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Teaching Aptitude Quiz for 2016-17 Exams

Teaching Aptitude Quiz for 2016-17 Exams_30.1

1. Good instruction focuses on the _____, while effective instruction focuses on the _____ .
A)textbook objectives; teacher objectives
B)teacher’s plans; textbook plans
C)teacher’s instruction; students’ learning 
D)teacher’s activities; textbook tests
2. The behaviors students are expected to perform on assessments of achievement should be related to
A)higher-level thinking processes.
B)the objectives and instruction provided.
C)things all students have learned to do.
D)skills all teachers could be expected to emphasize.
3. What characteristic makes an assessment one that is focused upon assessing achievement?
A)It is constructed by the classroom teacher.
B)Many different classroom teachers would agree upon the assessment procedures.
C)The tasks are new to the students.
D)The assessment gathers information about what was taught. 
4. Teachers should conduct reviews before testing for all of the following reasons EXCEPT
A)to refresh students on objectives taught early in the unit.
B)to provide a final opportunity to practice important behaviors and skills.
C)to teach students the answers to specific questions that will likely appear on the test. 
D)to provide students an opportunity to ask questions about concepts that are unclear.
5.Which of the following is the most important preparation for formal achievement testing?
A)Providing students with good instruction 
B)Teaching students test wise skills
C)Providing students with chapter reviews contained in textbooks
D)Using effective oral questioning techniques during reviews
6. Which of the following testing scenarios would result in invalid test results?
A)A teacher conducts a review session that covers many of the same questions that will appear on the actual test.
B)Although Jake hasn’t mastered the content knowledge, he uses good test wise strategies and performs well on the test.
C)A teacher includes test questions that were covered in textbook content but weren’t addressed during actual classroom instruction.
D)All of these. 
7.Academic learning time is
A)engaged time in which students show a high success rate. 
B)time in which students are actively involved in a subject.
C)allocated time with academic subjects.
D)time scheduled for an academic subject.
8. Discipline problems are most likely to occur during
A)lecture and seatwork.
D)wait time.

9. Which educational researcher analyzed effective classroom management, identifying such skills as withitness, overlapping, and avoidance of fragmentation?
A)Jacob Kounin 
B)Arno Bellack
C)Mary Budd Rowe
D)Robert Slavin
10.Who studied and analyzed the pedagogical cycle?
A)Jacob Kounin
B)Arno Bellack 
C)Jere Brophy
D)John Goodlad