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Social Science (History) Questions For CTET Exam 3rd June 2019 (Solutions)

Social Science (History) Questions For CTET Exam 3rd June 2019 (Solutions)_30.1
Dear Readers, Everything that studies our society and the way we interact with each other in it, is a social science.This section NOT ONLY comes CTET Exam 2018 but also come in other TET Exam also i.e UPTET Exam 2018, PTET Exam 2018 & DSSSB Exam 2018 etc. So, we will provide you the questions which will help you in preparing for Exam.
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Q1. Cited below are some sites and present-day States where the evidences of grain and bones of domestic animals have been found
Name of the Site 
A. Chirand 
B. Koldihwa 
C. Burzahom 
D. Hallur 

Present-day State 
I. Kashmir 
II. Uttar Pradesh 
III. Karnataka 
IV. Bihar 
The correct match of the above two columns is

Social Science (History) Questions For CTET Exam 3rd June 2019 (Solutions)_40.1

Q2. Which of the following was not a reason for hunter-gatherers to move from place to place?
(a) Staying at one place would deplete resources
(b) To follow movement of animals which the hunted
(c) To fight for resources with another group of hunter-gatherers
(d) To search for water resources
Q3. Ancient Rock Paintings have been found in
(a) Karnataka and Tamil Nadu
(b) Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh
(c) Andhra Pradesh and Odisha
(d) Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh
Q4. How many years ago did the Indus Valley Civilisation exist?
(a) About 2000 years
(b) About 10000 years
(c) About 8000 years
(d) About 5000 years
Q5. Why did the Harappan people employ lime and burnt bricks, which were costly instead of sundried bricks for construction?
(a) The climate was moist due to the cities being on the banks of rivers
(b) Their knowledge of technology was high
(c) Sun drying was difficult job to do
(d) They planned their activities properly
Q6. In which state of India have the largest number of Harappan sites been found?
(a) North-East Uttar Pradesh
(b) Gujarat
(c) Punjab
(d) Jammu and Kashmir
Q7. According to Arthashastra, during Mauryan period North-West was important for
(a) cotton
(b) gold and previous stones
(c) silver and copper
(d) blanket
Q8. The famous conquest of Kalinga by the Mauryan ruler Ashoka was fought in present day
(a) Kerala
(b) Andhra Pradesh
(c) Karnataka
(d) Odisha
Q9. Which of the following areas was known as Magadh in the ancient period?
(a) South of Ganga
(b) Between Ganga and Yamuna
(c) North of Ganga
(d) Between Yamuna and Chambal
Q10. Many of Chanakya’s ideas were written in a book called the
(a) Atharvaveda
(b) Arthashastra
(d) Dharmashastras
S1. Ans.(c)Chirand is a archaeological site in the Saran district of Bihar, India, situated on the northern bank of the Ganga River. It has a large pre-historic mound which is known for its continuous archaeological record from the Neolithic age to the reign of the Pal dynasty who ruled during the pre-medieval period.
Koldihwa is an archaeological site in Uttar Pradesh, India. It is situated in the valleys of Belan River near village Devghat. Along with Mahagara, it is one of the few Neolithic sites in Uttar Pradesh.
The Burzahom archaeological site is located in the Kashmir Valley of the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir. Archaeological excavations have revealed four phases of cultural significance between 3000 BC and 1000 BC.
Hallur is an archaeological site located in the Haveri district (which was carved out of Dharwad district), in the Indian state of Karnataka
S2. Ans.(c)
S3. Ans.(d)
S4. Ans.(d)The Indus Civilization has its roots in the earlier farming villages of the greater Indus Valley region, dating back to from 7000-5000 BC. 
S5. Ans.(a)
S6. Ans.(b)
S7. Ans.(d)
S8. Ans.(d)
S9. Ans.(a)
S10. Ans.(b)Chandragupta was supported by a wise man named Chanakya or Kautilya. Many of Chanakya’s ideas were written down in a book called the Arthashastra. 
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