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Any class may have heterogeneous group of the students. Their learning abilities also differ from one another. Learning the concepts of science in the class as taught by a teacher may be easy thing for one student. But it could be a very difficult task for the some other student in the class. So remedial teaching is about helping such students after diagnosing their problems. The special instructional materials are prepared for individual students having such learning difficulties.

1. Organization of Remedial Teaching in Science:
Remedial teaching in the science can take various forms as given below:
• Class teaching
• Group tutorial teaching
• Individual tutorial teaching
• Supervised tutorial teaching
• Auto – instructional teaching
• Informal teaching

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A. Class Teaching:
In this system or schedule of remedial teaching, the usual composition and structure of the class is not disturbed.
• The teacher here teaches a particular lesson/unit, emphasizes a point again and again, repeats the experiments or uses some specific teaching aid in order to remove the difficulties and deficiencies of the learners in terms of the acquisition of the desired learning experiences.
• The class as a whole is benefited through such type of remedial teaching.
• It proves particularly useful in the removal of the weaknesses and learning difficulties of the general nature.

B. Group Tutorial Teaching:
The students of the class are divided into some homogeneous groups called tutorial groups on the basis of their common learning difficulties and identical weaknesses or deficiencies in the acquisition of the learning experiences in some or the other areas or aspects of the subject.
• These groups are ‘then taught separately by the same teacher or different teachers according to the nature of the difficulties and deficiencies. The tutor in charge of a tutorial group then tries to solve the difficulties of the learners however, collectively on a group basis.
• The weak area or aspects of the curriculum identified through diagnostic testing are properly attended by the teacher according to the needs and requirement of the pupils of the group.
• The group tutorial teaching proves advantageous over the class teaching in many aspects. Here the students who have common problems and difficulties in their learning are more helped in overcoming their difficulties and deficiencies.
• It makes the task of teaching – learning quite interested and goal oriented in class teaching. There remain a lot of chances that the time and energy of many of the students who do not suffer with a certain learning deficiency or difficulty will go in vain by attending to the remedial teaching not at all needed by them.
• Moreover, the number of students in group tutorial teaching is comparatively reduced. It results in making the task of the teaching more convenient, and effective for providing better coaching and practice in terms of the needed remedial education.

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C. Individual Tutorial Teaching:
In this schedule, every learner, who feels learning difficulty of one or the other nature, is attended individually for overcoming his deficiencies or weaknesses.
• It is one to one coaching, help and guidance that is rendered by the teacher to the learner as and when needed by him in order to actualize his potentialities to the maximum. Therefore, in this type of remedial teaching, maximum consideration may be provided to the principle of individual difference in the direction of the best results in the task of teaching and learning.
• The, students may progress according to their own pace, abilities and capacities and get adequate help, individual attention and reinforcement for copying up with their deficiencies and difficulties on the path of learning.

D. Supervised Tutorial Teaching:
The responsibility of overcoming the learning difficulties and removing deficiencies in some learning areas is handed over to the learners themselves.
• They have to work at their own for removing their difficulties and deficiencies.
• The role of the teacher is confined to observe and supervise the learning activities and provide as much help as necessary to carry on them on their path of self – learning and self – correction. This type of supervision can be made on the individual as well as tutorial group levels. The students may opt to work in the group or individually for solving their difficulties and overcoming their learning deficiencies.

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E. Auto – Instructional Teaching:
This type of remedial teaching consists of auto instructional programmes and activities.
• The learner is provided with basic auto – instructional and self – learning material and equipment like programmed learning text books and packages, auto – learning modules, teaching machines and computer assisted programmed instructions, etc.
• This material helps the pupil to gain sufficient practice and drill work in the areas of his weakness and acquire necessary confidence in overcoming his difficulties and deficiencies through the well programmed self – instructional material.

F. Informal Teaching:
Informal science education and teaching suitable planned and assimilated with the formal science education of the school may go in a big way to act as a source and means of remedial education to the needy students.
• The activities connected with such informal education in the form of excursions or trips, collecting material for the science museum, improving science apparatus, engaging in the scientific hobbies, establishing aquarium, and participating in the science club activities, etc.
• It makes the study of the students and provide unique and special opportunities to learn and practice the facts and principles of science.
• The learning difficulties arrived out of the lack of interest, non – availability of direct and first hand learning experiences, deficiencies in the methodology of teaching, psychological needs and problems of the learners.

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