child development was the scoring subject of this exam because the most question was easy in both Paper.

Topic Questions Asked
 Instinct 1
Personality Test 2-3
Purpose of TET 1
Consolidation Theory (Creativity) 1
Who has given the Concept of Educational Quotient for backward children ? 1
Characteristics of a Good Test 1
Theories of Intelligence 1
Ductless Gland 1
Piaget (Second Stage of Cognitive Development) 1
Subject Method of Educational Psychology 1
Albert Bandura 1
Cause of Plateau in Learning Curve 1
Mirror Drawing Test 1
Cloud Picture Test 1
Factor Influencing Physical Development 1
Formula of I.Q. 1
Who described Reflective Thinking 1
Levels of Inductive Reasoning 1
failure in retention and recall of learnt content is ? 1
Trainable I.Q. Level of mentally retarded children 1
Rorschach Ink Blot test 1
Cause of forgetting 1
Science which deals with method of collection, classifying, presenting and interpreting numerical data. 1
Median 1
Theory of Insight 1
McDougall 1
Giving meaning to sensation on basis of past experience with? 1
Good Attempts 22-23

Hindi Language

The Hindi language was comparatively easy to Moderate in nature. Most questions were asked from the grammar  & literature section. One passage is asked in the exam. There were very few questions from the Language pedagogy section. No poetry was asked in the exam.

Topic Questions Asked
समास 1-2
रस 1-2
कारक 2-3
वाक्य प्रकार 1-2
क्रिया 1
शैली 1-2
रचनाकार 2-3
शुद्ध अशुद्ध शंब्द 1-2
संधि विच्छेद 1-2
पर्यायवाची शब्द 1-2
अलंकार 1
तत्सम तद्भव 1
संज्ञा 1
Good Attempts 23-25

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English Language: 

The English language was almost the same as the previous shift. In this subject, most questions were asked from basic grammar and vocabulary topics. There were no questions asked from the Language pedagogy section. There is no passage in the language section.

Topic Questions Asked
Fillers 1-2
Conjunction 1-2
Noun, Adverb, Verb 3-4
Type Of Sentence 2-3
Active  & Passive voice 1-2
Synonyms & Antonyms 2-3
Idiom 1
Article 1
Passage 10
Simile 1
Active Voice 1
Good Attempt 24-25



The Science section was moderate in nature. In this section, most questions were asked from the Secondary Level Textbooks.

Topic Questions Asked
Sound Wave 1
Colour of earth Wiring in Household wriring? 1
kirchhoff’s current law 1
what is silk farming 1
All organisms belonging to Kingdom Protista are? 1
Pigmentation associated with Germination of Seed 1
Tissue that connects one bone to another? 1
Viviparous germination of seed occurs in ? 1
SI unit of Heat is ? 1
Momentum 1
Formula of Pressure, force and area 1
Mica is used in cooking utensil because? 1
Angle of dip at Magnetics pole of earth? 1
The source of oxygen as byproduct of photosynthesis? 1
Component of blood that prevents clotting in intact blood vessels 1
Islets of Langerhans are present in? 1
Enzymes 1
An acid which is also a vitamin 1
the monomer of natural rubber is 1
which compound has the highest boiling point ? 1
Rutherford’s Alpha particle scattering experiment 1
Heterogenous mixture 1
Structure of Atom 1
Coal & petroleum 1
Oxidation & reduction 1
Wavelength 1
Good Attempt 23-26


Mathematics was moderate this time as compared to the previous year. In mathematics, most questions were asked from advanced mathematics.

Topic Questions Asked
Decimal number equivalent of Binary Number(1101) 1-2
Number System 1-2
Data Interpretation 1-2
Set & Function 1-2
Algebra 1-2
LCM & HCF 1-2
mensuration 1-2
Mean Median Mode 1-2
Remainder Theory 1-2
percentage 1-2
ration & proportion 1-2
Cyclic Quadrilateral 1-2
Good Attempts 22-25

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Social Studies: 

Social Studies section was moderate in nature same as previous year. Mainly question directly asked from the NCERT Books

Topic Questions Asked
Bhilai Steel Plant 1
Sedimentary Rock 1
Tail of a comet always points ? 1
which one of the following associates with fault 1
Tropic dessert 1
which part of Indian Constitution deals with Fundamental Rights 1
Amendment of Constitution that deals with the issues of strengthening of Panchayat? 1
Location of International Court of Justice 11
Schedule of Indian Constitution that deals with Population Control and family planning 1
Directive principles related to Foreign Policy? 1
Inversion temperature means? 1
Rihand Project 1
Location of Shipki La mountain pass 1
Social studies teacher should have knowledge of subject matter and? 1
Most useful teaching material for Geography 1
Writer of Ashtadhyayee 1
Second Buddhist council was during the resign of ? 1
Akbar constructed Ibadat-Khana in ? 1
Arya Samaj was founded in which year? 1
Associated of Kakori Case 1
Suitable teaching aid to show proportion, size and shape of continents? 1
Suitable method of geography teaching 1
A universal language of the map can be understood by the way of ? 1
U-shaped valley is formed by? 1
Capital of Australia 1
Founder of Din-i-Ilahi 1
In whose reign did Hsuan-Tsang come to India? 1
Which emperors was called Qalandar 1
The Governor-General who partitioned Bengal 1
Kunwar Singh was Zamindar of which state? 1
Shuddh and Vikrit in Hindustani Sangeet? 1
With which Gayaki Char Taal is Used? 1
Tabla Players 1
Location of First National Games 1
Who said, “Today India does not need Geeta but need a football ground” 1
Progeny of Nucleus seed 1
Location of Central Institute of Medicinal and Aroma Plant 1
Location of Central Food Technological Research 1
Preservative used in Jelly making 1
Community Development Program started in which year 1
Number of Ribs in human Body 1
T.A.B vaccine 1
International Yoga Day 1
Good Attempts 39-45



UPTET Exam Cutoff 2021

 cut off marks are required to qualify for the UPTET examination. The table below shows the category-wise UPTET cutoffs.The Cutoff marks are the minimum marks that candidates must score to get qualified in the exam

Category % of Marks Required Marks (Out of 150)
General 60 90
OBC/SC/ST 55 82

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