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Teachersadda Daily FREE Videos -PDFs: 9th May 202

The search for daily video study material for teaching aspirants is over now. Teachersadda brings to the candidates a one-stop platform for all the video study material offered on all the ongoing Teaching Exams 2022. Candidates can easily prepare for all the upcoming teaching Exams in 2022 like CTET, Bihar TET, UP B.Ed JEE, DSSSB, REET, KVS, UPTET, and more. In these daily videos, Teachersadda is providing comprehensive and compact study material for the candidates who are preparing for these highly competitive teaching exams.


Watch video on CTET/REET/Bihar TET 2022 | English | Complete English Grammar Tricks #11 | By Nidhi Arora


Watch video on CTET/REET/Bihar TET 2022 | CDP By Ashish Sir | Learning Theories – Thorndike, Pavlov, Skinner/Kohler


Watch video on CTET/REET/Bihar TET 2022 | CTET Hindi | MCQ + THEORY #39 | By Navneet Chaturvedi

Watch video on CTET/REET/Bihar TET 2022 | EVS By Solanki Sir | Class #45

Watch video on DSSSB 2022 | DSSSB PGT Commerce | CAPITAL STRUCTURE #58 | By Meenakshi Anand

Watch video on UP B.ed 2022 | UP B.ed Reasoning | Syllogism #3 | By Vinay Tiwari


Watch video on  UP B.ed 2022 | English Preparation | English #10 | By Nidhi Arora


Watch video on UP B.ED 2022 | UP B.ed Commerce Classes 2022 | Partnership – Basic Concept #15 | By Meenakshi Anand



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