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Teaching Aptitude Quiz for 2016-17 Exams

Teaching Aptitude Quiz for 2016-17 Exams_30.1

1.Verbal guidance is least effective in the learning of :

2.Teacher uses visual-aids to make learning :
(B)more knowledgeable

3. Discussion Method can be used when :
(A) The topic is very difficult
(B) The topic is easy
(C) The topic is difficult 
(D) All the above

4. Which of the following comprise teaching skill :
(A) Black Board writing
(B) Questioning
(C) Explaining
(D) All the above 

5.The teacher has been glorified by the phrase “Friend, philosopher and guide” because :
(A)He has to play all vital roles in the context of society 
(B)He transmits the high value of humanity to students
(C)He is the great reformer of the society
(D)He is a great patriot

6.Which of the following teacher, will be liked most :
(A)A teacher of high idealistic attitude
(B)A loving teacher
(C)A teacher who is disciplined
(D)A teacher who often amuses his students
7. Which of the following is not instructional material ?
(A) Over Head Projector
(B) Audio Casset
(C) Printed Material
(D) Transparency 

8. Assessments that are used to monitor and improve a process while it is still going on are called __________ assessments.

9. According to Swami Vivekananda, teacher’s success depends on :
(A)His renunciation of personal gain and service to others
(B)His professional training and creativity
(C)His concentration on his work and duties with a spirit of obedience to God
(D)His mastery on the subject and capacity in controlling the students
10. Team teaching has the potential to develop :
(A) Competitive spirit
(B) Cooperation
(C) The habit of supplementing the teaching of each other ==
(D) Highlighting the gaps in each other’s teaching