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Social Science Questions For CTET Exam:26th March 2019(Solutions)

Social Science Questions For CTET Exam:26th March 2019(Solutions)_30.1
Dear Readers, Everything that studies our society and the way we interact with each other in it, is a social science.This section NOT ONLY comes CTET Exam 2018 but also come in other TET Exam also i.e UPTET Exam 2018, PTET Exam 2018 & DSSSB Exam 2018 etc. So, we will provide you the questions which will help you in preparing for Exam.

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Q1. Which of the following reasons makes the domestic servant Kanta feel that she is not equal to other personal ?
(a) Her work is very tiring, but even at the end of the day, she has to stand in a line to get medicines from the government hospital 
(b) Even though her child is sick, she cannot be absent from duty 
(c) She lives in a slum with a drain flowing behind her home 
(d) All of the above
Q2. Why was Omprakash Valmiki treated unequally by his teacher and his classmates ? 
(a) His Father misbehaved with the teacher 
(b) He was born into a Dalit caste 
(c) He shouted at the teacher and so was punished 
(d) He was smaller and weaker than all his classmates 
Q3. Why were the Ansari’s treated unequally ? 
(a) They belonged to the minority community 
(b) They were foreigners 
(c) They had recently shifted from the village 
(d) They used to eat non-vegetarian food
Q4. Which was the first state to implement the midday meal programme?
(a) Delhi
(b) Kerala
(c) Tamil Nadu
(d) West Bengal 
Q5. How is the midday meal programme helping to promote greater equality ? 
(a) Everywhere the meal is cooked by Dalit women only
(b) By making children of all casted and religions eat the food together 
(c) By ensuring that the same items are eaten by both the rich and poor children 
(d) All of the above
Q6. Which famous Indian made the following statement : “Nothing is more disgraceful for a brave man than to live life devoid of self-respect.”
(a) Rosa Parks
(b) Omprakash Valmiki
(c) Dr. BR Ambedkar
(d) Shafiq Ansari 
Q7. Which are the two ways by which Article 15 of the Indian Constitution addresses inequality ? 
(a) The State and any individual shall not discriminate against anybody 
(b) The government and its officers shall not discriminate against anybody 
(c) All citizens and diplomates shall not discriminate against anybody
(d) All men and women shall not discriminate against anybody 
Q8. Which of the following subjects are covered under Disabilities Act, 1995 ? 
(a) The government has to provide free education and integrate children with disabilities into mainstream schools 
(b) All public places including schools should be accessible to disabled persons and be provided with ramps
(c) Government should make possible for the full participation of disabled persons in society 
(d) All of the above 
Q9. Why do the disadvantaged people like the Tawa Matasya Sangh refer to the Indian Constitution as a ‘living document’? 
(a) Because it was made by people who are still alive 
(b) Because it can be read by everybody 
(c) Because it has real meaning in their lives as it recognizes the equality of all citizens 
(d) Because it is an inspiration for poetry and songs about equality 
Q10. What issue was the Tawa Matasya Sangh fighting for ? 
(a) Employment in government service for the displaced persons 
(b) A pension to compensate for their lost livelihoods 
(c) Fishing rights for the residents of the forest when the forest was cut down 
(d) Fishing right for the persons displaced due to construction of the Tawa Dam 
S1. Ans.(d)
S2. Ans.(b)
S3. Ans.(a)
S4. Ans.(c)
S5. Ans.(b)
S6. Ans.(c)
S7. Ans.(a)
S8. Ans.(d)
S9. Ans.(c)

S10. Ans.(d)

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