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Reasoning Quiz For KVS/NVS & DSSSB 2017 Exams

Reasoning Quiz For KVS/NVS & DSSSB 2017 Exams_30.1
Directions (1-10): There is a certain relation between two given words on one side of:: and one word is given on another side of:: while another word is to be found from the given alternatives, having the same relation with this word as the given pair has. Select the best alternative. 
Q1. Kandla : Gujarat :: Cochin : ? 
(a) Karnataka 
(b) Kerala 
(c) Goa 
(d) Chennai 
Q2. Typist : Typewriter :: Writer : ?   
(a) Book 
(b) Paper   
(c) Script 
(d) Pen 
Q3. Forecast : Future :: Regret : ?  
(a) Present 
(b) Atone 
(c) Past 
(d) Sins  
Q4. Canoe: Boat :: Mansion : ?  
(a) Hut 
(b) Palace 
(c) House 
(d) Bungalow  
Q5. Cattle : Fodder :: Fish : ?   
(a) Feed 
(b) Hay 
(c) Insects 
(d) Plankton 
Q6. Lakshadweep : Kavaratti :: Andaman and Nicobar : ?  
(a) Port Blair 
(b) Daman 
(c) Pondicherry 
(d) Silvassa 
Q7. Breeze : Cyclone :: Drizzle : ?  
(a) Earthquake 
(b) Storm 
(c) Flood 
(d) Downpour 
Q8. Cells : Tissues : Atoms : ?  
(a) Elements 
(b) Molecules 
(c) Electrons 
(d) Organs 
Q9. Drill : Bore : Sieve : ? 
(a) Thresh 
(b) Sift 
(c) Pry 
(d) Rinse 
Q10. Tennis is related to Court in the same way as Boxing is related to ……..?…….
(a) Pool 
(b) Ring 
(c) Arena 
(d) Course 


Sol. Kandla is a famous sea-port in Gujarat. Similarly, Cochin is a famous sea-port in Kerala.

Sol. Second is the device used by the first. 

Sol. Forecast is for future happenings and Regret is for past actions.

Sol. First is a type of the second.

Sol. First feeds on the second.

Sol. Second is the capital of the first. 

Sol. Second is a more intense form of the first. 

Sol. Cells constitute tissues and atoms constitute molecules.  

Sol. Second denotes the function performed by the first. 

Sol. Second is the place where the game/sport denoted by the first is held.