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Science Quiz (Pedagogy) for CTET Exam 2016

Science Quiz (Pedagogy) for CTET Exam 2016_30.1

1.The students will able to ‘recall the facts. In above statement the given word ‘recall’ is called-
C.Action verb

2.Which of the following action verb will be used in the knowledge objective of the taxonomy of Bloom?
B.Name and list
D.All of the above
3. Lesson planning in Life Science should be guided primarily by the consideration of-
A. the curriculum goals and learning outcomes
B. providing pupils with work
C. meeting the needs of the average child in the class
D. satisfying parents
4. A teacher is conducting a demonstration to motivate students, but the demonstration does not result in the expected outcome. The teacher is best advised to-
A. finds out and explains the cause of failure of the demonstration by involving students
B. sends a note to the Science co-coordinator, asking him to come to the room
C. with hold the demonstration and do it again
D. tell the class that the demonstration failed and ask them determine the reason

5. Which of the following provides more freedom to the learner to interact?
A. excursion
B. lecture by experts
C. seminar
D. small group discussions

6. A newcomer teacher who is misbehaved in the class will deal with the students by-
A. giving them warning of expulsion
B. improving his qualities and expressing this before the students
C. applying punitive measures
D. changing his class

7. How the students should be motivated to get success in life?
A. by selected study
B. by incidental study
C. learning by recitation
D. by intensive study

8.A teacher find some of his students exceptionally bright and intelligent. How will he teach them?
A.Along with higher classes
B.Using enriched curriculum
C.As per his wish
D.Along with rest of the class

9.Teaching aids are helpful because they-
A.Help’s teacher works
B.Activate all senses
C.Help student to be attentive
D.Make learning more meaningful

10.A teacher learns maximum from the-