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Science Quiz (Pedagogy) for CTET Exam 2016

Science Quiz (Pedagogy) for CTET Exam 2016_30.1
1. Four applicants for a post TGT Science were asked to plan a lesson on “Consequences
 of Deforestation”. Which one of the following lesson plans reflects the scientific approach?
A. includes activities that children can perform in groups and draw conclusions through a power point presentation
B. explain in detail the consequences of deforestation
C. mention about the use of lots of ICT to help the students to understand the concept
D. provides a variety of examples to explain the concept

2. The main aim of conducting Mathematics and Science Olympiads is to –
A. helps students score high marks in professional examinations
B. promote excellence in the subject by nurturing creativity and experimentation
C. grade school based on the performance of their students
D. grade students according to their capabilities

3. Most Boards of Education have banned the dis section of animals because –
A. there is a need to sensitive students to prevention of cruelty to animals
B. animals are no longer available to dis section
C. they may spread new diseases
D. procuring animals has become an expensive proposition

4. Ms. Patel. Principal of a school XYZ is keen about integrated approach to teaching of Science rather than teaching different disciplines separately. The basis of this is –
A. difficulty of students to adjust to different teachers
B. all the disciplines are interlinked and a teacher can draw on cross-curricular linkages
C. non-availability of qualified teachers in her school to teach separate disciplines
D. difficulty to adjust the teachers in the time-table

5. A teacher plans to teach “Components of Food” in class VI. Which of the following can be used as an essential question?
A. Does your mother prepare a definite set of food items for lunch every day?
B. List the food items your mother serves you in lunch?
C. Do you eat all the items served in your lunch every day?
D. Why does your mother serve you a meal with a variety of food items?

6.Poems and stories are effective in transacting the themes of EVS. This is because poems and stories-
I.Can be rich depiction of the child’s environment
II.Can provide contextual learning environment
III.Can explain various abstract concepts effectively
IV.Can nurture creativity and  aesthetic sense
A.A, B and  D
B.Only C
C.Only B
D.A and B

7.As a newly appointed EVS teacher in a school, your foremost priority before beginning to teach would be to
A.Identify the slow learner in the class
B.Prepare detailed chapter wise notes for learners
C.Prepare socio cultural profile of leaners
D.Prepare lesson plan in advance

8. Which one of the following is not the objective of teaching of science at upper primary stage?
A. acquiring technological skills
B. developing questioning and enquiring skills
C. acquiring process skills
D. acquiring scientific literacy

9. Which of the folowing does not reflect the personality attribute of a person having scientific temper?
A. open mindedness
B. rational thinking
C. biased opinion
D. seeking evidence

10. Which of the following is not the characteristic of a person having scientific attitude?
A. open-mindedness
B. belief in cause and effect relationship
C. spirit of enquiry and curiosity
D. does not have desire for the acquisition for correct knowledge and search for truth