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Social Science Questions For CTET Exam:27th March 2019(Solutions)

Social Science Questions For CTET Exam:27th March 2019(Solutions)_30.1
Dear Readers, Everything that studies our society and the way we interact with each other in it, is a social science.This section NOT ONLY comes CTET Exam 2018 but also come in other TET Exam also i.e UPTET Exam 2018, PTET Exam 2018 & DSSSB Exam 2018 etc. So, we will provide you the questions which will help you in preparing for Exam.

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Q1. The first marine sanctuary in India, having within its bounds coral reefs, Mollusca, dolphins, tortoises and various kinds of sea birds, has been established in : 
(a) Sunderbans 
(b) Chilka Lake
(c) Gulf of Kachchh 
(d) Lakshadweep
Q2. At the time of the summer solstice in the northern hemisphere the length of the day will be 12 hours at the–
(a) Tropic of Cancer 
(b) Tropic of Capricorn
(c) Arctic circle 
(d) Equator 
Q3. The Ozone layer lies in the –
(a) Troposphere 
(b) Tropopause 
(c) Stratosphere 
(d) Photosphere 
Q4. Which one of the following layers of the atmosphere is responsible for the deflection of radio waves ? 
(a) Troposphere 
(b) Stratosphere 
(c) Mesosphere 
(d) Ionosphere 
Q5. Which one of the following pairs of states and tribes is not correctly matched ? 
(a) Assam-Miri
(b) Nagaland-Konyak
(c) Arunchal Pradesh-Apatani 
(d) Madhya Pradesh-Lambada 
Q6. Which one of the following sets of states stands to benefit the most from the Konkan Railway ? 
(a) Goa, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Kerala 
(b) Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Tamilnadu, Kerala 
(c) Tamilnadu, Kerala, Goa, Maharashtra
(d) Goa, Kerala 
Q7. Willy Willy is–
(a) a type of tree grown in temperate regions 
(b) a wind that blows in a desert 
(c) a tropical cyclone of north-west Australia 
(d) a kind of Common fish found near Lakshadweep Islands 
Q8. Richter scale is a/an …….. side to measure earth tremors. 
(a) Exponential 
(b) Logarithmic 
(c) geometric 
(d) Physical 
Q9. Where is the Doldrums Belt is located ? 
(a) Near the equator 
(b) Near the poles 
(c) Near the Tropic Cancer 
(d) Near the Tropic of Capricorn 
Q10. To which of the following types does the natural vegetation of the Western Ghats belong? 
(a) Alpine 
(b) Deciduous 
(c) Evergreen 
(d) mangrove 
S1. Ans.(d)
S2. Ans.(c)
S3. Ans.(c)
S4. Ans.(d)
S5. Ans.(d)
S6. Ans.(a)
S7. Ans.(c)
S8. Ans.(b)
S9. Ans.(a)
S10. Ans.(c)

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