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Science Quiz ( The Living World ) for CTET Exam 2016

Science Quiz ( The Living World ) for CTET Exam 2016_30.1

1. A reptile with a four-chambered heart is-
A. crocodile
B. turtle
C. snake
D. lizard

2. Bamboo is a –
A. shrub
B. grass
C. herb
D. tree

3. A pregnant woman is advised to undergo abortion if she contracts a disease called-
A. measles
B. chicken pox
C. small pox
D. German measles 

4. Agar-agar is obtained from –
A. Gigartina
B. Gelidium
C. Gracellaria
D. All of these
5. Prokaryotes are included in the kingdom-
A. Monera
B. Protista
C. Plantae
D. Animalia

6. Which is called suicidal bag?
A. Mesosome
B. Centrosome
C. Lysosome
D. Chromosome
7. Cells are autonomous because-
A. they synthesize components of living protoplasm from non-living materials
B. they are able to grow and divide
C. each cell has its own life span
D. all of the above

8. Plant cells are different from animal cells in not having-
A. plastids 
B. cell wall
C. lysosome
D. dictyosome
9. The number of floating ribs in the human body is-
A. 6 pairs
B. 7 pairs
C. 3 pairs
D. 2 pairs

10. The food factories of plant are-
A. leaves
B. seeds
C. flowers
D. fruits