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Teaching Aptitude Quiz for 2016-17 Exams

Teaching Aptitude Quiz for 2016-17 Exams_30.1

1.The main characteristic of scientific research is :
(D)all of the above 

2.Authenticity of a research finding is its :
(D)All of the above 

3.Which technique is generally followed when the population is finite ?
(A)Area Sampling Technique
(B)Purposive Sampling Technique
(C)Systematic Sampling Technique 
(D)None of the above

4.Education is a powerful instrument of :
(A)Social transformation
(B)Personal transformation
(C)Cultural transformation 
(D)All the above 

5.A teacher’s major contribution towards the maximum self-realization of the student is affected through :
(A)Constant fulfilment of the students’ needs
(B)Strict control of class-room activities
(C)Sensitivity to students’ needs, goals and purposes 
(D)Strict reinforcement of academic standards

6.Research problem is selected from the stand point of :
(A)Researcher’s interest
(B)Financial support
(C)Social relevance
(D)Availability of relevant literature

7.Which one is called non-probability sampling ?
(A)Cluster sampling
(B)Quota sampling 
(C)Systematic sampling
(D)Stratified random sampling

8.Formulation of hypothesis may NOT be required in :
(A)Survey method
(B)Historical studies
(C)Experimental studies
(D)Normative studies 

9.Field-work based research is classified as :

10.A research problem is feasible only when :
(A)it has utility and relevance
(B)it is researchable
(C)it is new and adds something to knowledge
(D)all the above