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Teaching Aptitude Quiz for 2016-17 Exams

Teaching Aptitude Quiz for 2016-17 Exams_30.1

1.The research is always –
(A)verifying the old knowledge
(B)exploring new knowledge
(C)filling the gap between knowledge
(D)all of these
2. Assessments that are used to monitor and improve a process while it is still going on are called __________ assessments.
3. School districts maintain central record files on their students. These files include test scores, grades, and promotion and placement history. These files contain information related to which type of assessment?
C)Planning instruction
D)Delivering instruction
4. A test is best defined as a
A)task requiring students to exhibit their best performance.
B)set of questions about a specific content area.
C)situation requiring students to solve problems.
D)procedure for sampling the behavior of students. 

5.The research that applies the laws at the time of field study to draw more and more clear ideas about the problem is :
(A)Applied research
(B)Action research
(C)Experimental research
(D)None of these
6. A teacher is planning a final exam. She/he should decide what types of items to include based on
A)the intended difficulty of the test.
B)whether the exam is to be diagnostic or for grading.
C)how well the students did on topics during instruction.
D)the tasks suggested by her objectives.
7. Which of the following types of tests is intended to assess achievement on a particular unit of instruction?
A)A teacher-made test 
B)A standardized achievement test
C)An ability test
D)A state proficiency test

8.Which of the following classroom activities would result in a product to assess?
A)Participating in a debate
B)Answering oral questions
C)Reading aloud
D)Writing a poem 
9. Good instruction focuses on the _____, while effective instruction focuses on the _____ .
A)textbook objectives; teacher objectives
B)teacher’s plans; textbook plans
C)teacher’s instruction; students’ learning 
D)teacher’s activities; textbook tests

10. Which of the following objectives would be most appropriately assessed with an essay?
A)Given a set of diagrams of atoms, identify which are inert gases.
B)Given the necessary equipment, light a Bunsen burner.
C)Given a set of lab notes, interpret the results of an experiment. 
D)Given an element’s atomic weight, locate it on the periodic table.