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Teaching Aptitude Quiz for 2016-17 Exam

Teaching Aptitude Quiz for 2016-17 Exam_30.1

1. What is most important while writing on blackboard ?
(a) Good writing
(b) Clarity in writing
(c) Writing in big letters
(d) Writing in small letters
2. As a principal you will encourage your teacher colleagues to—
(a) Participate in seminars and conferences in India and abroad
(b) Participate in refresher courses for enhancement of subject knowledge
(c) Doing community services for enlistment of downtrodden
(d) All of the above

3. What among the following is the main purpose of state certification of teachers ?
(a) Monitor the quality of teacher training institutions
(b) Provide for a uniform standard of entry-level teacher competency throughout the state
(c) Exclude from the profession those not trained in pedagogy
(d) Exclude from the profession those who are mentally unhealthy

4. Moral values can be effectively inculcated among the students when the teacher
(a)Frequently talks about values
(b) Himself practices them
(c) Tells stories of great persons
(d) Talks of Gods and Goddesses

5. Which one of the following is not a gifted sign of a child?
(a) Early development of a sense of time
(b) Interest in encyclopaedias and dictionaries
(c) Uneasy relationships with peers.
(d) Easy retention of facts

6. Child Labour Prohibition Act (1986)—
(a) Prohibits all types of child labour upto 14 years of age of child
(b) Prohibits child labour in risk-taking works only
(c) Prohibits child labour during school hours only
(d) Prohibits child labour by imposing the responsibility of children’s education on the employers

7.A successful teacher is one who is
(a) Compassionate and disciplinarian
(b) Quite and reactive
(c) Tolerant and dominating
(d) Passive and active

8. The key difference between evolutionary and cultural change is that evolutionary change alters __________ whereas cultural change alters ____________.
(a) Reproduction; environment
(b) Heredity; environment
(c) Environment; behavior
(d) Development; learning

9. The best method of checking student’s homework is—
(a) To assign it to intelligent students of the class
(b) To check the answers in the class in group manner
(c) To check them with the help of specimen answer
(d) To check by the teacher himself in a regular way
10. The majority of psychologists think that development is due
(a) largely to nature.
(b) Largely to nurture.
(c) To nature and nurture acting separately.
(d) To an interaction of nature and nurture.